Things I want to do this Summer

Summer can be stressful, if you worry about making the best out of it and try to do as much as possible. I mean, I can’t be the only one already worrying about the warm nights disappearing soon. But what if this year you focused on actually relaxing and enjoying the littlest of things? I’m speaking to myself, of course. The queen of stress.

At first I thought about skipping the whole summer bucket listing thing, but then I decided to make a new version of it: the no-stress summer bucket list.

My no-stress Summer Bucket List

Try new ice cream flavors
I’m stuck on my favorite ones, but you got to make life exciting, right?

Make a mojito for a friend
BaRisto is already open and mojito tastes just as good as I remembered. I’m pretty sure I make the best mojito ever – thanks to having the best teacher (you’ll never guess who). Maybe I should share the recipe here?

Visit Porvoo at least once
This is actually a tradition with Risto. He took me on a date to Porvoo on our first summer together and ever since we’ve done day trips there regularly. It’s a lovely, beautiful little city with nice cafes and restaurants. And the best decoration store, where we always look at things, but never buy. If you’re visiting Helsinki during summer, and you have time, I urge you to to make a day trip to this beautiful city. This one I could actually already check out, since we went to Porvoo a while ago. But who knows – maybe we’ll go again!

– Run a half marathon
This might not sound stress-free to everyone, but I actually run pretty regularly. We also have a tradition with my sisters to run our own half marathon every summer (if we’re in the same country). So this year as well we’re running that 21 km, but we’re doing it casually. I’m not focused on getting it to a certain time. I just want to run and have fun!

Have a birthday party
It just so happens, that a five is creeping up in front of the two on my written age. I’m turning 25 soon and I figured I have to drink to that.

Have a holiday
I’m also planning on keeping a little holiday at the end of July. So it’s gonna be at least a week without my laptop and blogging. I spend so much time just sitting and working on my content, that a little break does me good. And no, you won’t really see the holiday here. I’ll have some posts scheduled.

Have a no-makeup day
Or two. Or a dozen. Freckles and beach hair it is.

– SUP AKA Stand Up Paddle
Supping is really fun! You get to enjoy the sea, the weather and get a nice little exercise at the same time. I did this last year and I definitely want to do it again.

Photos -Mia /Beauty Highlights

And that’s it! I definitely don’t feel stressed about this list. Just the opposite actually – I can’t wait for my holiday and all these weekends and nights I have to dedicate on enjoying life. We’re not doing any big trips this time, but we did plan a little getaway to Estonia. Tallinn is such a beautiful city and what’s best is that it’s so close.

What are some things on your Summer Bucket List?

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  1. Iina / MouMou

    Suppailu on ihanaa! Sille pitäisi varata aikaa lomalla. 🙂

    1. Charlotta Takkula

      Jep <3


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