Permission to sparkle! Glitter makeup ideas & tutorials

glitter makeup tutorials

glitternisti glitter

Glitter makeup ideas with tutorials and instructions on how to remove glitter from your skin. 

Glitter makeup is as fun as it gets. It’s super popular, especially during the festival season. Glitter makeup looks are amazing and you could easily think, that those dazzling looks are very high tech. But actually it is the easiest look you could do.

I love playing with glitter and it’s very uplifting to do for others as well: you get such a positive and joyous feedback instantly. I think most of us are drawn to shiny things and having our face literally lit up does work wonders for your mood as well.

Always use cosmetic grade glitter – never ever craft glitter! There is a big difference and you don’t want the craft glitter ever to get in your eyes. In this post I only used cosmetic grade glitter and I left some links to some stores, that sell them.

glitter makeup ideas

 glitter makeup how to

Glitter makeup ideas  & Glitter makeup tutorial x 3

You can apply glitter to almost anywhere on your body and your hair, but you can’t go wrong with a glitter highlight, sparkly under eye bags or dazzling eye lids. But honestly – sky is the limit here! You can also make different geometrical shapes easily by using tape as your guideline.

The easiest way to apply glitter is vaseline, but you could try some other cream or wax as well. Glitter glues or glitter primers are obviously perfect for this job as well, but not all of us have it ready in the drawer. I have to say though, that NYX’s glitter primer is a must have for me. I don’t only use it for glitter, but for sparkly eyeshadows as well. It really gives the perfect base for anything sparkly.

Links to some glitters products can be found at the end of this post!

glitter makeup ideas for face
2 glitter looks I did: for Eve, I did a classic glitter highlight on the cheek – and then I covered her chest in glitter. For Risto I used tape to get a sharp edge.

Glitter eye lids

You need: glitter glue & some flat brushes & glitter

turquoise glitter eylids

glitter eye lids tutorial

How to: First apply some glitter glue on your lids. Get an even layer and blend it towards the brow bone. Then apply the glitter of your choice. I used flat brush for this as well. I used first turquoise glitter and then silver glitter on the edges, so that it looks gradient. If you prefer a more perfected look, you could apply some eye shadow under the glitter (in this case turquoise), so that zero skin shows through.

Note! Vaseline is not enough for your lids, so do get that proper glitter glue for this look. The base needs to be sticky and very long lasting, so that the glitters don’t fall in your eye.

Glitter under eye bags (these are definitely chanel!)

You need: vaseline & some brushes (or your fingers, if you’re good with your hands) & glitter

glitter under eye bags

glitter under eyes

How to: Apply vaseline under your eyes right where you want the glitter to stick. Try to blend the edges a bit by tapping motions. Then apply the glitter of your choice. I have found that mixing two colors and different sizes works the best. I applied the bigger glitter on the center and finer glitter on the edges (again, to get that gradient look).

You could use glitter glue for this, but since the skin around our eyes is quite thin and sensitive, it makes sense to use vaseline. It’s easier to remove, for one, and it doesn’t feel as dry as glitter glue might.

Glitter highlight

You need: vaseline & glitter

glitter highlight makeup

glitter highlight how to

How to: Apply vaseline as your highlight and blend the edges. Then apply your glitter. You can just use your fingers and tap it on – or use brushes. Whatever works for you. You could do this look with just one glitter or mix a few different glitters. I used silver glitter (but it reflects light and looks very colorful) and a very fine white iridescent glitter on the bottom.

Where to buy glitters?

Here are some options to buy safe glitters. I myself use and buy glitters mostly from a Finnish makeup artist, glitternisti. Here are links to options on Beautybay and Feelunique.

Festival face glitters*
Festival Face Glitter Fix Gel*
The Gypsy Shrine glitters*

NYX Professional Makeup glitter primer*
NYX Professional Makeup Face & Body Glitter*

How to remove glitter makeup from your skin

Removing glitter from your skin takes some patience. But especially if you’re not using biodegradable glitter (guilty!), it is the one time you need to pull yourself together and focus. Glitter is messy, so you need to be careful with both it’s application and removal, so that it doesn’t end up in our ecosystem. You could say I’m almost hysterical about this, as I don’t want any glitter to get in the sink. These tips might not be the best for your skin (and I know my teachers wouldn’t be proud of me), but I think a little inconvenience is okay for your skin, as long as you’re taking care of the world.

So – my tips to take off glitter would be to use

  1. Lint roll
  2. Tape
  3. Cotton pads & makeup remover/micellar water/toner
  4. Makeup wipes

how to remove glitter

I have found, that straight up using cotton pads or makeup wipes seems – well – waste of time. I want to first lift off most of the glitter. Besides, lint roll or tape takes the glitter in them and you can just throw it in the trash. Glitter doesn’t ‘stick’ to the cotton as well as on the tape. But always remember to finish off with a makeup remover and your skincare, so that your skin doesn’t get irritated.

For example on my eyes, I first took the most off with a tape and then when there were just a few left, I took them off with a cotton pad and a makeup remover.

glitter makeup
Thanks again sisters for being my models!

So – are you ready to sparkle? Any glitter events coming up?

2 x perfect nude lips

kicks lip cream swatches review

I hope you’re not too bored of nude lipsticks just yet. I know I’m not. Recently I got some new products to try out (as pr-samples) and I found two new perfect nude lipsticks – or actually lip creams. Swedish brand and store KICKS recently came out with lip creams and the shade range is just beautiful. Perfect colors for everyday wear, from warm tones to cool tones.

I bet you already know I opted for the cool tones. 

What’s cool about these lip creams is that they’re named after weekdays. There are seven colors all the way from Monday to Sunday. And don’t worry, the Monday color is beautiful too. Somehow I still chose two colors, that are also my favorite weekdays: Thursday and Friday.

charlotta eve lifestyle beauty

kicks lip cream friday

Friday is the obvious choice: more often or not it is the start of the weekend. You’ve worked hard all week and you’re ready to log off. Maybe there’s some parties coming up, or just a cozy evening at home with a pizza and a movie. Be it whatever – the Friday lip cream suits any occasions. It’s a darker nude color with cool purple (but also red?) undertones.

kicks lip cream thursday

Thursday is possibly my favorite day out of the week. There’s no pressure, as it’s not Friday just yet. It’s the perfect day for a romantic dinner or a coffee date with friends. There’s excitement in the air. Thursday lip cream is just like the day: casual, but nice. It makes your lips look beautiful,without trying too hard. It’s a quite light nude color and very cool-toned, so it’s not everyone. I like it on my lips though.

kicks lip cream swatches thursday friday

KICKS Lip Cream review

I like the consistency in these. The lip creams are packed with pigment, but they feel smooth and velvety on the lips. The product looks a bit like foam in the tube, but once it touches your lips it turns more watery. These are not matte and they leave a satin finish. That makes them very comfortable on the lips, but also quite long lasting. You may need to fix your makeup after eating, but then again the colors are nude, so they wear off quite naturally.

Even though these are not matte, you don’t necessarily need to line your lips when using these. I don’t use a lip liner with these (and didn’t for the photos either), and I don’t need to. The product doesn’t run to the fine lines, but stays and locks in right where you put it.

The simple packaging is nice – looking at the tube you wouldn’t necessarily know that these are from a very affordable brand.

All in all, it’s no wonder that these quickly became one of my favorite lip products.

Sadly, KICKS doesn’t have an international store. But if you ever visit Sweden, Norway or Finland, make sure to check out their store! It’s one of my favorite places to shop makeup products, as we don’t have a Sephora here in Finland. I still wanted to do this post, as I am Finnish, so I do like to show some of our Nordic brands on my blog too.

What do you think of these colors? And hey – what is your favorite day of the week?

nude lips