The top posts of Charlotta Eve in 2018

the first snow

Another blogging year is over. This year my site had 153 754 unique visitors (plus what’s left of this month). Pageviews got up to 249 233. And yes, checking those numbers was crazy. I would never be comfortable in front of a crowd that big. Luckily blogging lets me be on display on my own terms. I’ve never liked to be the center of the attention, but I do like knowing that so many people are interested to hear what I have to say. Be it makeup, life, whatever really. So thank you!

I thought it would be fun to see which posts you found most interesting. So in other words, what posts were the top posts here in 2018? I chose 20 posts for this, because the first ten are already on a display on my sidebar.

wet look hairstyle sleek


hooded and deep set eyes eyeshadow

naturally curly wavy hair blog

fall outfit fake leather pants


And there’s the top 20! I’m already excited about next year and all the upcoming posts, even though I have no idea what most of them are gonna be. Blogging is the best.

What posts are your favorite to read about?

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