Happy Holidays

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happy holidays

merry christmas

Holidays – the best time to be sick, am I right? Well, luckily my condition doesn’t seem too bad – nothing a bag of chocolates and lots of good food won’t heal. And I’m prepared with the best kind – Toffifee and Ferrero Rocher, to name a few.

I will try and not spend too much time on the computer – and actually log off a little. But since it’s my favorite holiday and I’m on a joyful mood, I just wanted to come here and quickly say to you, from the bottom of my heart: Merry Christmas.

I also acknowledge that for many Christmas is a lonely party. There are so many emotions, they can’t all be joy. For you, I just hope you can make the best out of it and not to think too much of it. Christmas is also a Sunday, just one of many.

Anyway – if you need me, I’ll be out of touch. On the sofa, watching Santa live, answering children’s calls and listening to them caroling. And then later on – having dinner, probably complaining of eating too much, and then top it off with some more food. Oh! And opening presents – I’m not ashamed of admitting they still cause butterflies in my stomach, just like they did twenty years ago. I’m not selective though, like a kid – give me a 1€ candy bar wrapped, and I’ll smile like it was the best thing I could have ever hoped for.

Lots of love,

merry christmas


4 Replies to “Happy Holidays”

  1. Kauniita jouluisia kuvia. Rauhallista joulua! <3

    1. Voi kiitos ja samoin, vähän myöhässä <3

  2. Have fun and enjoy your Christmas Holidays!! I am spending xmas with my family and tomorrow we are having a big dinner where everyone is invited and I can’t wait to see them all together!!! Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!!! xx


    1. Thank you Yiota – hope you had a nice and relaxing Christmas. <3

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