Festive half cut-crease | Tutorial

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Sometimes you just get a vision.

I had a vision of this makeup: it was gonna be red and awesome. Half cut-crease with a glittery touch (but not straight up glitter, ’cause ain’t nobody got time for that mess). Was I pro at cutting creases? Well, not really, but I was going to a pre-Christmas party and damn it, if my makeup game wasn’t gonna be on point that evening.

Sometimes (read:always) you just need a winner’s mindset and a great motivation. As it turns out, my makeup was gorgeous that day and I realized I needed to recreate it for a tutorial.

Also: red eyeshadow is BOMB and it suits most eye colours and no it doesn’t make you look sick.

So here we are.

half cut crease colour placement

Colour placement. Might be helpful, or not. Anyway.

half cut-crease tutorial

  1. It’s easier to start off with lighter colours. First I applied a peachy warm colour and I created the shape of my eyeshadow. Then I took a matte red eyeshadow and started to deepen the colour. Work your way into it – apply shadow, then blend, apply shadow and blend again. You want the colour to look smooth as f (eather).
  2.  I then took a darker red colour and deepened the red colour more. I also applied that colour on half of my lid. After that I took some black eyeshadow and applied that on my outer corner in a V-shape. When you’re doing a colourful look, black is your friend. Black pulls the look together and just makes it look better.
  3. Cut the crease. I explained this better in a photo below – but basically I used glitter glue for it and a shimmery colour. I then blended that shimmery colour with the red colour, so that the transition looks somewhat smooth. It’s up to you how high you want your crease to be – I faked the crease higher than my actual crease, but not so high, that the line is visible when my eye is open.
  4. You can then line your eye and maybe do a better job, than I did here, haha. Then apply mascara and lashes or whatever is your wish. I did neither, since I have eye lash extensions now HALLELUJAH! By the way, don’t forget to apply some red eyeshadow on your lower lashline as well. I kinda forgot to tell you that, but you probably figured it out from the photos.

cut crease tutorial

Cutting the crease
As I was going for a shimmer eyeshadow (or actually a highlight), but I wanted it to look extra sparkly, I went for my secret weapon: glitter primer. If you haven’t tried it for shimmery eyeshadows, you haven’t lived. It seriously makes them pop and last super long! I used NYX’s glitter primer, which is like a cream, which makes the powders stick. I first cut my crease using a flat brush and that glitter glue. I then patted on my shimmer colour on top of that glue.

makeup tutorial

I listed the products I used, but if you want to re-create the look with a less hassle, these palettes would be great for this look (or for my collection, dear santa). A lot of you may already own these palettes. Links are adlinks, so if you want to show your support and was gonna buy something from Sephora anyway, here is a good chance.

Naked Heat Palette
Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette
Tarte Tartelette Toasted Palette

For my look the key products were glitter glue, Milani’s blush (which I absolutely love!) and MAC’s highlight.


Urban Decay Primer Potion
Illamasqua Look Fantastic Palette (matte bone colour + orange colour)
NYX Professional Makeup Beauty School Dropout Freshman (matte red colour)
Milani Baked Blush, Red Vino (deep red colour)
TooFaced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette (matte black)
NYX Professional Makeup Glitter glue
MAC Soft & Gentle Highlight

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer
Jane Iredale Glow Time BB-Cream
LA GIRL HD Pro Concealer, Bisque
Lumene Nordic Girl Cheeky Lip&Cheek colour, 2
Mad4eyebrow natural eyebrow filler, Blonde

NUDESTIX Lip & Cheek Pencil, Mystic

Colourful yet wearable | Tutorial

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acne makeup coverage

Wearable or natural is my second nature, when it comes to makeup. I usually do very neutral looks.  My makeup is a part of me – not a mask – that you can see clearly. If you get what I mean? But that doesn’t mean, that my makeup should look boring. I actually use different colours in my makeup a lot. There is not a colour, I wouldn’t put on my eye lids.

With this makeup look and tutorial I want to show you, that you can pair different colours together and it can still look very down to earth (but fun!). Don’t be afraid of the brighter colours in your eyeshadow palette – they don’t necessarily have to look that bright on your lids. It’s all about how you prime your eyelids, are you using the eye shadow wet or dry, and how much pressure you use with your brush. In this makeup I used my colours dry without my usual colour-priming (white base), so the colours aren’t as in your face, as they could be.

In this look I’m wearing brown shades as my ‘base colours’ and pops of colours on my lid and lower lashline. Pink and orange look surprisingly nice together, don’t you think?

makeup tutorial blog

colour placement eyeshadow

This is what we’re doing today. In this photo you can see colour placements clearly.

eyeshadow pictorial how to wear colours

  1. Start with a basic eye contour and sketch out the ‘frame’ to your eyeshadow. This is the transition colour and also the crease colour and it’s also kinda the base to this look. Blend it well, so that there isn’t a harsh line where the eyeshadow starts.
  2. Add a deeper brown colour to your outer V. If you don’t know what that means, this photo explains it. Blend that out with the first colour. Then you can just build up those two colours how you wish – leave it natural, or make it darker and more visible.
  3. Tap on the pink colour right in the middle of the lid and blend the edges with tapping motions. What I mean is, take some eyeshadow on your brush, press it to the lid close to the lashline and without taking any more eye shadow use that brush and tap around the edges of the colour. Then line your lower lashline with an orange eyeshadow.
  4. Well, you know how it goes – line your eyes, add mascara and/or lashes and you’re done! Or actually, I almost forgot: you can line your waterline with a white pencil to make your eyes appear bigger and a bit brighter. And then you’re done.

Is it really a selfie, without a hand in there somewhere? Also: I don’t always paint my nails, but when I do I make sure I take photos. My friends always say to me, how my nails are always on point. Yeah they are – in my photos. 😀 #confessionsofabeautyblogger

For this makeup I used my beloved Vice 4 palette, which has been featured here before in this tutorial.

What do you think of this look? Do you like to use colours in your makeup?
Let me know if there is a particular eyeshadow style or colours you would like to see next.