Studying cosmetics’ chemistry & marketing – the first semester at Laurea

The first semester studying cosmetics’ chemistry and marketing is behind me. And I dare say I passed with flying colors! I’m studying at Laurea to become a bachelor of beauty and cosmetics and so far it feels like the perfect match for me.

Applying to school and getting in was definitely the highlight of 2023. In short, it has felt really fulfilling. I thought I could talk a bit about my experience. How has it been studying online and what have I learned so far.

studying at laurea estenomi
First day of school and all the feelings! But you can only read tired and pleased from that face.

Studying to become a bachelor of beauty and cosmetics

My class is online-only. I get to do my own schedule and work from home, which I’m already used to. There were some days on the campus and I also met my group in-person, but other than that it was me and my laptop at home.

It’s been a while since I’ve studied anything, so in August, when my school begun, everything felt new. And while new is good and exciting, it’s also difficult.


At first everything – and when I say everything I mean chemistry – felt really difficult. I was never that good at chemistry at school, but luckily it’s quite straightforward and learnable. You just need to put in the time and effort. Our teachers have also been great and they reply to messages quickly. You bet I’m the one to send questions. Now I have learned the basics and a little about cosmetics. There’s so much that goes into creating a product, I almost feel stupid not thinking about it that broadly before (and marketing also plays a big role in a product).

Obviously, there’s still a lot to learn! It feels like chemistry is a whole another world with endless possibilities and rules. For this whole time I have repeated the same sentence: chemistry is super interesting, but difficult. I’m equally terrified and excited about the things I get to learn about. And that about sums it up.

I know many are surprised just how much chemistry there is in this degree, so just be prepared. Knowing some basics and studying a bit in advance helps.

Actual school assignment. We created a cosmetics line for fairies using AI. I consider myself quite magical and would buy, would you?

Marketing & other courses

When it comes to other courses such as marketing, they have felt easier. It helps that I have already done digital marketing. I feel like especially with the marketing courses we got to be more creative and independent. We did group projects and those were really fun and teachable. One of the best zooms we had was the one where all the groups got to showcase their projects. I learned the benefits of hyaluronic acid (in short, it’s a great ingredient) and forest extract (I did not know it may improve collagen production) , dived into the world of fragrances’ marketing (hello misogny) and korean skincare (still don’t love it, sorry). My group’s project about K18 and Olaplex products also got positive feedback. I learned a lot about hair; what it consists of, how traditional and innovative hair products work and why we use water and heat to style our hair.

There was also a funny coincidence, where one of the photos in teachers’ material was taken by me. Marketing also feels really interesting to me and I’m very motivated to learn more.

Besides chemistry, some technical aspects – such as Laurea’s own report template – have almost caused some grey hairs. But I’m sure it will get easier once I get more familiar with it and some other stuff.

All in all – everything’s learnable.

Next semester starts soon and I will learn about cosmetics’ legislation, English (for the cosmetic industry), writing, chemistry and marketing. The English means I will have to actually speak out, so I will probably try to speak to you in English in my Instagram stories. I wrote it here so I have to. I want to get more confident on that skill.

One of my favorite thing about zoom classes: I can do my makeup while listening. It actually helps to focus!

Personal & professional growth

The reason I applied to this school and this degree, was to gain more experience and knowledge. I’m already a beauty professional (a cosmetologist), but I want to be a better beauty professional, really taking a deep dive into the beauty world. I also want to have experience on different fields. After this first semester I know more of my strengths – writing, creativity, team work and being able to learn and process new information. I feel more confident on my skills and that’s actually pretty huge.

Who knows what kind of work I will end up doing? Something that I’m passionate about, that’s for sure.

Do you have any question regarding to my school? Comment below or send me a DM!

I don’t break

Right now life feels wonderful. I want to say balanced, but I think that’s an overstatement. Finding balance between everything is a never-ending journey, I think. You search for it, and then, maybe once you’ve found it, you start a new hobby or a new job that you need to fit into your life. Or maybe life happens and you have to juggle last week’s burden while having that week’s duties. And there you are, searching for it again.

But before life happens and Eva catches something from daycare, I want to be

in this

Because for a while now, I have felt rested when going to bed. Not actually needing to close my eyes the instant I get to lay there. Last night I caught myself staring at the reflection of our fireplace. The fire danced so peacefully, yet strong. I felt happy. Excited for the future, yet content in where I am.

The tired Charlotta from – say a month ago – would be happy to hear this:

I think I am exactly where I need to be. Where I’m supposed to be. Building the little blocks. Walking the stairs. Slowly going somewhere I’m not sure yet (is anyone?), but in the right direction. Studying feels fulfilling, even though it’s difficult at times. I don’t mind reading books about marketing before bed. I can do the projects. I have even learned quite a bit about chemistry already. Hey, I passed the math exam I dreaded beforehand! I’m challenging myself, and it doesn’t break me, even though I sometimes fear for it.

I. Don’t. Break.

Haven’t I showed that to myself so many times before? I’m keeping the ropes, I’m driving the car. Quite literally – it’s going so much better, by the way. Actually sometimes enjoying it.

Hope, inspiration, passion. That fire in my belly. It seems to run in my veins strongly again and I feel like the main character of my story, even though I’m not sure I was lost.

I like October. It’s getting dark, but there’s still so much light. It’s colorful now – and I don’t mind the winter that follows. There are some nice plans, some pre-Christmas parties. Hair that keeps on growing healthier and stronger. Trying a new hairdresser at the end of summer was a huge mistake, but I feel like I’ve actually reversed some damage with K18. Thanks to a school assignment, I’ve read this hair bible and I’m amazed I haven’t bought Olaplex or K18 before.

And hey – my new jacket feels like a warm hug. Remember when you couldn’t hug you loved ones when it was covid? It was wild. But who knew, that driving to see your friend and keeping five meters between you was still worth it over a phone call.

Anyway, I’m good. I feel like good things are happening. Christmas might be one of them. Or just a Thursday.

How are you?

P.S. These photos are from our date night. We got an airbnb in one of the Kalasatama towers. It was nice!

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