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aco sunscreen review

Sunscreen and oily skin. Not a good combo. If your skin has even a slight tendency to oiliness – you know just what I’m talking about. I’m not sure what it is exactly that causes my skin to break out and to shine even brighter like a diamond (Rihanna gets it) with sunscreens, but I’ve learned that once you find a product that works for you, you hold on to that product and never let go.

And you tell everyone all about it – since most of us don’t enjoy that sticky feeling anyway. And it would be nice to wear makeup on top of that sunscreen. So – here are three best sunscreens that work for oily and combination skin and that work really well under makeup as well. I would think that all skintypes would benefit from these (if your skin is dry, just apply your regular moisturizers under them).

eucerin mattifying sun fluid

Eucerin sun fluid mattifying (SPF 30 & SPF 50)

Eucerin’s thin fluid sunscreen is the winner for me as the best sunscreen for oily face. When I first found it, I couldn’t believe it’s true. It’s really a super lightweight fluid, almost watery. It absorbs into the skin quickly and it leaves a matte finish. It also stays quite matte, it doesn’t move anywhere. It doesn’t have a heavy scent to it – except that it smells like summer, since it’s always my memory from this product.

This is also Risto’s favorite – as he’s bald he needs to cover his head as well and this is one of his favorite sunscreens, as it’s so light and matte.

The only downside to this is that as it’s so runny (is that a word?), the packaging can get a bit messy. The packaging could be bigger too, but then again it’s so easy to travel with since it’s quite small. Other than that, per-fect.

Eucerin mattifying fluid SPF 50*

aco sun fluid mattifying

ACO Sun Face Fluid Mattifying SPF 50

I got ACO’s mattifying sunscreen as a pr-sample and I was eager to test it, as it’s quite affordable, the packaging is perfect and it’s easily available in my country.  And I am positively surprised.

This fluid is not as thin and watery as the one mentioned before, but it’s still quite lightweight. It feels a bit sticky, when you first apply it, but once it absorbs, it feels nice and lightweight. And yes – it leaves your skin quite matte. Not as matte as possible, but matte enough. This smells pleasant as well, like summer.

For my skin, this works as my moisturizer – if I apply a moisturizer under this, it doesn’t work. It starts to shine. But when I apply this to my cleansed face (possibly just a serum or a moisturizing mist under), it works wonders.

I definitely recommend this product as well – and I would think that if your skin is not quite that oily, you would prefer this than the Eucerin one.
The only thing here is, that this product and brand is only sold in Nordic countries.

I also got to try ACO’s new transparent sun spray (SPF 30), which is amazing for your body, if you want your sunscreen to be non-sticky and lightweight for your body as well. And obviously ACO has a whole range with different products for different skintypes.


great sunscreen for oily face

mineral makeup sunscreen

+ Mineral makeup

I know mineral makeup is not technically a sunscreen, but it does act like one. And it does a great job. Also – if you choose your mineral makeup right, it is the right choice for the environment. Minerals work as a physical sunscreen, meaning that they reflect the light away from your skin. I hate to admit it, but physical sunscreens are the ones, that are better for the environment.

If I lost you on ‘physical sunscreen’ – make sure to check out this post: Physical vs. chemical sun lotion.

And in my experience, physical sunscreens don’t let you down. I don’t think I’ve ever burned, wearing mineral makeup on my face (or wearing a physical sunscreen). It’s a safe choice. Needless to say, it also acts as your makeup, so your skin looks beautiful and even.

The only downside to it is that it doesn’t stay matte – unless you powder it and fix it during the day, as you would your makeup.

My favorite mineral makeup is Lily Lolo’s mineral makeup, but the second would be Everyday Minerals. If you don’t mind silicones, I also like Jane Iredale’s mineral foundations. I also use Zuii Organic‘s foundation bases and they work really well as well (even though it’s not a mineral makeup line per se).

Lily Lolo Mineral Foudation*  (blog post)

Everyday MineralsYou can order free samples from their site, if you want to try first!

Jane Iredale

mattifying sunscreen

Photos of me: Kauneusgurusi

What is your favorite sunscreen for face?
And do you know of a natural sunscreen for face, that works and is very lightweight? I’d love to find more options.

best sunscreens for oily skin

My life lately

A quick life update/casual blog post.

My life lately has been pretty good. Come to think of it, it’s been pretty amazing. When is your life at it’s best anyway? Perhaps it’s now, I don’t know. All I know is that even though at the start of this week I didn’t feel so good and had some allergy symptoms and I felt tired and uninspired, it all somehow turned around. And I surprised myself yesterday with a huge inspiration, that turned to fruit.

Even though my body was sore and my brain was still asleep, I woke up and exercised every single morning this week. And secretly, I loved it (even though I might have acted up to Risto – how does he keep up with me, anyway? ) And when I felt annoyed and tired, I lit up some candles and allowed myself to relax. Even the fact that I’ve been a lazy cook somehow turned into victory: since on Monday we just simply had takeout. Though to be honest, it wasn’t as glamorous as one would think – it was the most spicy food I have ever eaten and it literally hurt me to eat it.

lifestyle my week

This week has been pretty exciting too. I’ve been happy with work. I’ve gotten a lot done. There are some exciting things coming my way – and to your way obviously too – and I can reveal that one of those things is a big collaboration with a dentist firm. It feels both scary (because who isn’t a bit scared of dentists, right?) and exciting, because my teeth have been bothering me for quite some time now. I know, you might wonder why, but I’ll tell you later.

charlotta eve lifestyle beauty
KICKS Lip Cream shades Friday (on my lips) & Thursday.

I visited a pr company this week and got lots of new things to try out. I’ve already found two new gorgeous nude lip colors and new promising skincare products. I also started to eat sugarbearhair vitamins! I heard they were good, but I was still surprised at just how delicious they were. Hopefully I’ll get even longer and healthier hair, stronger nails and lashes – by eating candy.

See those beautiful lashes on the photo? I had an appointment with Anu again and the love affair with volume lashes continues. If you’re in need of a good lash tech in Helsinki, I warmly recommend Anu.

my week in photos
My shopping haul – the best makeup sponge there is – my fake tanned stomach – Aco’s self tanning lotion.

I welcomed summer to my skin! Meaning, I tried new self tanner and I think I love it. And I think I like me better tanned.

I also did some makeup shopping this week. I bought just the essentials – powder papers, concealers, makeup sponges and a foundation. I’m excited to try that foundation – my first impressions on it from today are good anyway.

pink nails pink fur ball

The best moments are always the simplest ones.

Like painting my nails pink with my sister and making my nails match to my sister’s hair.

Or cleaning up my makeup table – once again (only to get it twice as dirty the next day).

Or not wearing any foundation and realizing, that my skin is doing very, very good.

And causing some amusement in the bus, while having a huge pink fur ball attached to my bag (hot or not?).

I’m also having lots of moments staring at our new family member – meaning a new plant (that both Risto and me picked up at the shop without knowing we chose the same one). Luckily I am not responsible for it, so I think it might even live.


I usually share my daily life snaps on my Instagram stories (since most of you follow me there), but I also still update my snapchat and maybe have an even more relaxed approach to that. Feel free to follow me there or on any other of my social medias – the links are on my sidebar, but you can basically find me with name charlottaeve everywhere.

What was the highlight of your week?

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