Heatwave in Helsinki

summer outfit heatwave helsinki

summer outfit helsinki

space buns blonde hair

Do you know that wonderful feeling, when you step out of the plane and you feel the warm air on your skin, and you smell it in your nose? It always, always feels like you’ve come to a different world – and usually you are, on a different time zone or on a different continent.

Lately, I’ve had that feeling, stepping outside of our home. Or actually, better yet, stepping outside of an air-conditioned car, since our home is pretty much the same temperature as outside anyway. Helsinki has felt like a completely different city.

summer outfit helsinki

Top – Zara
Shorts – H&M Garden Collection
Ballerinas – Wonders
Bag – Björn Bjorg

I’m walking outside and I’m thinking of the crowded and hot streets of Barcelona. I’m thinking of Italy, especially since it’s probably the first time in years, that I get to wear my shorts, which I wore in Venice. I’m thinking of Croatia – and silently thanking the weather gods, that at least it’s not as hot as it was there. At nights, when I don’t sleep much and I wake up because of  the heat, I’m teleported to Berlin and our airbnb flat – sometimes you just forget to check if the place has AC.

But then again, I’m thinking of Helsinki and home. Because even when the grass turns yellow, the clouds have forgotten their place and the rain is pouring only in my imagination, there’s something really familiar about it. It’s all here, the buildings and the people, the same coffee places and the same streets I always walk on. I should find more new streets though. Like this beautiful one, where we shot these photos.

Cold or hot, rain or sunshine. Helsinki feels always special, because I get to call it home.

space buns hair

Hair & photos Susanna Pomèll

P.S. Could every day be space buns -day? That hairstyle made me feel like I could easily fly to at least all the way to space.

Camo jacket & (kinda) faux freckles

camo jacket


pull through braid

camo outfit

camo jacket outfit

It’s not the first time, that I steal my company’s clothing, while on a photoshoot. I think originally I wore my friend’s jacket, because we tried to protect my hairdo and if I would have worn my own hoodie, my hair would have been ruined. But somehow as soon as I put that jacket on, I knew, that we were meant to be. And somehow it became the star of this outfit. And now I need to find a jacket like this and buy it.

Originally though – I wanted to show off my new shoes in this outfit, which were once again a bargain from second hand store app Zadaa. I think they are so cute – and practically new.

Psst! Did you know you can shop my clothes and cosmetics on Zadaa? You can find my store on the Discover section.

Shoes – Zara/Zadaa
Jacket – Varusteleka
Pants – Cubus
Top – Vero Moda

fake freckles kicks

faux freckles makeup

I’ve been obsessed with a natural, bronzy look lately. Here I’m wearing rose gold and bronze shades on my lids and a very light base. I accentuated my natural freckles with some makeup as well – a trick, that I’ve just learned, and absolutely love. What I do is go over my freckles with a fake freckles pen. That way the freckles look very natural.

MADARA SPF 30 Sunscreen
Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer, Honey
Maybelline Master Fix Baking-Brightening Loose Powder
Zuii Organic Sparkle Blush, Peach
NYX Perfect Filter Palette, Golden Hour
KICKS Metallic Liner, Gold
KICKS Fake freckles pen
KICKS Lip cream, Monday

natural fake freckles


Hair & photos Susanna Pomèll

camo jacket

More photos, less text this time. I hope you have a great weekend!