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wavy hair products

wavy curls hair products

This year I’ve been really into treating my naturally curly/wavy hair. I’ve been both trying to learn as much about it as I can – but also just experiment with different products myself. In this earlier post I went through my routine and some products I started my curly hair journey with.

Since then I’ve switched my products and I haven’t been as strict about certain ingredients, as I was before. I guess I took a new approach: not to stare at the ingredients, but to just try some products and see for myself, if they work. I know I talked about avoiding silicones, but after now trying products that do contain them, I’m not so sure, if they are that bad after all. Because now that I’ve been using these new products, my wavy hair has looked better than ever before. My curls are more defined and altogether my hair looks more voluminous and healthy.

The products in this post are pr-samples.

wavy curls type 2B 2C
My curls (type 2B,2C) after using these wavy hair products.

Schwarzkopf Mad About Waves

Schwarzkopf has two lines: Mad about waves for wavy hair & Mad about curls for curly hair. I got some products from the Mad About Waves -line, since my hair leans more to the wavy – hairtype. If we’re talking about curl types, it goes to somewhere around 2B, 2C category. Here is a good photo showing the different curl types. Though it is important to note, that everyone’s curls are unique.

And because there are different types of curls and waves, it makes a difference of what products you use and for what curl type they are – wavy or curly – to begin with.

Wavy curls can be tricky, because heavy products can weigh them down. Actually now looking back at the products I started my routine with – I think the products were a bit heavy for me, for day-to-day use.

The two star products I’ve been using lately are the conditioner and curl cream from Mad about waves line.

wavy hair conditioner

Schwarzkopf Mad About Waves Windswept Conditioner

This conditioner comes in a very practical, cute bottle. It is indeed lightweight – and actually when I’m applying it, it doesn’t feel like it does much. But it does! It brings just enough moisture to my hair, without being heavy. It untangles my hair, and it’s lightweight enough, so that I don’t need to rinse it out properly. Usually I just lazily rinse it out, so that some of it is left in my hair (a good technique for all the curlies!).

I know I said not to stare at the ingredients, but I had to take a peek. And I was surprised, that there were no silicones in this! That might explain, why it doesn’t feel that silky when applying it, and how it lefts my hair quite airy and nice. I checked if it was CG-approved on this app, and it said that it is.

wavy hair curl cream

Schwarzkopf Mad About Waves Windy Texture Balm

This curl cream is awesome for wavy hair types, like mine. It’s very watery and thin, so that it doesn’t feel sticky or too heavy. It keeps my curls in place and gives them amazing hold and definition. I scrunch this in my hair, when it’s quite wet to get the best results. It’s so lightweight, that I can use it quite a bit, and it’s almost impossible to use too much of it.

Now this product is not CG-approved, since the second ingredient in it is Dimethicone (a silicone). Now as I said, I don’t know if silicones are that bad for your curls after all, or if it is water-soluble or not. But what I do know is that my curls look amazing with this, so I will definitely keep using it – at least for parties, or when I want my hair to look extra-good and keep the curls in place.

Those two products are my go- to, but there are also some other products I use every once in a while besides these, when I want to smooth out my hair or need some extra moisture. These are from Schwarzkopf’s Oil Ultime -line.

shwarzkopf oil ultime

oil ultime marula rose oil light spray

Schwarzkopf Oil Ultime Marula & Rose Light Oil-In-Spray Conditioner

How beautiful are these products? I can’t seem to get over them. Anyway, this light oil-in-spray is very nice as a leave-in-conditioner. It doesn’t weigh down my curls, so I can use it after shower to bring some extra moisture to my hair.

The only thing I don’t like about it, is it’s scent, which is nice, but quite heavy for  my taste.  I am quite sensitive to perfumes, even since I started using natural cosmetics.

oil ultime rose finishing oil

Schwarzkopf Oil Ultime Rose Finishing Oil

This oil is obviously heavier than the spray, but it’s still quite light. Schwarzkopf has other oils in the Oil Ultime -line, and this is the lightest of them. So if you need a lightweight oil for your hair, this might be the right choice. It leaves my hair silky, but even this doesn’t totally straigthen out my curls. I sound like a broken record, but with all these products, it’s all about being lightweight. Which, again, is crucial for fine wavy hairtypes, like mine.

Since this is a rose oil, it has a rose scent.

wavy hair products

Are there other wavy curlies out there? What are the best products for your waves?

Longer and stronger hair with gummy bears?

sugar bear hair vitamins

hair growth vitamins sugar bear

I’ve always wanted to try Sugarbearhair vitamins, so I was more than happy to receive one month’s worth of sweet gummy bears (as pr) to see if they would work. Now I’ve finished my jar and I took before and after photos to show you the results.


Do Sugarbearhair vitamins really work? How? 

To give you the quick answer – yes. Eating biotin in my experience is pretty foolproof way to make your hair grow longer and stronger. It usually helps your lashes and nails as well. I’ve eaten biotin before, so I expected to see some results from these gummy bears as well.

I feel like one month (the recommendation is two gummy bears per day, so one jar is enough for one month) was enough. Now that I think of it, I think it’s the perfect time. The other vitamins I’ve eaten before have lasted for two or three months, and for me that was too long. I could definitely see hair growth then, but possibly in some places, I would prefer not have that. One month was a good time for me to get some volume in my hair, but not have unwanted hair growth in other places of my body. Obviously this is personal, and maybe someone else needs to eat these two months before seeing any results.

sugar bear hair results

How are Sugarbearhair vitamins better than some other vitamins?

I’ll admit – there are more affordable options out there for vitamins containing biotin.

But let’s just face it: the packaging does make a difference. The fact that the vitamin comes in a shape of a candy, that happens to taste very good as well, makes a difference. These gummy bears also happen to be gluten-free, dairy-free and gelatin-free. They don’t only contain biotin, but they also contain A, C, E, B-6, B-9, B-12 and B-5 vitamins. Basically I didn’t have to take any other vitamins with these. It’s a nice addition that there is B-12 in these, since for vegans or vegetarians getting that can be hard. Nowadays I do eat eggs and dairy so I can get it easier, but I used to be vegan.

Swallowing pills and vitamins is not my favorite thing and I don’t remember to take them daily. However – when I was eating Sugarbearhair vitamins, not once did I forget to take them.

Who doesn’t like sugar, right? I loved having a permission to eat something sweet – you know – for the sake of my hair and wellbeing.

Okay, if you know me at all, I’ll eat something sweet anyway…

Results after one month of Sugarbearhair vitamins

sugar bear hair results before after
Before & after Sugarbearhair vitamins.

I think you can see some hair growth there, right?

It may be a small change, but it’s a change for the better anyway. After my hair loss struggles, I’m happy to give my hair any help they need.

My hair is quite dry (naturally curly hair is dry by default anyway) and since the lengths are bleached, they are quite brittle. In both of the photos I am in desperate need of a hair cut, but I wanted to leave my hair untouched to show you the results as they are. I did cut my hair after taking these photos – and actually having them cut made them look even healthier and stronger!

long hair

Charlotta Eve approves! I think I will buy these in the future. And I do recommend them for someone wanting healthier and longer hair – and for those, who don’t like swallowing pills and want their vitamins to taste good.

Not to mention the vitamins are almost too instagrammable.

You can buy these on

Have you tried Sugarbearhair vitamins or some other vitamins containing biotin for hair growth?