Saturday mood





I had a wonderful time with my friends in Kuopio some time ago. We set the table together and enjoyed good foods. It’s funny to think how we used to play together in the kindergarten and now we’re here sipping wine. Love it though. Awesome weekend.

Makeup by me: Beautiful Linda

cool undertone

Meet one of my dearest friends: Linda. We have known each other since kindergarten, and even though we don’t get to see that often anymore, every time we meet it’s a pleasure. I loved doing Linda’s makeup – I got to work on those big beautiful eyes and her gorgeous skin.

Naked 2
Kryolan Matt Sudan Eyeshadow
Zuii Eye Pencil in Black
Zuii Eyebrow Definer in Taupe
IsaDora Face Sculptor in Cool Pink
Clarins Splendours Bronzer
Zuii Sparkling Powder in Peach
Zuii Makeuppowder in Creme (as highlight)
Nyx Lipliner in Nectar
IsaDora Moisturising Lipgloss in Tiger Lily
+ Linda’s own makeup powder and mascara

Thank you Linda for being my model and my friend!

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