Skin update – Taking birth control pills for acne

It’s already been over three months, that I started to take birth control pills again for my acne. I thought it would be a good time to show you the results.

Looking at these photos and my skin, it just goes to show how slow it is to treat acne. No treatment is quick – especially when the acne is as bad as it was with me. It takes a long time for the skin to heal properly and it takes a lot of patience. However, the pills have been working for me, as I had anticipated, since I’ve already gone through this once as a teenager.

The pills I take are called Cypretyl and they are the strongest one (I think). They are especially made for acne.

hormonal acne birth control pills
Hormonal acne. This was my skin in November – it was even worse than in this photo, but this is the best photo I could find. Then this is my skin now, in February.

So how does my skin look and feel now?

Well, most of the acne is gone. I say most, because there are still some stubborn ones. Not so much on my face anymore – and the ones on my neck are also kind of fading – but the part that is healing the slowest is my back. But it is healing too. And no, I don’t have any pictures of my back acne, I haven’t documented it here. I trust that showing you my bare face is bad enough. Haha.

Obviously for these photos I got a new zit on my face, but believe me when I say that it’s rare nowadays. Even though my face might not look like it in the photos, it’s so smooth. Honestly, I still shiver when I think about my acne at it’s worst: it was super painful and applying makeup or lotions or removing makeup or touching my face in any other way hurt.

acne scars
My skin now, after taking birth control pills for three months. Active acne is gone (besides a few zits) and all that’s left is scarring, which is fading pretty quickly.

My acne scarring is fading pretty quickly too. I was a bit scared about that part. At first the scars were so red and I could feel that my skin was uneven on those areas. But day by day they have faded and it’s getting easier and easier to hide them with makeup. And as I said, my skin feels smooth. So I’m pretty optimistic that I will have a good-looking skin by Summer. This year I need to be even more careful with sunscreen though  – my skin has gone through a lot and is sensitive to sun damage right now.

The pills don’t only take away acne. They also adjust the skin type a bit. My skin is not as oily as it has been before, it’s more of a dry combination skin now, especially since the weather has been super cold here. Treating my new skin is fun – it can take more lotion and it doesn’t break out as easily as it did before.birth control pills for acne

Altogether I can say that I am super happy with my skin. Making the decision to start taking birth control pills again was hard and I had some regrets in the beginning, but right now I feel like it was the right decision. I had forgotten how it feels to have my skin back. Even though I worked on my confidence during acne, I still feel more confident now that it’s not that visible and startling anymore. And one of the things I am super happy about, is that I also have found my love of makeup again. Having acne I just didn’t even feel like wearing anything on my face and nothing seemed to look good on me. And taking makeup photos for blog posts was torture – when I tried to take photos of my makeup the only thing taking all the attention in the photos was my red, bumpy acne. Well, no more.

I am so relieved, happy and feeling a lot more like myself.

This journey has also affected my skin care routine, and treating those acne scars is super important – so I will update you about that soon.

Any other acne victories? Or are you still searching for the cure? 
However it is – I hope your skin gets better too and I send you a lot of hugs, because I know how hard it can be to battle acne.

This week I…

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… cried a little, when my head felt like it was gonna explode and altogether I just felt awful – thanks to the flu

… smiled when I saw Risto looking at all the different kinds of flowers in the grocery store and trying to decide which one to get me (he chose red roses)

… ate a lot of candy and chocolate, whils at the same time, decided to be in the best shape I’ve ever been this summer

… was disappointed, when my valentines’ day plans were ruined by the flu and I welcomed Risto home in my pyjamas crying (makes me laugh now though)lifestyle

… read a book from my childhood about Pippi Longstocking and loved it as much as I did as a child

… tried new hair products specifically made for naturally curly hair and succeeded in making my curls look very nice (and yes, I am working on the post about curly hair, it’s just super complicated and I want the post to be simple and easily understandable)

naturally curly hair

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… bought new shoes and a new dress from Zadaa – I just couldn’t help myself, when I found the perfect things

… cleaned up the house a bit, which I shouldn’t do, since I’m sick, but it just goes to tell I’m really not good at relaxing when it comes to certain thingspopsocket phone

… got addicted to my popsocket, which is more like a fun stress relief than an actual necessity for holding your phone

… was delighted when I heard that one of my best friends is coming to Finland next week from Australia (I’m probably gonna cry at the airport, it’s been a year since we last saw each other after all)

… made plans for today and can’t wait to spend some time with Risto’s goddaughter, who is awesome and always makes us smile.

red rose

What were you up to this week?