How I’ve changed my makeup routine for winter

Ah, winter. What can I say? You’re making me tired and my skin dry. My hands and feet are cold all the time and your colors are a bit miserable. Except when it snows. Please do that more.

Okay I’m exaggerating a bit. Winter is not that bad. But to get back to the dry skin part – winter is obviously changing my skin and I always adjust my beauty routine. My makeup game changes. Here’s what I do different now.

How I’ve changed my makeup routine for Winter

I’ve changed my foundation to a more high-coverage one

In winter I need more coverage, because my skin gets red thanks to the cold air and wind (you know, when air hurts your face?). I also want a slightly thicker foundation, because it physically protects my skin. I still don’t want full-coverage or a totally matte finish – so these are the products I use.

I like to mix Madara City CC-Cream in the shade Medium Beige with Clarins Everlasting Foundation in the shade Sand. That Clarins foundation is a long time favorite of mine, it’s just an amazing foundation. Great coverage, great lasting power and a beautiful finish. When I mix it with the Madara CC-cream I get more glow and the texture turns creamier. I’m wearing this mix in the pictures.

*Madara City CC-Cream, Medium Beige
*Clarins Everlasting Foundation in the shade Sand

Madara City CC Medium Beige Before After On Face
Madara’s City CC Cream before and after. My Summer go-to base.

Read my review on Clarins Everlasting Foundation
Read my review on Madara City CC

I know mixing foundations is not everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes I feel too lazy to do that. That’s when I use either Erborian BB-cream or Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat foundation. Erborian BB-creme is creamy, lasts pretty well and gives a nice natural semi-matte finish. It works on dry skintypes and even on atopic skin (like on Linda in the photo below).

*Erborian BB Creme, Nude

YSL Touche Eclat foundation is another winter favorite of mine. Though it only works, when my skin is nice and hydrated. Its texture is pretty thin and the finish it gives is very glowy. I’ve used it quite a lot lately. I like the shade BD30, which gives some warmth to my skin.

*Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat BD30

Did Linda’s makeup and used Erborian BB creme as a base.

I apply my powder with a damp beautyblender (or skip it altogether)

Applying powder with a damp beautyblender has improved my makeup game a lot. I need powder to set my foundation, since I do have some oiliness in my skin, but at the same time powder can make my skin look dry. This is the perfect in-between. It sets my foundation so it lasts, but it leaves my skin radiant, not totally matte. Obviously there is also a difference in powders. Laura Mercier’s iconic powder is awesome and a little goes a long way with it.

powdering trick for dry skin

*Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder
*the beautyblender

grey turquoise makeup simple tutorial
Tutorial to this cool toned smokey eye is here:

I’m into cool colors

Somehow cool colors really inspire me at the moment. I’m usually really all about those warm colors, but now a pale pink or a nice blue really speak to me. My favorite lip color right now is a bright cool pink.

I’m wearing *Too Faced Melted Matte, It’s Happening in the photos.

Hair & photos of me in Winter Garden Susanna / Healthyhairfinland

Have your beauty routines changed at all, thanks to winter?

5 days of makeup: glitter, glow & pop of color

clarins everlasting foundation the beautyblender re-dew set refresh spray

nyx glitter goals makeup

It’s the last day of my 5 days of makeup challenge! I have to say, it’s been both challenging and fun.

This final look is all about the glitter lids and orange-red lips. And a bit about the skin as well. You might have noticed a slight glowy skin trend going on with me at the moment and this look is no exception.

the beautyblender re-dew set refresh spray

The beautyblender Re-Dew Set & Refresh Spray

I got some more new products (in pr) and here I just had to try the beautyblender’s new *Re-dew Set & Refresh Spray. The Re-Dew Setting Spray contains hydrolized silk, hyaluronic acid as well as some light oils and even probiotics. It can be used as a setting spray, before foundation, spritzed onto a sponge or just as a refresher during the day.

It’s only been my first time trying it so I’m giving you my first impressions. First of all, I love the packaging. I also like how fine the mist is – it’s easy to spray on. I can’t wait to try it on top of my foundation and powder, since it should make them melt together nicely. But for my first time using it, I wanted to see how it works with a foundation that is quite full-coverage and semi matte, since the spray has some hydrating properties. The foundation I used was one of my favorite foundations, Clarins’ Everlasting Foundation+. I sprayed my damp beautyblender with the mist and blended my foundation with that in sections. My skin can get a bit dehydrated and right now that foundation is a bit too matte for my liking. But paired with this mist – it was perfect! It gave the foundation and my skin a nice hydration boost – with some glow.

I also got the original beautyblender in a new color: electric violet swirl. 

the beautyblender electric violet swirl

5 days of makeup challenge

I used NYX Glitter Goals* liquid glitter eyeshadow in my first look of this week so it’s only suitable to end this week with the same product. Here I applied it straight onto my lid to, whereas in my first look I just applied a touch of it. Again, as I said, I love how easy these glitters are to work with. No mess whatsoever, since they are in liquid form.


Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick, Call Me Crazy
nyx glitter goals industrial beam
What did you think about this 5 days of makeup challenge? I would love to hear your feedback! And as always, if you have post suggestions, leave them down below.
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