All white outfit & some behind the scenes truths


A while back I wore this all white outfit featuring my newest back bag and a red scarf. Can you believe that my outfit is almost entirely second hand? I bought those white Levi’s jeans, Michael Kors bag and a red Burberry scarf from Zadaa, my trusted second hand app. (I got the bag with a discount for our Instagram collaboration.)

I really loved this outfit and I could wear it every day. That red scarf make it very suitable for Fall and is giving me some major Christmas vibes. Then again, right now,  everything is giving me Christmas vibes. It’s my favorite time of the year.

When you look at the photos, you’d think I was all cozy, warm and happy there. I was actually cold and wet. At the end of this photoshoot my hair was dripping and when I came home I wore Risto’s winter jacket – indoor – because I was still shivering. I thought it would be funny for once to share some truths behind these photos. Reveal what you can’t see.

All white outfit

We found this place by accident. It’s an inner court in one of the prettiest streets of Helsinki. The gate was open, so we sneaked in. I’m pretty sure I’m standing in front of someone’s door, or back door. It was raining and we thought this was a safe spot, but the rain actually dripped through a sparse board ceiling, under which I was standing. Susanna, who was taking photos, had to hold my jacket and bag, while also holding an umbrella, since we had to protect the camera from the rain. Now that I think of it, the situation must have looked pretty hilarious.

I was also nervous about the fact that someone might come and shoo us away. I’m one of those people who can’t take a tram ride without paying or even come up with a white lie. I’m all about doing everything by the book – not breaking the rules. Just as a sidenote. Then again we were there just for a moment and didn’t leave any trash behind. So whoever lived there – thank you for providing us a nice place to shoot.

It was also pretty difficult to not let the cold and rain show up on my face. In most of the photos, you can see that I’d much rather be home, enjoying a cup of warm tea under a very warm blanket. Luckily Susanna was such a good sport, not minding the rain and we got lots of good photos of her. And enough of me as well.

Shooting outside, in Fall or Winter, in Finland is a struggle. But one that is worth it. Just like this photoshoot was.

Photos & hair – Susanna / Healthyhairfinland

My outfit

White Levi’s jeans (*here)
White Shirt
Michael Kors Bag
Red Burberry Scarf (*here)

Smith & Cult  Nail Polish, Shattered Souls (*here)

And you’ll get through anything

Life does break you.

As unfair as it seems, you just won’t get through it without bruises. You’ll live through situations you never knew you could handle. And normally, you wouldn’t. The only time you’re strong enough to live them is the exact time they happen.

Life only gives you as much as you can carry. And you don’t know how strong you are until you have to be. And you are.

But being strong doesn’t mean no crying. It doesn’t mean you won’t crawl in the darkest corner of your house and stay in a child’s pose for a while.

Life breaks you and for a moment it hurts so bad everything stops. Yet still somehow everything keeps going on as normal. A mother hurrying to a bus, dragging their child behind them. A familiar face sitting in the café, probably having the same pie you always get. The same red van stopping where it usually stops. And the trees holding their line like they usually do. Perhaps a few leaves falling in the wind, the sky grey as ever. The minutes and hours pass you by, the numbers change on your phone.

There’s sadness in knowing all that, but I’m calmly writing it down: Life breaks you.

But you get to live it.

You get to ask the important questions. You get to ask the dumb ones, too. Those are especially important. Even if it was the world’s greatest film in a room full of nerds and they would look at you like crazy when you dared to ask: what movie is that? And of course – it would be Forrest Gump.

You don’t need to know all that and do all this. But you get to.

You get to ask the most important question, which is this: What matters?


The moment when I hug my loved ones and close my eyes to really take in the hug. The moment when I laugh so hard at my sister tears start to fall from my eyes. The moment when I fall asleep holding a hand that loves me. The moment I look at the beautiful lights on our terrace and cars pass by.

The moment matters, where I ask my friend how is she doing and listen her moan about work and crazy customers. The moment matters, where I tell a funny story and everyone laughs. The times, where I’ve had coffee with family. Just sitting by the table and being there.

Life does break you. But you get to live it.

And one morning, you’ll notice that you’re watching deer in the valley, while a thick morning mist surrounds you. You’ll feel the cold air on your skin, but your muscles are doing the work. You are walking, running, falling and stopping. You are here, as are the stars on the sky.

And you’ll get through anything.

Photographed by Mia / Beauty Highlights

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