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amsterdam street
Amsterdam in a nutshell. Beautiful buildings, narrow roads and a biker.


amsterdam blue cafe

amsterdam building

Amsterdam has a very special place in my heart. Ever since I first visited it, I felt at home. And not only, because of the friends, I visit every time I go there. I could very well see myself living there someday – and it’s very possible that I will.  I haven’t seen that much of our world yet, but I have travelled enough to know, that if some place is so good you can see yourself living there, it must be special.

What I love about Amsterdam is it’s beauty, the relaxed atmosphere and the fact, that almost anywhere you go, you can get great food. Amsterdam is so much more than the red light district – it’s a whole city full of life.  And you know what? We’re going to Amsterdam again in August – can’t wait. 

kids in amsterdam
Meet the cutest kids ever.
In front of my favorite cosmetics shop in Amsterdam – Rituals.

My food recommendations to Amsterdam

One of the funniest things in travelling is the adventure. Whether it’s about searching a nice restaurant or a cafe, you never know where you end up. It might not be the smartest thing to do in a new city and it’s recommended to do some research when it comes to restaurants, but in Amsterdam the chance of ending up in a good place is a good four out of five (don’t hold me accountable for that statement). However, if you want my food recommendations, here’s some. To be more specific, here’s three places, that deserve my recognition. You might want to go to those places – or I don’t know – ride the tram and go with the flow.

  • Foodhallen 
    Anything and everything you need, and I mean EVERYTHING. 
  • Dignita
    Breakfeast & lunch – super delicious! Healthy choices available, as well as pancakes to die for.
  • Blue° Amsterdam
    Coffee with a view. Delicious, good coffee. And a great view.

If you want more of my recommendations, I could try and focus on that on our next trip?

amsterdam coffee blue amsterdam blue cafe

beautiful amsterdam

Have you visited Amsterdam? 

A great idea: Kindle

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I love my kindle. It’s a lifesaver. I took it with me to my trip in Rhodes and it was one of the best things there (don’t get me wrong here though!). I read more than I ever have on my holiday. I read 4 books.

Don’t tell him, but sometimes my significant other gets amazing ideas. The ones that I just ignore and maybe say “whatever” from the other room. Then later I thank him for that awesome idea he got that I didn’t understand at all at first. One of these ideas was ordering Kindles from amazon.

Kindle is kind of like a tablet that you can read e-books with. It doesn’t have a lighted screen like tablets or computers do though so you need a light if you’re reading in the dark (my man got us small reading lamps too of course ’cause you know, he’s him and he’s awesome). It doesn’t cause headache the same way that computer does after a long time. The best thing in that small and thin device is that you can have all the books you want in just that tiny space. You go to Kindle store, you buy books and then you read them. On my holiday in Rhodes I read four or five books and after one ended I could just buy the next book (I was reading a series) and continue reading. Kindle store has also free books. Book shelfs are limited at home so I think this is amazing.

Edit: I learned that there are different kinds of kindles and some of them have built-in lights as well. You can find all the options and info from the link below.

Not convinced yet? Other good things about it is that..

.. it’s easy to travel with. You can take it anywhere with you ’cause it’s small and very portable. Just think about if you had Harry Potter book five – it’s huge!
.. you can hold kindle with one hand and you don’t have to hold onto the pages you have read already. (Just imagine the HP book here too!) In kindle you turn page with your finger.

.. you can read it in the sun without any problems. It doesn’t reflect light like tablets or phones do. Actually comparing the device to a tablet is funny ’cause it differs a lot from it.

.. you can change the font and the font size however you like. For example I change the font to an enormous size if I’m not wearing my reading glasses. In other words: I don’t always need to wear my glasses when reading!

.. it has a built-in-dictionary so if you’re reading in English (like I do) you can paint the word you don’t understand and you get the translations and explanations from a few different sites. Hallelujah!

You can also download the kindle app to your phone and try it that way first. Of course then it’s a phone and works a bit different but anyway it gives you an idea of the app and the device.

Kindle E-reader*
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Any kindle fans out there? Or do you prefer regular books? I swear I though I would hate it ’cause I like the feel of a real book, but now that I have this, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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Pairing your kindle with Gin&Tonic is recommended. Photos from year ago from our trip in Rhodes. 

Rhodes highlights