My heart is tilted

best friends photoshoot

These past days it have felt, as if my heart was tilted. As if it did not know how to be or which way to beat. As it it was sick, just a little bit.

There have been some sad news and some good news. Packed together as usual. But somehow even the good news have turned bad news in my mind.

It feels selfish to long for someone, when all they are doing is living their life to the fullest. Seeing the world, conquering their fears and enjoying life. But it feels as if so many people around me are leaving. Not for a holiday, but for a longer period of time. Months, years. Including my sister, my best friend, my other sister and my other friend, who’s already gone, and who I miss terribly.

best friends

My best friend Pinja flew back to Australia and I have tried to understand why it feels so bad to have one friend move to the other side of the world, when your world is full of wonderful people. Packed, even. I have come to the conclusion, that every relationship is unique and no matter how many friends you might have around you – no one can replace the place, that is reserved just and only for that one person.

Wednesday night, as I was crying the whole car ride back home, I thought about this. You can live anywhere you like, you can have whatever job you like, you can stress about your looks, but what is it, that actually makes you happy? What really makes me happy – and what is actually important in my life, are family and friends or to put it simply: love. There’s a painting in our home that says: Home is whenever I’m with you. And I couldn’t agree more – maybe that’s why I painted that painting.


There’s always a silver lining though. At least that’s what I keep telling myself and so far I’ve found that.

  • The past week was amazing. I got to spend so much time with Pinja and there were lots of laughs, one photoshoot and a reminder, that true friendship can take the distance. There was also a hilarious visit to the grocery store, when all we bought was literally just ice cream, cake, cookies, candy and chocolate.
  • There’s still time, before my sisters leave and the time spent with them is never boring. Even if it was just a few hours with a cup of coffee. I wish I could write every blog post with my sister – they become hilarious – even though it takes double time to write it and half of the text needs to be wipen off.
  • There’s a glitter party this weekend and I plan to cover my friends in glitter. Could there be a better theme for a party? Feels good to see everyone, relax and maybe have a drink or two – especially after this roller coaster of feelings I’ve had this week.friends

These photos were from the photoshoot we did with Pinja. It was hilarious and not the least, because my sister got to play a photographer and she couldn’t hate it more. Somehow she still always comes through – how is that for true love. You’ll be seeing our photos here on my blog, on my insta (@charlottaeve) and Pinja’s insta (@pinjaelisa).

The best year of my life

What if we looked past the failures and bad days – and focused on the good things?
What if we ignored the big life events, major accomplishes and looked at the big picture – or better yet – the every day life?

In the end, in 2017, I was happy. Living a normal life. Waking up in the morning, drinking coffee, working. Relaxing, spending time with my family, friends and myself.  Laughing, crying and laughing some more. I got to see sunrises and beautiful sunsets. I got to swim in the big blue sea and I got to come home in the evening and take a long shower. I got to eat pasta on the sofa. I got to spend yet another year with the man, I never knew existed. I got to jump, sit and dance. So maybe – just maybe – it was the best year of my life.



  • I was determined, more than ever, to set goals, work hard & achieve them
  • I trained hard and was in a very good shape – and so was Risto (those long runs in complete darkness and rain pouring down our neck, oh boy)



  • The dream holiday at the most beautiful destination – Holbox, Mexico. I still think about those two weeks there pretty often
  • The most lovable baby girl was born and I became an aunt – I got the news, while I was in Mexico and immediately started crying

Spring Outfit ideas

photo: Natalie Vilen


  • After the sunny holiday, Winter seemed to be over and I was all about that sunshine and Spring
  • I was excited to meet some new people and make blogger friends

why to go to a hairdresser


  • I was finally getting rid of the green and yellow hues in my hair and my hair started to feel like me again
  • We confronted the snowy weather and went to have an outside barbecue (Risto’s brother is always ready to go out in the woods, no matter the season) – Summer was right behind the corner, aight?


photo: jasmin


  • I became my own super model and was really killing it in front of the camera (thanks to the many photoshoots done with my sister)
  • I worked hard and collaborated with 39 Finnish beauty bloggers


  • I rode my happy bike in the air and basically was enjoying life and not taking myself too seriously
  • I was photographed by an actual photographer and I loved it
  • We had the most epic space party ever and I got to cover my face in glitter

beautiful makeup


  • I was finally ready with the most important blog post, I had ever written here before. So the story of me getting another chance in life was published
  • I made some brides very happy by doing their makeup – it was an honor to be a part of their big date
  • We travelled to Amsterdam and I loved every second of it – especially me eating a waffle after having some drinks and taking bites between hiccups (It’s pretty common for me to have the hiccups after having just a few drinks)

the best headphones that are beautiful


  • We continued our travels and flew to Berlin. I was super grateful for the hot summery weather, we got to experience for the first time in that Summer, really
  • We did the shopping for the entire year (at least that was our excuse), rented a very nice car and drove speeds, that are only permitted on the autobahn
  • Risto participated in the writing of this blog, when I collaborated with Sudio and we both wrote our reviews
  • I turned 23!

september beauty favorites


  • After the holiday and Summer it was all about work again – I challenged myself and participated in a beauty competition (I didn’t get selected)
  • I was basically only posting Summer photos on Instagram, because Summer is life and I was not ready for Fall

fall style inspiration leather pants


  • I started a collaboration with my dear friend and an amazing cosmetologist, @kosmetologianu. The highlights of my year must be the monthly brazilian sugarings, haha. I also trust her with my lash extensions
  • We planned a bachelorette party for my sister and it was all but success, except the super bad cocktails, I was in charge of (in my defence, I had just been sick for the last two weeks and was missing some important ingredients) – “Do I have to drink this..?” She didn’t

makeup tutorial


  • Basically pre-December, so jingle bells all around – Yes, I put up the Christmas tree and was having the time of my life
  • I got super close to my blogging goals with visitors to the roof!
  • I decided to grow my natural hair colour and trusted my hairdresser with this project – she toned it a little and cut it to make it look healthy

sudio headphones


  • I learned to treat my curly hair and stopped brushing it – every day is another “look at this perfect curl right here!” day. So far Risto is managing just fine “Yes yes looks beautiful”
  • I enjoyed a very peaceful Christmas that was everything I hoped for  (relaxed, with lots of Chocolate and not much plans)
  • I was stressed, freaked out and in the end realized – that it was the best year of my life. Just like the next will be
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