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When I was a kid I used to read this makeup guide book written by Raili Hulkkonen, a Finnish makeup artist. That book taught me the very first things about makeup and I remember being so excited about it. Makeup and beauty was truly interesting to me, even as a kid.

Raili has been on the industry already over 50 years and she’s very well known here. I have so much respect towards her and her work.

I never thought that one day I would learn makeup tricks from Raili herself, in person. But it just so happens that I have been lucky enough to participate already in two of her classes. The last one being yesterday, at Jane Iredale’s pr event.

I was super inspired after the event. I thought it would be fun to follow a makeup artist’s advice and do my makeup accordingly. So I created this very natural makeup look using some of the same products Raili used in her makeup demos. And obviously I wanted to share some makeup tips with you.

Who wouldn’t want to get makeup tips from a makeup artist, right?

makeup tips

Makeup tips from a makeup artist

  • Less is more, when it comes to foundation.
    It surprises me every time a makeup artist says that they usually do a very light base. Raili is not the first MUA to be horrified of the full-coverage trend. She said that it’s okay to let some skin show through. Not everything needs to be covered. So good news, everyone: we don’t have to look like perfect dolls.
  • Skip powder – or use it minimally.
    I tend to go a bit overboard with powder, I must admit. But even with oilier skin types, you should only powder the t-zone. No need to go all matte! Raili revealed that she might not even use powder for all of her clients. If you have dry skin, skip powder altogether. It’s true that a bit glowy skin looks more natural and alive.
  • Stick with the basics.
    When Raili did makeup on a model, she only used blush besides the foundation. We tend to get worried about all the latest makeup trends like contouring and highlighting, but forget that makeup doesn’t need to be that complicated. Learn to use blush and that’s all you need. I have to say I kinda agree with Raili, I think blush is a vital makeup product.
  • Beige kills.
    This is not a makeup tip per se, but I just had to include it here, because I found it so funny. Raili was all about red lipsticks and her opinion on nude lipsticks was that – well, apparently beige kills. Red is a classic I agree, but there is still a place in my heart for nude lipsticks. But if you’re just starting out with lipsticks, a red color is easier to pull off (you can always choose a lighter red, like a rose color for example).
  • To hide, draw attention to somewhere else.
    If you’re tired and want to hide your dark circles, instead of applying a ton of product on the thin skin around your eyes, try and emphasize your eyes by using eyeshadows. When you’re wearing eye makeup, the attention goes from your dark circles to your eyes. Same goes to aging and wrinkles. You don’t need to try and hide your skin with a thick foundation. You can draw the attention to your eyes and lips. Red lipstick is a great choice for older women as well – it draws the attention to your lips.
  • Keep it natural.
    Everything doesn’t have to be over the top. Makeup is also all about showcasing your natural beauty and everything doesn’t need to look so drawn on. For example eyebrows: they don’t have to be thick! You can just follow your natural brow shape and keep everything quite natural-looking.

Jane Iredale contour kit cool

I did my makeup today with these tricks in mind and I used mostly Jane Iredale products.

It felt quite liberating but also weird to wear my brows this natural. I’m so used to making them thicker.
I liked the lighter base, even though it’s not that long-lasting on my face (since the primer is so moisturizing). I loved the red lips. Iredale’s new lipstick formula is amazing and I have a feeling I will wear this red color a lot this season. If you haven’t already, go read my full review on the new Triple Luxe lipsticks here. Because these new lipsticks are good.

Products received as pr-samples

Products used

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener
Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage BB Cream, 5
Jane Iredale Great Shape Contour Kit, Cool
Jane Iredale Retractable Brow Pencil, Ash Blonde
Jane Iredale Triple Luxe Lipstick, Gwen

makeup tips


What is the best advice you’ve received from a makeup artist?



Isadora’s new surprisingly good foundation

isadora active all day wear makeup foundation

isadora active all day wear makeup foundation

isadora active wear all day wear foundation

Isadora recently came out with a new foundation and I immediately knew I needed to test it. IsaDora being one of my favorite brands and all. I received a few shades as pr-samples and now that I’ve been testing the foundation for some time, I’m ready to give my opinion on it.

To put it short – this foundation is great. It’s very lightweight, it lasts well, it’s medium coverage and it leaves a beautiful matte finish.

isadora active all day wear makeup foundation

IsaDora ACTIVE all day wear make-up foundation review & swatches

The whole idea behind this foundation is that it’s for active wear. It’s sweat-proof, humidity proof and it promises 24h lasting power. Well, I don’t think I’ve ever worn a foundation for 24 hours, but I’ll take a long lasting foundation when I can get one. And this one lasts great! It does last through some sweating as well, but requires some powdering after it. Depending on how extreme your exercise is and how heavily you sweat.

What I like about the foundation the most is it’s thin consistency. Even though I like a nice coverage, matte finish and longevity – I still don’t want my foundation to be thick or cakey. This foundation is lightweight and easy to apply on the skin. It leaves a matte finish that doesn’t look dry or unnatural.

So at this point it’s quite obvious that it’s a great foundation for combination or oily skin. My skin is combination and this foundation works well for me.

isadora foundation swatches fair light honey and warm beige
Swatches of IsaDora Active all day wear make-up in shades 10 Fair, 12 Light Honey and 16 Warm Beige

foundation pump

But to be perfectly honest, my first go with it wasn’t a huge success. I learned that it’s crucial to apply this foundation with a damp beauty sponge, otherwise it can look and feel a bit dry. I tried to apply this with a foundation brush, but it just was hard to blend and it looked a bit cakey that way. But once I switched up to my beloved makeup sponge, it was all smooth sailing from there on. Seriously, makeup sponges are awesome. If you haven’t already, read my post on my two favorite makeup sponges here!

I’m also not a big fan of the packaging and more specifically the pump. I mean, I like the look of the packaging. I think it’s interesting, and a pump system in foundation is great and hygienic. But here, the pump doesn’t always work properly. Sometimes it ‘spits’ out the foundation, which is a bit annoying, but not that dangerous. First world problems, I know! But still worth mentioning.

isadora active all day wear makeup foundation review
I’m wearing the foundation in shades Fair & Light Honey. When I mix these two shades, I get the perfect match for my neutral undertone.


So, all in all: IsaDora’s new Active all day wear foundation lasts well throughout the day and I think it just looks beautiful on my skin. I’ve definitely worn this a lot lately and can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. For anyone looking for an affordable, long-lasting and matte foundation – this might just be the one!

The foundation costs 23,94 and you can buy it for example on Feelunique*.

All the products used for this look:
TonyMoly Silky Smooth Balm*
IsaDora ACTIVE all day wear make-up*
Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder*
Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer, Porcelain*
Maybelline Masterfix Baking Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer*
Kiko Milano Desert Dunes Blush, Gypsy Pink
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, Soft & Gentle*

mad4eyebrow Natural Brow Filler, Blond
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow 02
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Bobbi Brown Lux Eyeshadow, High Octane*
KICKS Graceful Lenght Mascara*

Jane Iredale Lipstick, Jamie
Burt’s Bees Lipgloss, Rosy Dawn

*Adlinks. Primer, foundation, eyeshadow, mascara and lip products are gifted.


Isn’t it exciting to find a great new foundation? I love foundations.

isadora active all day wear makeup foundation