Skin update – 6 months of birth control pills for acne

skin update

acne before after

I thought it was just yesterday, when I last updated you about my skin improvement. I remember taking the photos, sharing them and thinking: “Wow, my skin is looking so good. My acne is almost all gone.”

Well… first of all, it’s been three months since that update. And since then, my skin has actually, really, improved. To the point where I would even use the word flawless for it.

Today, I can honestly say that my skin looks so good. No acne. I still have the occasional pimple – mostly on my back – but I think it’s getting better. Though there are days, when I lose my nerves with my back acne. Treating my back seems to be an impossible task compared to my face.

skin after acne

Birth control pills for acne

I wouldn’t necessarily say that my acne is cured, as I feel like I’m medicating it. I’ve been taking birth control pills for almost six months now. The pills I take are called Cypretyl and they are (I think) the strongest, and usually prescribed for acne. I am so happy I made the decision to start taking them again, because my skin problems have had a serious impact on me (and not the least, because it was physically painful).

I don’t have any side effects from the pills. Actually the opposite. I used to suffer from killer periods – and now I can manage.

birth control pills for acne

Also – don’t mind me looking like a completely different person here… Besides my acne being gone, taking botox has changed my face quite a bit. Read about the botox here.

How do I treat my skin?

Besides the pills, I also have some skincare products, that I blame (ha ha) as well for my now smooth skin. I wrote about The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth -serum, which I still use and warmly recommend to anyone suffering from uneven skin and pimples.

A serum, that actually makes a difference

I also love these three products from Lavera, that I wrote about. Especially that cleanser and day cream – so good.

New skincare faves

I do a mask once a week and usually I use one from Madara.

My favorite masks by Madara

And to get an idea of my routine, here is my old skincare routine from March. Obviously the products have changed now.

My skincare routine – 12 products I use daily

skin acne birth control pills

Are there any of you taking birth control pills for acne as well?

Camo jacket & (kinda) faux freckles

camo jacket


pull through braid

camo outfit

camo jacket outfit

It’s not the first time, that I steal my company’s clothing, while on a photoshoot. I think originally I wore my friend’s jacket, because we tried to protect my hairdo and if I would have worn my own hoodie, my hair would have been ruined. But somehow as soon as I put that jacket on, I knew, that we were meant to be. And somehow it became the star of this outfit. And now I need to find a jacket like this and buy it.

Originally though – I wanted to show off my new shoes in this outfit, which were once again a bargain from second hand store app Zadaa. I think they are so cute – and practically new.

Psst! Did you know you can shop my clothes and cosmetics on Zadaa? You can find my store on the Discover section.

Shoes – Zara/Zadaa
Jacket – Varusteleka
Pants – Cubus
Top – Vero Moda

fake freckles kicks

faux freckles makeup

I’ve been obsessed with a natural, bronzy look lately. Here I’m wearing rose gold and bronze shades on my lids and a very light base. I accentuated my natural freckles with some makeup as well – a trick, that I’ve just learned, and absolutely love. What I do is go over my freckles with a fake freckles pen. That way the freckles look very natural.

MADARA SPF 30 Sunscreen
Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer, Honey
Maybelline Master Fix Baking-Brightening Loose Powder
Zuii Organic Sparkle Blush, Peach
NYX Perfect Filter Palette, Golden Hour
KICKS Metallic Liner, Gold
KICKS Fake freckles pen
KICKS Lip cream, Monday

natural fake freckles


Hair & photos Susanna Pomèll

camo jacket

More photos, less text this time. I hope you have a great weekend!