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So, it’s safe to say I was wrong.

My recent battle towards acne with antibiotics seemed like it was working, and on this post you can see how happy I am with my skin and the results. And for some time, my skin was doing pretty good. I even told everyone about it – how antibiotics cured my acne and how my acne didn’t come back. I was even planning on doing a post about it – a little update on my skin and how it looked even better after the treatment. I didn’t think I would have to do another acne update, but here we are. I feel disappointed, but then again there are people who have gotten help from antibiotics, so maybe I had to try and see for myself. We are all individuals anyway.

As I said, for a long time I felt like my skin was doing amazing. I had some breakouts every once in a while, but I wasn’t stressing about them. There was a pimple or two and then they were gone. There were some major breakouts, but then it all settled down. Then there were more pimples.. and this time, they didn’t seem to go away. I feel like my acne came back super quickly, overnight. Bam, and it was all over my jaw again. Possibly worse, than ever.

I have to admit – seeing these photos for the first time was a shock. Is that really my skin? It sure doesn’t feel like it.

acne hormonal acne my experience  i have tried everything acne

Before I felt super down about the acne. It has been stressful and hard on me mentally. But I have kinda changed the way, that I think about it and how I see myself and how I talk about myself. Acne isn’t the first thing that I see, when I look into the mirror. And obviously, since it’s on my jaw I can’t even see it that well, than if it was on my forehead for example.

Maybe I’m tired of the battle – I don’t want to be at war with myself. I don’t want to waste any energy towards something as boring as acne. I’m focusing on the good things – the skin on my forehead, nose and cheeks. There my skin is beautiful. To me, it’s flawless. And then there are obviously other good things – not just my looks.

acne antibiotics and diet

My skin (and my mood) after the antibiotics.

To sum everything together, I did a little list. I have now tried almost all the ways to treat acne. Including

  • Isotretinoin (=Accutane)
    I ate two rounds of some kind of isotretinoin drug – at least I’m pretty sure it was that, or at least one of them was. I can’t be sure, ’cause I can’t remember the names. This was when I was about 13 years old. Those did help a bit on each time, but then again it didn’t, so I’m horrified of ever trying this again.
  • Differin
    This was around my teens too, nope NOPE.
  • Birth control
    This did help and kept the acne at bay for seven years – damn my skin was perrrfect during those years.
  • Acnatac 
    It did help a bit and I blogged about it, read all on Acnatac tag.
  • Antibiotics 
    It did help at the time, but acne came back after. I did monthly posts during my four month treatment, check the Apocyclin tag.
  • Being wheat-free aka gluten free
    It was great for my stomach and maybe it did balance my skin ever so slightly, but it could also be the full moon, so I’m not convinced.
  • Being sugar-free aka ditch the sweets
    There are several times I have tried this for some weeks or maybe a month at a time, but I dread to inform you, that eating sweets every once in a while – say once a week – isn’t the reason for my acne.
  • Being dairy-free
    Now this is interesting. I think being dairy-free does balance my skin a bit. Then again I still get acne, so everything kinda sucks, don’t you think? Okay to be honest I like eating less dairy – it’s good for my health and actually this one makes sense, ’cause dairy can affect hormones and my acne is hormonal. But anyway you must be shocked, but being dairy free didn’t cure my acne.
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Changing the pillowcase regularly
    I’m just kidding at this point.
  • Coconut oil
    Hahah you’re killing me

I mean, you can not not laugh at this at this point.

There are still some things I haven’t tried. So, let’s hope the next acne post shows the actual solution to my acne, which is clearly hormonal. You can tell my acne is hormonal, ’cause it started right after I quit the pill and it’s on my jaw – the typical place for hormonal acne.

But to get to the point or to end this post the way I want to end it, here’s something that happened: Last Saturday, fresh after sauna, Risto said to me: “You are beautiful” and then he put his hand on my chest right where my heart is and said “and you are beautiful in here too”. And that – ladies and gentlemen – is what matters in life.

acne makeup coverage

In this photo you can see, how my skin looks with makeup. Flawless elsewhere, on my jaw you can see the acne even through makeup.

Feel free to share your experiences with acne! This can be our little peer support place.

PS. I accidentally lost your comments. Thank you all for commenting and sorry!

September favourites

september beauty favorites
  • september favorite products

innisfree no sebum the best powder

September has been nice and when it comes to cosmetics, it’s been all about switching up the summery products to ones suitable for colder and darker weather. But without further ado, here are my favorite products from September. There are some newbies as well as some old favorites.

Most of these products are are pr-samples.

christina aquilera signature

Christina Aquilera Signature Eau De Parfum
There’s an embarrasing story behind this scent. I remember first seeing and smelling it and wanting it for myself – but I didn’t have money at the time. Then I saw it at my best friend’s house and I was super jealous – maybe a bit angry too. (Totally immature and my fault, sorry friend, love you!). After that I kinda let it go and tried to forget the scent. But how could I? Well, I couldn’t. It was always on my want-list. Finally ten years later I bought it. I figured, that I can have the same scent as somebody else, ’cause it’s anyway different on my skin. And also – it felt super good to be able to buy it with my own money. The scent itself is as described:  “A bouquet of peonies and jasmine flowers enriched with creamy vanilla”. I love everything vanilla. I will definitely repurchase before I run out. Maybe I’ll buy this as a Christmas present for myself again.

all good things lush

LUSH all good things solid perfume

I just had to pick another perfume here – this one is just so autumny.  This smells like cotton candy and black pepper amongst other things. It’s super hard to describe – it’s rich and very unique. It’s a solid perfume with glitter on it, so it melts in your hands and lefts some sparkles on the skin. Need I say more?  All good things here.

oright caffeine shampoo

O’Right Caffeine Shampoo

This month I got to participate in the launh of O’Right hair products in Finland. The event was super interesting and I got to hear the CEO’s story behind this green and ecological hair line. The brand is Taiwanese and what’s cool about the products is that the packaging are biodegradable. You can also see a small print on the shampoo bottle that says “tree in a bottle” – that literally means that on the bottom of the shampoo bottles are seeds, that can be grown into trees. The shampoo itself is gentle, moisturizing and it smells amazing – it has a slight coffee aroma in it, but more than that it just smells clean. This has actually left me wondering of changing up my all-time-favorite shampoo mentioned here.

oright caffeine hair oil
O’Right Recoffee Hair Oil
You had me at coffee. This smells straight up delicious. Like coffee beans. That, plus the fact that it smooths my frizzy hair makes me pretty happy. My hair requires a lot of moisture and I’m always using oils.

warpaint teeth whitener review

Warpaint Natural Teeth Whitener

I have actually written about this product before, so for the full review click your way into this post. I’ve been using this for about two weeks now about every other day and the results can be seen on the photo below. It really does brighten up my smile.

warpaint results

Wearing Missha Perfect cover BB in 21 & 27, powdered with Innisfree no-sebum mineral powder.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

I have wrote about this product before as well, but I just had to pick it for this post, because I have been using it so much lately. It’s great for my skin at the moment – it feels smooth and nourishing – while actually covering everything and staying in place. At least when I pair it with this powder:

missha perfect cover combination skin

Innisfree no-sebum mineral powder

Can I declare this the best powder in the world? Right now in my makeup collection it is just that, the best I own. It’s super fine and lightweight, which makes it look very smooth on the skin. I’m amazed how well it keeps my face matte. This has a mint scent to it, which is nice. The packaging I don’t love, but it’s not something I keep on the table.

dermosil carrot oil

Dermosil Carrot Oil

Body oils are awesome for keeping your body smooth and young. Especially, when they come with a spray bottle. I feel like I can just quickly spray it everywhere and lazily blend it on. Or – I can pamper myself with a nice massage and take my time with it. Moisturizing your body is a way of meditating: thanking your body for the hard work and loving it just the way it is. This smells sweet while taking care of my skin – which makes it my favorite at the moment. I actually like the simple packaging – it works with the color of the oil nicely.

september beauty favorites

I realized I chose products, that are kinda hard to find online, but most of these you can find on amazon:  Shop on amazon (adlink).

How has your September been? What is your favorite product this month?

I have to say – my September has been pretty awesome work-wise. Lots of new opportunities coming up my way. My personal life has also been good and I’ve been feeling the good things coming. Hope you have a great weekend!

Oh – and if you were wondering – the lipstick I’m wearing in the photo is Zuii’s Sugar Plum.