Easy Halloween look: Blood tears

blood tears halloween makeup

blood tears halloween makeup

blood tears easy halloween look

Halloween looks don’t have to be complicated! In this easy Halloween look you only need your regular makeup as well as some fake blood. The key thing in this look is to just use warm red colors to go with the fake blood tears.

Every year my sisters urge me to create Halloween looks and every year I find myself – well – not doing them. Or just doing something Halloweenish, like this dark smokey eye I did last year.

This year is different. I decided to finally go for it and push myself to be more creative. I listened to the voice that says ‘yes you can’ rather than the voice filled with doubt and buts.

So here I am, with the first Halloween look. This look is very simple, but it looks pretty fierce. I call it Blood tears. I like this look, because you can still do a beautiful makeup look to go with it and your whole face doesn’t have to scream Halloween. You just do your makeup and add some blood tears. I have a strong feeling I will be going with this look for this year’s Halloween parties.

I just realized that red lenses would look super cool with this.

blood tears easy halloween makeup

blood tears halloween makeup

Some notes about the look if you want to recreate it:

A good even base is important here, since there’s so much happening with the eyes and the red lips. Use a foundation that gives a nice coverage. The foundation I used is cheap and miraculously good.

I did warmer eyebrows than usual – again, to go with the red theme.

I contoured my eyes quite dramatically. I applied some eyeshadow at the beginning of my brow and upwards to create this sad/dramatic effect. That new palette with warm shades from KICKS is perfect for this. And it’s an awesome palette.

I applied a ton of blush and brought it to my temples as well. Owning a red blush came handy here!

I also applied a ton of pink highlight. The more the merrier! That KICKS Highlighting palette was perfect for this.

I applied some red paint under my lower lash line and as blood ‘spatters’ before going in with the fake blood. I’ts easier to bring all the way to the lashline, than fake blood. I also applied the same red paint on my lids, since I don’t own a good red eye shadow (but I patted some golden shimmer color on top of it).

I’m not sure where Grimas is sold, but here in Finland it’s available in shops that sell costumes and stuff.

I didn’t do a tutorial I as I was just kind of winging it. But I took a few in the making shots:

blood tears in the making


blood tears halloween makeup

Easy halloween look: Blood tears

TonyMoly Silky Smooth Balm*
Pretty by Flormar Weightless Foundation, Golden Neutral & Light Ivory
KICKS Marble Collection Glow Kit*
Milani Baked Blush, Red Vino

Grimas Water Make-Up Palette 6
Grimas fake blood

Urban Decay Primer Potion
KICKS Marble Collection Eyeshadow Palette*
Pretty by Flormar Ultimate Dipliner, Black
Ardell lashes*, Demi Wispies & Wispies (yes I wore two pairs)

Zuii Organic Eyebrow Definer, Taupe
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow, 02

IsaDora Perfect Matt Lipstick, Red Carpet

Tonymoly, Pretty by Flormar & KICKS products I’ve received as pr-samples

halloween makeup blood tears

Are you excited about Halloween?

I think I am! I will be posting another Halloween look during October. I’m planning on making it a tutorial.

Quicker makeup application with Miracle Diamond Sponge

real techniques miracle diamond sponge

naked 3 makeup

I love makeup sponges. They make applying makeup easy. They solve a lot of problems.

Are you having problems with uneven makeup application?  Try a makeup sponge. Do you find it hard to blend foundations? Try a makeup sponge. Is your foundation too thick? Try a makeup sponge. The list goes on.

If you’re still not convinced, read my post about the two makeup sponges I use the most:
A necessity – egg shaped makeup sponges!

Today I’ll tell you about the third option: Real Techniques’ Miracle Diamond Sponge. It’s great. And it makes applying makeup quick.makeup sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge review

The shape of the sponge is interesting, to say the least. But it’s what makes it great. The diamond shape makes it good for everything: foundation, contour, highlight, blush and powder. The fact that it has both the wide end and a very thin tip makes it very handy. I also like the sides – they are good for applying concealer under eyes.

The sponge feels soft in the use and it makes applying foundation easy. As a good makeup sponge should!

I especially like the sponge’s wide end. When I apply my foundation with that, I’m done with my foundation in just seconds. So here’s a good makeup sponge for anyone who’s in a hurry. Or for anyone, who has other things to do in life besides blending foundation all day. It blends the foundation all over my face easily. It also works great for powder. Because it’s flat, it’s good for pressing products on. When you have an oily skin, it’s good to press your products on, rather than swiping. That way the products stick to your skin better and last longer.

This also has to be the prettiest makeup sponge ever. It has a fancy marble design, which I love. And still – it’s half the price compared to a beautyblender.

Try it!

real techniques diamond sponge review

Photo of me by Susanna Pomèll