Acne update | The final results with Apocyclin

i cured my acne

Apparently I’m not done with the personal posts yet, so brace yourselves. Next up: acne update, me & my skin without any filters.

I’m a bit scared of publishing this post, because you never know what’s gonna happen next with skin problems such as acne. But I’m feeling pretty confident about this, so I’ll just blurt it out:

My acne is gone. It’s cured. It took 4 months of antibiotics, first two pills per day for three months and then the last month one pill per day. I did also change my diet a bit, I’ve avoided wheat and dairy products and now after taking the last pill, I’ve actually cut down those two completely (before I had some dairy products here or there, but mostly I was dairy free).

These photos show how my skin looks currently. I’m not wearing any makeup on my skin (just some on my brows, eyes and lips). I didn’t edit my skin at all, so you can see how it really looks.

Apocyclin acne

About antibiotics

It’s hard to estimate what will happen to my skin now after the treatment, but I would say the antibiotics did work. I had read a lot about them online and had people saying that they wouldn’t work, they would ruin my intestine and what not. I also had heard about good results, and as I told here, I was quite desperate (and hopeful) about medication. I’m happy I got through the whole 4 months and didn’t give up, say, on the first month, when my skin was looking worse.

The only bad side effect of antibiotics for me were stomach problems. Even though I was taking lactic acid bacteria, they weren’t much of a help. During the first months, I also had some nausea in the mornings, when I didn’t take enough water with the pill. So about the fact, that antibiotics ruin your gut: well, they’re not exactly good for you in that way.

I’m still experiencing stomach problems after quitting the antibiotics, but I’ve changed up my lactic acid pills to probiotics and I’m pretty sure my body just needs time to get balanced again.

acne progress from february to july antibiotics

Wow, I was pale. But also, wow – such difference in my skin! In the first picture I have active acne with painful bumps. Now? My skin is looking pretty fabulous, if you ask me.

acne antibiotics experience

About my skin

As I said, the actual acne is gone. I don’t have those big, painful bumps all over my face, back and decollete anymore. That said – my skin isn’t perfect! I have acne scarring (most of that redness on my chin is scarring), for starters. And I still have impurities and the occasional red pimple, but it’s just regular skin problems. My skin is also a bit uneven and I can feel small texture on it – that I usually get when my skin is dry or unbalanced. So the same thing goes with my skin: it needs time to balance itself.

I’m working on making my skincare routine as gentle as possible, but also effective. I have some new products, that I’m using as well as some old ones.
I’m still using products mentioned on this post, and here and I feel like they make a difference. But I’m working on a new post about moisturizers suitable for oily skin, with a longer list of products.

acne progress apocyclin

From February to May..acne cured

.. and now.

acne how I cured it

acne skin progress photo

Close up. I’m tanned, because I’m using Eco By Sonya’s tanners (post!).

About my confidence

It’s been a long road to self-acceptance. Acne has so much to do with your confidence and self-esteem, it’s crazy. It’s no wonder that it’s linked to depression even! I feel like during these months I’ve also worked with curing the way I think about my skin. I want to stay as positive as possible, and I never want my happiness to be dependant on my looks. It’s super hard to learn to know the true beauty that is inside you – and not depend on your appearance. But it’s something, that I’m learning and something, that I feel passionate about. You can’t think your acne away, but I might just lose some excess stress, when I accept myself as I am and don’t complain about my skin.

One of the people, that inspire me is Rachel Crawley , who is so inspirational and beautiful, inside out.

Here is a small text from Rachel’s instagram (@asprinkleofhealthandbeauty) – she really does lift people up:

“I know that acne does effect how we feel towards ourselves. We become our own worst enemy. Our mind brings us down because we feed it thoughts like ‘ I’m ugly’ ‘I look disgusting’ ‘how can I be seen with acne’ ‘how can anyone like looking at my face’. We stress. We hideaway. We try anything to get rid of the acne. Forgetting that the most important thing is how we treat ourself in the mean time. The opinions of others only show who they are as a person. It doesn’t change who you are. You can have acne and still live your life as normal if you tell yourself you can. This goes for anything. Instead of telling yourself you can’t, or it won’t get better or your not beautiful. Start tell yourself you can do anything, it will get better and you are beautiful.”

acne antibiotics and diet

About my diet

First, I want to say, that I’ve always eaten healthy and I’ve been a vegetarian since I was nine years old. I didn’t have any skin problems with the previous diet – my acne was hormonal.

But I had heard so much about dairy and wheat causing people acne, that I just had to take that into consideration. So I’ve avoided those two for the past four months and now I’m living completely without them. I also try to keep my sugar-intake in balance (it’s useless to avoid dairy and wheat if I’m still eating tons of candy, duh).  I’ve changed up some snacks and desserts to more healthier choices, such as berries and fruits.

roberts berries drinkable berries

I got these new roberts berries drinkable berries from the pr-company, and I’ve liked them as a quick healthy snack. They are milk free, gluten free and made from fresh berries. I love that they don’t contain added sugar and you can keep them in room temperatute (they actually infiltrate better in your body too that way)! If you have any go-to healthy snacks, let me know in the comments.

I’m still a bit unsure about the whole acne and diet thing – at least for me – so I won’t be rambling about that any longer. I may, may do a post about acne and diet, but I need to research more for that.

acne apocyclin

That’s wraps up this post! Hope this was helpful. For anyone wanting to read more, here are links to almost all my acne-related post:

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And also.. can you just celebrate this small win from acne with me?! I’m so happy.

Acne update | Progress after 2 months of Apocyclin

hormonal acne antibiotics

adult acne my progress

It’s so hard to evaluate the skin by just looking in the mirror. If that was the case I would still feel like my skin isn’t any better. Luckily I took some pictures too so I know if the skin improving or not. And looking at the photos I have to say that there is improvement! Last month my skin was kinda worse than it was when I started the medication so I’m so happy to be going forward now.

I still have some inflamed pimples, but my skin is doing much better than last month. I have some acne scarring on the sides of my chin, so the situation there may look the same as it was, but some of the redness is just scarring.

Another good way of evaluating the skin is using people that see you often, but not daily. My sisters were complimenting my skin at the dinner table and how even and clear it was. Yay!

apocyclin acne

My skin today 2 months + 1 day of Apocyclin. That annoying red pimple on my cheek is finally getting better – it’s smaller now and smooth.

About the side-effects I have nothing new to report really. The stomach situation is what it is and I still feel a bit sick on the mornings every once in a while. I notice that my stomach is more sensitive than ever and now that I don’t eat that much wheat or sugar, it instantly reacts to those foodstuffs (is that a correct English word?) quite strongly.

apocyclin adult acne progress
My acne progress from February (1 week of Apocyclin) – March (1 month) – April (2 months). 

blogger acne progress

February – April. The first pic shows my skin at it’s worst, before starting the medication. My acne is really inflamed there. On the April pic you can see that even though there’s redness, my acne isn’t inflamed anymore and some of that redness is just scarring.

Another thing I’ve noticed that I’m not sure what to blame though is that my hands are super dry. It’s not even that cold anymore outside so I don’t think it’s the weather. But now I get to use more hand cream and I actually just bought a new one that I love, ha.

Altogether I feel a bit better about my skin. I think I’ll be eating the antibiotics for at least another month, if not two. Let’s hope my skin continues to get better!

What comes to food & acne, I’m writing another post about the topic, because it’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot. But for those of you that are wondering: I’m avoiding dairy, wheat and sugar at the moment. Those are the main things people say they get acne from. Even though my acne is hormonal, I still want to boost the recovery with clean eating.

Apocyclin acne

Anyone else on medication for acne? What’s your progress?
Thanks for the support and comments – it’s always nice to know I’m not alone with this. 

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