3 best oil cleansers – How to remove physical sunscreen & makeup

best oil cleansers to take off physical sunscreen and makeup



Oil cleansers are my skin’s best friend. They’re the most effective – yet gentle – in removing makeup, physical sunscreen and dirt.

This post is dedicated to the best oil cleansers I love, but I have to note that the key to success is double cleansing. You see, I always follow my oil cleanser with another face cleanser, preferably an emulsion. This gets rid of anything you put on top of your skin, while maintaining a healthy balance. (A healthy balance meaning keeping your pores clean and acid mantle intact.)

Double cleansing I recommend to everyone. If you just rolled your eyes just now or felt a sting in your heart thinking, “oh no, I don’t do that” – don’t worry. It’s not too late. I promise you, your skin is gonna thank you later. It might sound like another step to your skincare routine, but actually it just makes it easier, because the oil removes whatever needs to be removed, for you.

how to take off physical sunscreem and makeup

The best oil cleansers to remove physical sunscreen and makeup

If you’ve ever worn makeup that actually lasts all day, you know it won’t get removed in one swipe. Or if you like to use physical sunscreens, you know they last really well on the skin, since they really don’t move.

To both, the solution is an oil cleanser.

The top three oil cleansers I like to use are Patyka Melting Cleansing Oil, Laboratoires de Biarritz Cleansing Oil and Luonkos Radiant Facial Oil Cleansing Cake. These are the ones I repurchase time and time again. The first two mentioned mix with water and are easier to wash off – the cleansing cake needs to be removed with a warm cloth.

best cleansing oils

Patyka Melting Cleansing Oil

Patyka is a Parisian brand, which delivers luxurious nourishing products. I love the brand and have several favorites from them. Melting Cleansing Oil being one of them. It’s a wonderful product with sweet vanilla scent and silky oily texture. Contains jojoba oil and apricot seed oil that have anti-inflammatory properties, while nourishing your skin. Works for all skin types!


*Patyka Melting Cleansing Oil (19,90€ House of Organic)

laboratoires de biarritz cleansing oil and cleansing milk

Laboratoires de Biarritz Cleansing Oil

Laboratoires de Biarritz is also a French brand that creates natural dermo-cosmetic skincare products. Dermo-cosmetics basically means the products are hypoallergenic, suitable for anyone and often sold at pharmacies. I love and use the brand’s sunscreens, but the cleansing products have found their way to my heart as well. This product contains trusted sunflower seed oil and an extract from sugar kelp that soothes the skin.

Laboratoires de Biarritz
*Laboratoires de Biarritz Cleansing Oil (23,90€ House of Organic)

luonkos radiant oil cleansing cake


Luonkos Radiant Facial Oil Cleansing Cake (a zero waste product!)

Luonkos makes natural “cakes” that are not only very instagrammable and fun, but also very good for your skin and the environment. It’s zero waste, as the only packaging you have left after using the product is the box it comes in. The oil cleansing cake melts in your hands and feels super nourishing on the skin. It’s definitely “heavier” (in a good, oily, nourishing way!) than the two other products, containing coconut oil and shea butter oil. This I would choose for dry skin.

*Luonkos Radiant Oil Cleansing Cake (23,90€ House of Organic)


best oil cleansers for face

Now as I said, I always pair my oil cleanser with another cleanser. Ones I’ve been liking lately are:

*Bybi Beauty Milk Melt
*Laboratoirres De Biarritz Cleansing Milk
*Murumuru Berry Soft Cleansing Milk

These are all gentle milky cleansers that finish off the job, without drying out my skin.

Now when it comes to body, a good old soap seems to get rid of sunscreen just fine on me. But there are also shower oils, which I like to use.

If you want to learn more about skincare and the products I swear by, check out these posts:

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Dermapen Results Skin

Now answer me honestly: do you double cleanse?

Dermapen microneedling results – Before & after

Dermapen Results Skin

Treatment gifted


Microneedling facials have made my skin texture smoother and my skintone more even. Even friends have noticed my skin looking great and, in their words, “glowy”. And for once I actually agree and love my skin. It doesn’t just look great compared to my acne days, but it just looks great.

Going into my series of Dermapen microneedling facials, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Even as someone who’s done facials on clients and knows that they’re usually recommended to take as series, I hadn’t experienced the results myself. But now as the facials are done I am amazed just how big of a difference they have made on my skin.

I’m not wearing any makeup in these photos (excluding lip gloss and clear brow gel). 

Microneedling skin results

Dermapen microneedling facials results – Before & after

If you’re not too familiar with the concept of microneedling, I recommend reading my previous post first. This post is dedicated to the results – and may I say – my beautiful skin.

Noora Kangasmaa did the Dermapen treatment four times on me, about every six weeks. I found the facial itself surprisingly enjoyable and felt safe in Noora’s capable hands.

Before and after four dermapen microneedling treatments

Before and after four Dermapen microneedling treatments

After just four treatments the difference on my skin feels massive. It’s never been this smooth, even or glowy. I have some deeper acne scars on both sides of my jaw and I have noticed those starting to diminish. Touching my jaw was quite surprising one day, when I could physically feel the scars not feeling that bumpy anymore. I also feel like my pores are not that outstanding.

Comparing the before and after photos side to side is not perfectly fair, because my freckles have made their appearance and I have gotten a bit of a tan. And even though I did my best, there’s always some lighting difference. However, I think you can still see the difference.

The photos of just my skin now say a lot. What do you think?

EkoPharma Herukka C Kasvonaamio

About skincare during the microneedling treatments

Now when it comes to the home care of my skin, I took very good care of my skin during this whole project. And I still do – skincare is sacred to me. After the treatments I used EkoPharma’s vitamin C mask, since vitamin C was recommended. Besides that, I used my trusted skincare warriors, most of which are mentioned in this post.

Sun protection is extra important, as your skin peels and is trying to reinvent itself. As we know, sun kind of does the opposite of that and is the main cause of premature aging of the skin. I have been using sun protection every day, but as I noticed still getting a bit of a tan, I have tried to up the amount I’m using.

Microneedling skin results

I am very happy with the microneedling results and my skin.

You know I have always been honest about my skin and showed you the real deal here. Sharing the acne stories was huge and looking back I understand why I got those “you’re brave” comments. Now it feels even better to share my current skin situation.

acne hormonal acne my experience
My skin in 2017.
acne anti coverage makeup
My skin in 2017. I remember my skin being so sore, I couldn’t wear makeup on it.

As someone who’s had acne, it feels great to not have to worry about my skin at all. Obviously I still get the occasional pimple here and there. Hormones, the position of the moon and chocolate can do that. But that’s the short term “problem” that I don’t really anymore consider as a problem. The big picture, the overall condition of my skin has improved. And isn’t long term improvement kind of the point, when you put your hard earned money into something?

I think it is.

I’m giving a massive ‘Charlotta Eve approves’ stamp on this treatment.

A video of the microneedling treatment can be found here.

Dermapen Microneedling

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