Sustainable swimwear brands from Europe & Halla Halla review

There’s surprisingly many sustainable swimwear brands. For this post I chose the most interesting eco swimwear brands from Europe (though they ship worldwide).

I try to shop second hand most of the time, but when it comes to swimwear, I want to buy new. Luckily there is the option of shopping ecological and ethical brands. My new bikinis I bought from Halla Halla, which is a sustainable swimwear brand from Finland. The bikinis feel amazingly soft (even though they are made from a recycled fabric made from ocean waste!) and they feel more comfortable than my old ones.

So even if you are shopping sustainable – you don’t have to give up on the quality or experience.

sustainable swimwear brands europe

Sustainable swimwear brands from Europe

I listed the best sustainable European swimwear brands. (Mostly because I live in Finland and ordering elsewhere doesn’t make sense. But as I mentioned, they ship worldwide.)

The brands that I chose for this list are sustainable in a way that they:

  • use recycled fabrics (most common are Econyl & Repreve – made from plastic waste collected from the oceans)
  • are ethically made, meaning fair working conditions for workers
  • use eco-friendly packaging, either biodegradable or recycled materials

Information sources: the brands’ sites &  Good On You app

Let’s get to the brands – of course I have to start with the Finnish companies I love.

HallaxHalla   + mini review

Colorful pieces with a lot of options. There’s different kinds of tops, bottoms and one pieces. Most of the pieces are reversible so you get 2 in 1!

The swimwear I bought (what you see in the photos) is made with Econyl, a fabric that is made from the plastics gathered from the oceans. Now that I’ve been wearing these and know how absolutely fantastic the fabric feels, I chose other brands that use Econyl on this list as well.

You can choose your booty coverage in the bottoms. My other bottom is in full-coverage and the other cheeky. I was nervous that the cheeky bottom would be too revealing, but it actually looks and feels awesome.  The tops are so comfortable, I’ve been wearing them as bras.

When it comes to Halla Halla sizing, these run quite small/tight. I’m usually a size S. I’m fine with size S in tops (the other I got in S and other in M), but I chose M in bottoms.

I’ve been eyeing this brand for a few years and I really like how they go on about their business. They have a unique style that separates them from other brands. I love that they use different sized models. Halla Halla has also done some really interesting blogger collaborations (and I dream of working with them as well).

Finnish company, products made in Bali.

Shop HallaxHalla

Lilja The Label

Cute pieces that are a bit more casual when it comes to colors. Earthy vibes. Their swimwear is made with recycled fabrics such as Econyl and RPET.

Finnish company. Products made in Bali, Portugal and China.

Shop Lilja The Label



Luxurious, quite minimalistic and sexy. I find most of the pieces small, meaning little coverage. Then again there are also the swimsuits and some pieces with a bit more coverage.

Finnish company. Made in Bali.

Shop Asuyama

all Sisters

One word to describe this brand: stylish. At first glance their swimwear looks simple, but they do have some details like a fun cut or a nice color. If you’re looking for something basic, yet very stylish, check them out. They use recycled fabrics.

Rated on the Good On You app: Good

Made in Spain.

Shop allSisters



Earthy tones and pretty prints. Makes me think of a jungle! Fabrics made with Econyl.

Swiss brand, made in Portugal.

Shop Julienne


Colorful and stylish. Some pieces have a vintage style to them. All pieces are made from Econyl.

Shipped from Netherlands, made in Italy & Portugal.

Shop Bower Swimwear


Reset Priority

From classic pieces to different colors and designs. Big selection. Reset Priority uses responsible, recycled and durable fabrics such as Econyl and X-tra Life Lycra.

Manufactured in Italy and Spain.

Shop Reset Priority

sustainable swimwear brands from europe / halla halla review

Save The Wave

Classic and stylish pieces. Different colors available, but no prints. Made from Econyl.

Netherland based, made in Bali.

Shop Save The Wave

Ohoy Swimwear

Scandinavian brand. Earthy tones and simple styles. I really like their bikini top, that is a longer style. They have quite a small collection, but there’s also some pretty ones in sale.

Made in Portugal and Sri Lanka. Shipped from a European warehouse.

Shop Ohoy Swim



Hopefully this post can help you choose sustainable brand when shopping for swimwear! Let me know if I missed a brand, or if you would like to see more posts like this in the future.



I’m very excited to introduce you the best natural face sunscreens I know. Besides protecting from the sun and wrinkles in an environmentally friendly way (hello coral reefs),  these products also hydrate and even out the skin tone. Whether you want a matte or radiant finish, I got you covered.

Also: You can forget everything you think you know about organic/natural/mineral/physical sunscreens. These products don’t leave a white cast and they are not sticky, I promise. I’ve also noticed that natural sunscreens, being physical sunscreens, actually protect me better than chemical ones. I think it has something to do with the fact that they reflect the sunrays away from your face, rather than absorbing them, like chemical sunscreens do.

If you’re looking for the best sunscreen for your face, here are four awesome natural options!


Best natural sunscreens for face

And hey, if you’re shopping from Finland, I have links here.

Alga Maris Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30 – Tinted, lightweight, mattifying

alga maris tinted face sunscreen spf 30

Alga Maris Tinted Sunscreen is the most lightweight, liquid physical sunscreen I’ve tried. It’s also the only one on this list that mattifies the skin. That’s definitely a bonus, since most natural sunscreens are more on the creamy and glowy side. And even though it leaves more of a matte finish, it still doesn’t look or feel dry. The consistency is easy and quick to apply just with your fingers.

The product has some tint to it so it evens out the skin tone really nicely. You can also build it up a bit on the areas where you would like a bit more tint (coverage), since it dries down to a matte finish. I love to use it instead of foundation. It comes in three colors: Ivory, Beige and Golden. Beige is a better shade match for me, but I usually mix Beige and Golden together, because I want a bit more color and I do rock self tan most of the time.

Alga Maris Tinted Face suncream SPF 30 Beige VS Golden Swatch

Alga Maris tinted sunscreen is suitable for all skin types, but since it’s mattifying, I would choose another product for dry skin. My recommendation would be Madara’s cream. I have to also note that this has coconut alkanes in it, and some acne-prone skin types don’t take coconut oil that well. That said, with my hormonal acne background, I can use this product without problems. If your skin can’t take coconut oil, check the Mossa option below.

This product has a very subtle vanilla scent. Also available in SPF 50.

Alga Maris Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30

alga maris tinted sunscreen on face beige
Wearing Alga Maris Tinted sunscreen shade Beige.


alga maris tinted face sunscreen spf 30 golden
Wearing Alga Maris Tinted SPF 30 sunscreen in Golden & Beige. Note that the lighting is different, sunlight gives me glow.


Mossa 365 Days Defence Natural Sunscreen SF 30 – Tinted, lightweight & fruity

mossa 365 days tinted susncreen for face

Mossa’s tinted sunscreen has to be one of my favorites. It has a lightweight creamy consistency that is a joy to apply. Or maybe it’s the subtle sweet fruity scent that gets me?

This cream is tinted and the color is perfect to give a sun-kissed look for fair skin. The shade is warm and a bit yellow. As most tinted creams, it blends nicely with your own skin tone. I love to use this instead of foundation in summer.

Mossa Face Sunscreen SPF 30 color swatch - Madara Face Sunscreen SPF30 color Swatch

Since the consistency in this is light and it absorbs nicely on the skin, it’s ideal for all skin types. If you have oily skin, I would choose either this or the Alga Maris option.

Mossa 365 Day Defence Natural Sunscreen SPF 30

mossa tinted face sunscreen sf30


Madara Plant Stem Cell Age-Defying Sunscreen SPF 30 – Lightly tinted, nourishing, glowy

best natural face sunscreens madara spf 30

Madara’s Plant Stem Cell Age-Defying sunscreen is the thickest, creamiest option out of all these and feels the most nourishing on the skin. This also leaves the most beautiful glow on the skin. (And might I add, this was the first natural sunscreen I tried and fell in love with.)

This has a very subtle tint to it. It might look dark once you first squeeze it out of the tube, but once you spread it, the color is barely there. It’s just enough to give your face a wash of color. And that evens out the skin tone ever so slightly.

This has a subtle citrus scent to it. Since it’s moisturizing, it works for most skin types. I would think dry or mature skin would especially benefit from it. Though having combination skin I still love it, because it gives a beautiful glow. I notice grabbing either this or the SPF 15 CC-cream when my skin feels dry. I also like to mix this to my foundation.

Madara Plant Stem Cell Age-Defying Sunscreen SPF 30

madara sun spf 30 face sunscreen
Wearing Madara’s SPF 30 sunscreen on the face, no foundation.


Bybi Beauty Day Defence SPF 30 Moisturizer – lightweight, perfect for under makeup

Bybi’s Day Defence SPF 30 Cream is perfect for those, who want a sunscreen that just feels like a day cream. This has no tint, though it comes out of the tube very pale yellow (but I think that’s better than white, since it has zinc oxide and we don’t want a white cast). This cream is moisturizing and non greasy. It absorbs well onto the skin making it ideal to be used under makeup.

Not always do I want a tinted sunscreen, so this is handy for those days. Also, I can use it on on my hands, neck or shoulders if I’m on the go and need to have some product with me. For oilier skin it might be enough just as itself, but for dry skin I would use a regular day cream first.

Comes in a simple yet pretty packaging.

Bybi Beauty Day Defence SPF 30

bybi beauty spf 30 day defence

How to remove physical sunscreen from your face?

Physical sunscreens really stay on the skin, so it’s important to wash your face properly. I use an oil to remove it and do double cleansing. That means using an oil first – and then another face cleanser.  My favorite oil cleanser currently is Patyka’s Melting Cleansing Oil.

The best natural sunscreen for body

If you need a natural sunscreen for the body, my favorite is Alga Maris SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray. Other favorites listed here.

best organic face sunscreen

Have you tried any of these products?

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