How I keep my skin balanced

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We all want a healthy, balanced skin. One that doesn’t feel dry nor oily. A happy skin, so to speak.

I’ve always said that a good routine is the base for a healthy skin. You need a skincare routine and products that give you results.

An updated skincare routine is in the works, but for now, I’m sharing the two most important key products in my routine. These two products are my secret to a balanced skin. This post is especially helpful for normal, combination or oily skintypes.

The key products in my skincare routine – Cleanser & Oil

I’ve been using Niki Newd’s products for several months now. On my first post I declared that I had found the cleanser for my face. After I started using that Oatmeal Soap, I could see and feel the difference on my skin. I also fell in love with their Skin Velvet oil serum. Oil is another product that I couldn’t live without. Even though I have some oiliness in my skin, using an oil in my skincare routine is crucial in keeping it balanced, moisturized and glowy.

The best cleanser I’ve found

A face cleanser is probably the most important product in my routine. Even on the days that I’m not wearing makeup, I make sure to clean my face well. I’ve been using Niki Newd’s Oatmeal Soap for half a year now. I feel like every time I talk about Niki Newd’s Oatmeal Soap, I need to emphasize, that it’s not a regular Soap. You can forget everything you know about soaps. This soap is gentle and it leaves my skin clean and balanced.

The soap contains only five ingredients, which are: rapeseed oil, coconut oil, linseed oil, oatmeal and yeast.

I like that this soap comes with no packaging (except the paper it’s wrapped in) and after I’ve used it, there’s no plastic waste. It’s also suitable for vegans. The soap comes in a package of two (making the price very reasonable!) and a wash cloth. I like to use that washcloth every once in a while to deep cleanse and exfoliate my skin.

Niki Newd Oatmeal Soap

P.S. You’ll find a code at the end of this post, which gives you a free gift when you make a purchase from Niki Newd!

Luxurious oils for a healthy glow

Even if your skin was oily at times, I would still recommend using an oil. Oils are like nutrients to your skin and they help with dryness, skin texture, scarring and redness. Oils are lifesavers for dry skin, but also crucial for oily skin. Once you put an oil to an oily skin, it doesn’t have to produce as much oil as it usually does. That way it balances the skin.

Niki Newd’s oils are my favorite luxury oils. They consist only of the purest ingredients and they’re very compressed. One drop of either one of these oils is enough for the whole face. I’ve been using Skin Velvet Oil Serum for longer, but now also got to test out their Skin Silk oil, which is a bit lighter. I’d recommend it for oily skin or for anyone who really loves a light silky feel.

I mostly use oils in my nighttime routine, because I like to give them time to really work their magic when I’m sleeping. A literal beauty sleep, I would say. But as the weather gets colder, I might apply it in the morning as well. Skin Silk Oil serum works well under makeup. Skin Velvet works too, but you need to let it absorb a little before applying your makeup.

Niki Newd Skin Velvet Oil Serum
Niki Newd Skin Silk Oil Serum

Niki Newd Skin Velvet contains Avocado Oil, Camelina Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Strawberry Seed Oil, Lingonberry Seed Oil and Blackcurrant Seed Oil. And that’s all the ingredients.

Niki Newd Skin Silk contains Olive oil, Tomato seed oil, Blueberry Seed Oil, Lingonberry Seed Oil, Strawberry Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Cranberry Seed Oil. And that’s everything.

And those are the two most important products of my skincare routine. A good cleanser, that doesn’t dry me out – and a nourishing oil, that keeps my skin moisturized and healthy. Obviously besides these, there are also other products in my routine. Such as a moisturizer. Lately I’ve actually used that skin balm as my moisturizer. I was worried that it wouldn’t suit my skin, because it contains coconut oil, but to my surprise it’s perfect for my face (maybe thanks to the naturally antibacterial juniper sprout extract it contains).

I’m also using some products mentioned in this post. Those products I would still recommend as well and they are a great option for a budget.

If you are interested to try Niki Newd products as well, you can get a free gift of the Skin Velvet oil in your purchase.

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A timeout from the real world – Niki Newd Signature Facial

relaxing in Niki Newd Facial

Collaboration with Evergreen Salon / the facial was gifted to me


A while back when I wrote about Niki Newd and their basically edible products, I asked you this: Do you really know what you’re putting on your skin? As in: can you read the ingredient list and understand it.

Well, now I’m asking you this: do you really know what your beauty therapist is putting on your skin? And I can almost bet you don’t. Maybe you’re dreading of going to a facial, especially if your skin is sensitive. You’re nervous of your skin reacting to something. Because let’s face it: a lot of different products go onto the skin in a short period of time.

That is exactly why I wanted to try out the Niki Newd Signature facial. It’s a completely new take on facials. It’s not about some new fancy machine. It’s about the basics. You get the fresh natural ingredients, fresh natural scents and effective yet gentle results.

And at the same time, this facial offers the greatest luxury of all: relaxation.

Niki Newd Signature Facial Review

I went to my appointment on a Monday, after a particularly rough weekend (mentally). Time seemed to slow down, when I stepped into the salon. The atmosphere was calm and inviting. I almost started to do new decoration plans in my head while taking in the beautiful interior design. There were candles burning in the corners and a soothing music playing in the background.

At this point I pinched myself: do I really get to do this as a part of my job? (Well, rarely, so I made sure to really enjoy it!)

What does the Niki Newd Signature Facial include?

The Niki Newd Signature Facial contains gentle skin cleansing with oat and yogurt, honey-lemon exfoliation, fresh mask customized for your skintype, a long and possibly the best facial massage you’ll ever get and as a bonus, you get a hand massage while the mask is doing its magic. You’ll also get to experience refreshing cucumber water and coconut milk on your face. Spoiler alert: it all feels and smells amazing.

It’s also possible to get facial extractions included in the facial. I chose this option, since my skin had some clogged pores. Riikka also managed to treat some very deep pimples I have on my jaw, the very last remains of my acne. Extracting a pimple never feels good, but it hurt less than it usually does and my face didn’t get as red as it usually gets from that.

I’m not sure what I expected from the treatment, but I left floating with happiness and relaxation. All time stopped when I lay on the bed and took in the natural scents of the products.

That’s another thing about this facial: everything smells extra good, because it’s fresh. The scents are basically from food, so you’ll recognize them and there’s something very nice about that. I’m a bit sensitive to synthetic scents and here I didn’t have to worry about that.

What results did I get from the facial?

I left from the appointment with a soft, visibly clean and glowy skin. I actually felt beautiful, even though there were a few red spots, where Riikka extracted pimples. I got rid of some blackheads and pimples, which had been bothering me a while. It always feels so refreshing getting your skin really cleansed. And frankly: I do want to get those kind of results when going to a facial. And finally, as I’ve now mentioned several times (but I can’t say it enough), I felt lighter leaving the salon. I felt calm and happy. Ready for a new week. And okay, already a little addicted to this particular facial.

Being a beauty therapist myself, I could feel that Riikka has done this a long time and the way she applied the products and massaged my face was impeccable. There really was nothing for me to do, except relax and just enjoy.

As I lay there and wondered how I was gonna tell you about this treatment, all I thought was: everyone should try this at least once. I can guarantee you won’t regret it. And: I should book another appointment for the winter.

If you appreciate the fresh natural ingredients and you’d like to leave from your facial 100% relaxed and with a glowy skin – this treatment is for you.

Niki Newd Signature Facial 120-155€ | Evergreen Salon

Mechelininkatu 15
Helsinki 00100

phone 044 9714964
Online booking

If you’re interested about food grade ingredients and how they work in skincare, check out this post about Niki Newd products. I’m still to this day using the Oat soap, which is my secret to a balanced skin. There’s also a nice code for a gift, if you end up ordering something.



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