Mature makeup tips – Makeup for my mom

I’m gonna be blunt here and tell you, that I get my beauty from my mom. She is gorgeous. Being a mother of five children, I know that makeup hasn’t necessarily always been on the top of her list. But now that we are all older now, and my mom has more time to herself, she’s been more into makeup.

I recently did mom’s makeup and I took some photos, so I could give you tips on how to apply makeup for mature skin. There are few things to keep in mind, so that the makeup enhances your beauty and doesn’t age you.

mom makeup

Makeup tips for mature skin

Primer, foundation, powder, concealer & blush

Mature skin needs lots of moisture, so make sure your products are very nourishing. Start with a moisturizing primer. That makes the skin smooth and soft, so that the foundation sits better on the skin. You can also try silicone-based primers – they smoothen the skin effectively.

Use a lightweight foundation. Less is more here. Your best friends are tinted moisturizers, BB-creams and CC-creams. They even out the skin tone and give just enough coverage without looking too heavy. To get the coverage needed on the problem areas – such as dark circles, dark spots or redness – use a concealer. Mature skin benefits from applying a lighter layer of foundation elsewhere and only concentrating the pigment where it’s needed.

Use powder – but apply only a very light layer. You can focus the powder on the areas that get oily or where the foundation ‘moves’ easily – that is usually the t-zone. Choose a fine powder, so that it doesn’t make the skin look chalky.

Don’t forget to apply blush! It’s the most important product right after foundation. It brightens the face and makes your skin look healthy and awake. If you want, you can also contour and highlight, but those aren’t necessarily a must.

  • Use moisturizing products
  • Less is more
  • Always apply blush

mature makeup tips

For mom’s eyeshadow, I used her own new palette from Lavera. I basically applied one colour all over the lid, lined the eyes with soft black liner, added some light in the inner corners and then mascara.

Eyeshadow & lip makeup for mature skin

When it comes to eyeshadow, matte colours are your friends. Shimmery colours tend to highlight any skin texture and that means wrinkles too. You can still play with different colours. The same goes to blush and lipstick colours. Your lipstick doesn’t have to be matte, but it shouldn’t necessarily have glitter in it. Matte lipsticks tend to stay on better too – and they don’t run into the fine lines as easily as creamy lipsticks.

Brows are obviously a super important thing – they lift up your face and create a frame to your face. Here I could have actually used a darker pencil. Check out my eyebrow tips on the Makeup Basics: Brows -post.

  • Use mainly matte colours
  • You can never go wrong with brown eyeshadow colours
  • Shimmery colours highlight skin texture

When it comes to eyeshadow application – find out what your eye shape is and check out some tutorials. You can find my tutorials for protruding eyes (mom’s eye shape!), hooded eyes and deep set eyes.

makeup for mom

My mom is interested in natural makeup products, so I used products from Zuii. Their products contain lots of natural oils and extracts, so they are perfect for mature skin too.


Zuii Organic Makeup Primer
Zuii Organic Foundation, Natural Bisque
Zuii Organic Concealer, Fair
Zuii Organic Loose Powder, Buff
Zuii Organic Blush, Mango
Zuii Organic Eyebrow Definer, Taupe
Zuii Organic Lip & Cheek Creme, Janus
Lavera Eyeshadow Quattro, 2
Lancome Hypnose Mascara

Have you ever done your mom’s makeup?

Skincare diet & natural oils in skincare

Many of us start a diet after winter. I know I’ve been there many, many times. I don’t really believe in diets though – if you are constantly on a diet you probably need a proper lifestyle change. But – yes there is a but – sometimes a short diet does you really good. And a diet isn’t always about your tummy or even about food. I’m talking of course about my most recent diet – Skincare Diet.

Skincare diet means to cut out all the excess products you’re using for your skin. You still need to wash your face with a cleanser, because your skin sweats and develops sebum and the idea of this diet is not to make the skin worse. You should skip lotions too, but if your skin gets dry try simple clean products such as natural oils. The proper time for this diet is 1-2 weeks, depending on your skin (you need to listen to it here, and see what it needs, you know).

What I did was leave out all my lotions, toners, masks, serums and exfoliators for a couple of weeks. I tried to take care of my skin with the most simple products with just a few pure ingredients. The products that I used were cleanser and natural oils. That’s it. It would have been good to not wear makeup at all, but I didn’t want to do that, so I had to use a makeup remover too on those days.
I used oil as a moisturizer in the evening and/or in the morning. Some evenings I skipped the oil completely, but living in Finland my skin gets so dry I have to moisturize with something.

diet for your skin

About my experience

For me, the skincare diet was worth a shot. If you’re a regular reader of mine you know I struggle with acne and over-skincare is definitely one of my sins. I love skincare products and I have a ton of them. I don’t always have a clean routine where I only use a few products, but I mix and match and sometimes that takes a toll on my skin too. I’ve never tried to not-take-care of my skin. I’ve always had a ton of products in use at the same time. Solution: taking a break from them. My skin was really sensitive at the moment too so I figured I could give it a break.

The diet helped my skin to calm down a bit and it helped with the dryness. It also taught me that I can survive on only moisturizing with oils! It also gave me a great chance to declutter my cosmetics and find out what products I was loving and what belonged in the trash. The most important thing I learned though was that my normal routine with cleanser, toner, lotion (=oils) and weekly exfoliator + mask is working for my skin. I just need the right products and I shouldn’t be changing them all the time.

It’s was also relieving mentally: the diet gave me a much needed break from my routines and after it I felt super excited to get back at my products. I also love that now my bathroom is only full of products that I’m using or that I’ve found really good.

But since it’s only a diet and not a skincare routine I recommend to follow, there were some cons too. My sebaceous filaments got worse during this time. As I said on this post, exfoliation is key to maintaining an even skin. I also feel like my ~2,5 week diet was a bit too much and a week or two would have done just fine. I felt that my skin was super oily and bumpy at the end of my diet and I couldn’t wait to properly wash it and do a good old purifying mask.

I can recommend the diet for anyone who is struggling with their skin like me. But I dare to say it’s not the solution for a clear skin. It can be beneficial for the skin to get a break and for you to see what products are really working and what it is your skin actually needs. If you’re using hundred different products, but feel like none of them are working or if your skin feels dry and irritated no matter what you do, maybe try this.
skincare diet with oils

3 x wonderful oil

These products are mainly Finnish brands so I chose similar organic products from amazon, *links are affiliatelinks

This diet also taught me a lesson on natural oils, which are the only thing I’m still using after getting back to my regular skincare routine. I have three in use: Jojoba oil, Argan oil and Shea butter. All of them suit my combination acne-prone skin fine and they don’t cause pimples or irritations.

Jojoba oil
Viva Naturals Organic Jojoba Oil*
A great oil that I came up when I realized how much it’s being used in my favorite makeup products. I soon noticed it suits my skin perfectly! Jojoba oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so it works for oily skin and acne – and all skin types. It moisturizes the skin containing vitamin A, B and E, but it also absorbs really quickly, which was surprising, because I’m used to the oily feeling after application. I can use this in the morning now too under my makeup.

Argan oil
PURA D’OR Organic Moroccan Argan Oil*
My go-to oil. This I recommend to anyone, to any skin type.  It’s not only a great moisturizer with fatty acids and vitamin E, but it also has anti-aging properties and it helps with acne and scarring.  This is the best oil for oily skin, since Argan oil balances the oil production and can help with acne scars.
For the record: My sister has a completely different skin type than me (dry skin) and her skin loves this too.
Shea butter
Sky Organics Organic Shea Butter*

The heaviest oil of them all. Shea butter is solid in the jar, but it melts from the warmth of your skin. I bought this when my skin was extremely dry begging for mercy. This helped, as I stated on my January Favorites post. This is super moisturizing (vitamin A and E) and thick so I recommend trying it for a smaller area first – especially if you have combination or oily skin. For my skin it works just fine, but it does leave a greasy feeling so I don’t use it every day. I focus on using this on dry patches or dry areas such as my forehead (hello wrinkles!). This is the best body moisturizer as well.

best oils for skincare

Have you tried a skincare diet? What’s your favorite skincare oil?

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