24 things I’ve learned in 24 years


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Today I woke up one year older. 24. It feels like a good age. I don’t mind getting older. I don’t mind getting some distance to the things, I’ve gone through.  I’m happy to just be right where I am now. In a good place.

I rarely take inspiration from other blogs, but this topic seemed like a good blog post idea. 24 things I’ve learned in 24 years.

24 years

  1. You can never have too many friends
    This may sound silly to others, but as someone, who already has so many friends, it sometimes feels hard to let people close. I fear that I don’t have time for everyone and it’s also scary to let people in. What makes it especially tricky, is that I feel like I can easily connect with people and I can feel a close bond even after one meeting. But every time I make a new friend I feel, like there was a place for this person X. And then for person Z. I guess you can’t have too many friends. Besides, I bet there are so many new friends I haven’t yet met.
  2. You can get funny reactions, when you tell people you’ve never tasted bacon
    But when I explain, that I have been a vegetarian since the age of nine, it makes more sense to them. I get it – it’s presumable “gods’ food” for those, who eat meat.
  3. You will never have time to do your nails – instead you have to make time to do that
    There is no such things as “excess” time. You know, for cleaning up the apartment, creating a nice home spa and treating yourself from head to toes, painting your nails, baking something nice.. You will just need to make time. For yourself, for others.
  4. You are capable of so much more, that you can think of
    And you can probably learn the things, you want to learn. You can do stuff. You’re awesome.
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  5. Scrolling through instagram shouldn’t be the last thing you do, before going to bed
    A guaranteed way for me to lose my sleep is to be on my phone before going to bed. It’s just too active and I need a little moment to clear my head and relax, so I can fall asleep without thinking about literally everything in the world. I know this and I still sometimes do it. Maybe now I’ll finally learn it, since I wrote it down.
  6. High expectations can disappoint you
    It’s better to have low expectations – or no expectations at all. Just take the situations as they come.
  7. You are not fat – nor ugly 
    Am I finally adult enough to understand, that no, I am not fat. Or ugly. I am a gorgeous human being. Obviously I’ll have days, when I don’t feel at my sexiest, but those are just days, and I look just fine anyway. [Living with the monster]
  8. Looks aren’t everything
    It’s so easy to get caught up in your looks and focus on that. But I think I’ve finally learned to just relax and focus on other things instead: like to the task at hand or just talking to people. One day I went to introduce myself to new people, without wearing any makeup. I am enough as I am.
  9. It’s okay to be unfashionable
    I love scrunchies and I’ve been wearing them for at least two years already. Besides, my curls love them as well (they are more gentle on your hair!).  This also kinda goes with the number 8 – wear what feels good to you.
  10.  Age is just numbers
    I learned this at eighteen, when I met Risto. The twelve years between us really don’t mean anything in real life. And with friends, it’s the same thing. I have a friend, who’s forty, and I can talk with her about whatever.charlotta
  11. The law of attraction works
    I hope I don’t sound totally crazy, when I say I’ve read the book and watched the movie “The secret”. Every time I’ve consciously practiced the law of attraction, it has worked. Might have something to do with just common sense, but it’s a good source of inspiration. Or should I just apply to Hogwarts already?
  12. Naturally curly hair is not a bad thing
    I’ve literally dreamed about hair, that would look nice without having to spend lots of time and effort on it, and now I have that hair. I mean, I always had naturally curly hair, but I just didn’t understand it’s potential. I actually kind of thought of it, as a bad thing. Like oh, I have curly hair, so i’ts dry and frizzy. And hard to manage. Obviously I still need to put some effort into it, but it’s easier than before and now I’m happy about my curls. [Naturally curly and wavy hair 101]
  13. You should do things, that scare you
    There are so many times, when I’ve felt that fear on my stomach and just wanted to turn away the opportunities, even before I gave them any chance. Now I’ve forced myself to run towards my fears and towards the things, that scare me. It’s worth it, trust me.
  14. You should cry, when you feel like it
    Sometimes when I start crying, it’s hard to stop. But then it’s okay to just let it out. It’s so purifying – you’re literally getting those sad emotions off of your chest.
  15. You can’t fix people
    You can be there for people and offer advice, but you can’t fix people. Unless you’re a psychoherapist. Haha.masterchief
  16. Becoming a good cook doesn’t happen by accident
    You would actually need to spend some time in the kitchen… you know, preparing food?
  17. Gratitude is one of the most important things, when it comes to happiness
    It’s a good idea to take a reality check every once in a while. Take a look at your surroundings and everything you have going on. Be grateful for the people, for your health, for your clothes – and all the little things.
  18. Trust your hairdresser
    And never, ever, dye your hair at home. At least with colors such as purple, pink or green.
  19. Naval piercing is not worth it
    I was fifteen, when I got my naval pierced. I thought it was the coolest thing and I felt like I had to have that. Well, it was a nightmare. First of all, I had to get it done two times and both times it became inflamed. It probably took a year to heal and even after that, it got easily irritated from the heavy piercings I wore. Now I still have my piercing, and I can’t dare to take it off, because it was such a struggle to begin with. It’s one of those battles: I chose to do it, so now I live with it.
  20. Wear sunscreen
    Just wear it. Buy good ones, so it doesn’t feel like such a task. [2+1 best sunscreens for oily skin] [The best natural sunscreens]blog post idea
  21. Exercising is a part of mental health
    And doing those workouts, even when you don’t feel like it and you’re tired and your muscles hurt – is worth it. “I really regret that workout” said no one, ever, and it’s true. Being in good shape affects my mental health positively. Taking good care of my body makes me feel good in my brain too. But on another note though, sometimes it’s okay to skip the training, if you really really feel like it. Listen to yourself, you probably know what to do.
  22. You know you’re getting old, when you get excited about kitchenware
    I have to say, that that Vitamix blender and the best spatulas ever (from Di Oro) do have a place in my heart. And the first one mentioned here, kinda does the cooking for you. (And about the spatulas – I can fry eggs.)
  23. You are not your failures
    Don’t look back too much. Don’t focus on those bad experiences or those horrible mistakes you made. They probably helped shape you into who you are, but they don’t define you. Let go. We all screw up from time to time. [No regrets]
  24. It’s okay to be a bit of a princess on your birthday
    Such as, today. Birthdays always feel special to me. I feel special. And like a princess. That’s totally fine and you can enjoy that. You deserve it.

24 things i've learned in 24 years

Happy 24th birthday to me!

Are there any life lessons here, that resonate with you?

P.S. These lovely new pants are from River Island (link*!)

The best lipstick I’ve ever tried?

jane iredale lipstick review

Even though I try out great new products pretty often, it still always amazes me, when I find a new product that is absolutely great. Like this lipstick – a simple product, but somehow it has all the features I’m looking for in a lipstick.

I got this lipstick as a pr-sample, and the color was chosen for me. I picked up my package and looked at it: it looks like a lipstick. I opened the lipstick, and I looked at the color: well, looks quite ordinary. I quickly read through the info about the lipstick and saw that it retailed here for fifty euros – wow – okay, is it possible for it to be worth the price?

Well, obviously that’s a personal choice, but when it comes to the packaging, the consistency, the color, the longevity, and how it acts on my lips… this lipstick is pretty close to perfect. And I don’t say that lightly. I think a lipstick lover would love this, but I also think this would be a great lipstick for someone, who is not used to wearing lipsticks.

So let me tell you all about it.

jane iredale triple luxe lipstick

 Jane Iredale Triple Luxe Long Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick review

The consistency in Jane Iredale’s new Triple Luxe lipstick is very nice. It feels silky smooth when applied, but not too much. Actually, my lips feel like my lips, even after applying this product. And there’s the secret. I can wear it, without feeling like there’s anything on my lips. Better yet, the lipstick wears off very naturally and at the end of the day, my lips don’t feel dry, or as if I was wearing lipstick all day. That’s why I think this lipstick would be great for someone, who’s not used to wearing lipstick. It feels comfortable.

The color payoff in the lipstick is nice. It’s suprisingly pigmented, compared to it’s thin consistency. You can layer it a bit, to get an even more intense color. But personally I’m fine just with one layer and I think the color it gives with one layer is beautiful. The color seems to almost melt to my own lip color and it looks natural.

jane iredale triple luxe lipstick rose

This lipstick is not that long-lasting, but I think it’s not a bad thing. As  I said, the color is nothing too crazy, so it also wears off naturally from your lips. Meaning, you don’t look crazy when it wears off and you forget to fix your lip makeup. (At least with this color that I have.) And it’s also easy to just re-apply. When I’m wearing this, I re-apply it after eating.

When it comes to the packaging, there are no big surprises there – Jane Iredale knows their packaging. The lipstick looks beautiful and luxurious. But there is a small detail in the lipstick, which actually makes it even more luxurious: it has a magnetic closure, so when you close it, it slides effortlessly to it’s place. It’s one of those oddly satisfying things.

The shade I got is Rose, which is actually cool-toned rose color. On me though, it doesn’t look that cool. I’ve recently noticed that about myself: even cool-toned makeup products look quite warm on me. Undertones are tricky! I need to blog about that soon.

I sometimes feel bad for praising a product so much, but I just can’t think of anything negative to say about this, except the price. Which, then again, is kind of justifiable. It is a good lipstick, no way around that.

Triple Luxe Lipstick is available in 15 shades and you can buy it for example on amazon Luxury Beauty (which is an authorised reseller according to Jane Iredale).

the best lipstick

What do you think, is the best lipstick you’ve ever tried?