Beauty products that I was most impressed in 2019


As a beautyblogger, I get to try a ton of different beauty products. When I combine that with my beauty therapist knowledge, I think I have a pretty good idea of beauty products in general. What works and what doesn’t. I love to find new products that give me actual results. I’m genuinely excited when I get to tell you about some new product.

Choosing the best products of the year is very exciting, because the product needs to be, well, actually worth the hype. Being the best of the year and all. But I think I did a pretty good job and these are the products that I was most eager about in 2019.

Here are best beauty products of 2019!


Face cleanser – Niki Newd Oatmeal Soap

Handmade, fresh cosmetics

I have mentioned this soap several times on my blog during this year – and for a reason. It’s an awesome face cleanser, that cleans my face effectively, without making it dry. It keeps my skin balanced. I also love that it’s handmade from simple pure ingredients, doesn’t come with a big packaging (eco friendly) – and lasts really long.

I would recommend this for normal, mixed and oily skintypes.

Niki Newd Oatmeal Soap

You’ll get a sample size of the Skin Velvet Oil, when you make a purchase with the affiliate code ‘CHARLOTTA’. It’s gonna show up as “0,00€” on your order, but the gift is automatically added to your package.

 patyka hydra booster serum review

Serum – Patyka Hydra-Booster Serum

Oganic, luxury

Patyka’s launch of the nine new products was one of the most exciting launches in 2019 for me. Patyka is known as this luxury brand and their products are lovely – yet a bit pricey. These new products are more affordable and still 100 % Patyka quality. My favorite product out of everything is this hydrating serum, which treats my skin with hyaluronic acid and tremella extract. The consistency is a light watery gel, which absorbs into my skin nicely.

For all skintypes.

*Patyka Hydra-Booster Serum

Hair care – Aquis hair towels & turbans

This year was also the year when I discovered Aquis fast drying towels. Spoiler alert: they do work and they do dry my hair faster than a regular towel. The turban is especially super helpful for my naturally wavy hair and plopping. You could say I’m a fan!

*Aquis towels

You can get -10% off with the affiliate code ‘CHARLOTTA’ on Aquis Finland Shop. Valid until 31.12.2020. Shop here!

Foundation/CC-cream – Madara City CC


For anyone seeing me mention this CC-cream a millionth time – sorry not sorry. This was truly the year of Madara’s City CC, which I’ve not only used on myself the whole spring and summer, but also on almost all the makeup models on Makeup Monday posts. I’ve also used it in fall and winter by mixing it with my foundations. It’s hydrating, creamy and leaves a beautiful natural glow on the skin.


Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Long Lash Mascara

This mascara blew my mind with a great thick concistency (giving me lots of volume), a good wand (easy to get all the lashes) and the fact, that it’s the most easiest mascara to remove (with just warm water). I’ve gone through three tubes of this already.

*Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Mascara


Clarins Joli Blush, Cheeky Purple

When I first swatched Clarins’ new blushes, I was a bit disappointed. Then I saw how nicely they blend on the skin once applied with a blush brush – and I was hooked. These Joli blushes come in beautiful shades, they blend perfectly on the skin and are effortless to use. You can build the color up too. For winter I’ve been loving the shade Cheeky Purple, which is a cool toned bright plum. Might I add, this is the color for winter.  In Summer I used a lot of Cheeky pink and Cheeky Peach.

Clarins Joli Blush


How I’ve changed my makeup routine for winter

Ah, winter. What can I say? You’re making me tired and my skin dry. My hands and feet are cold all the time and your colors are a bit miserable. Except when it snows. Please do that more.

Okay I’m exaggerating a bit. Winter is not that bad. But to get back to the dry skin part – winter is obviously changing my skin and I always adjust my beauty routine. My makeup game changes. Here’s what I do different now.

How I’ve changed my makeup routine for Winter

I’ve changed my foundation to a more high-coverage one

In winter I need more coverage, because my skin gets red thanks to the cold air and wind (you know, when air hurts your face?). I also want a slightly thicker foundation, because it physically protects my skin. I still don’t want full-coverage or a totally matte finish – so these are the products I use.

I like to mix Madara City CC-Cream in the shade Medium Beige with Clarins Everlasting Foundation in the shade Sand. That Clarins foundation is a long time favorite of mine, it’s just an amazing foundation. Great coverage, great lasting power and a beautiful finish. When I mix it with the Madara CC-cream I get more glow and the texture turns creamier. I’m wearing this mix in the pictures.

*Madara City CC-Cream, Medium Beige
*Clarins Everlasting Foundation in the shade Sand

Madara City CC Medium Beige Before After On Face
Madara’s City CC Cream before and after. My Summer go-to base.

Read my review on Clarins Everlasting Foundation
Read my review on Madara City CC

I know mixing foundations is not everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes I feel too lazy to do that. That’s when I use either Erborian BB-cream or Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat foundation. Erborian BB-creme is creamy, lasts pretty well and gives a nice natural semi-matte finish. It works on dry skintypes and even on atopic skin (like on Linda in the photo below).

*Erborian BB Creme, Nude

YSL Touche Eclat foundation is another winter favorite of mine. Though it only works, when my skin is nice and hydrated. Its texture is pretty thin and the finish it gives is very glowy. I’ve used it quite a lot lately. I like the shade BD30, which gives some warmth to my skin.

*Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat BD30

Did Linda’s makeup and used Erborian BB creme as a base.

I apply my powder with a damp beautyblender (or skip it altogether)

Applying powder with a damp beautyblender has improved my makeup game a lot. I need powder to set my foundation, since I do have some oiliness in my skin, but at the same time powder can make my skin look dry. This is the perfect in-between. It sets my foundation so it lasts, but it leaves my skin radiant, not totally matte. Obviously there is also a difference in powders. Laura Mercier’s iconic powder is awesome and a little goes a long way with it.

powdering trick for dry skin

*Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder
*the beautyblender

grey turquoise makeup simple tutorial
Tutorial to this cool toned smokey eye is here:

I’m into cool colors

Somehow cool colors really inspire me at the moment. I’m usually really all about those warm colors, but now a pale pink or a nice blue really speak to me. My favorite lip color right now is a bright cool pink.

I’m wearing *Too Faced Melted Matte, It’s Happening in the photos.

Hair & photos of me in Winter Garden Susanna / Healthyhairfinland

Have your beauty routines changed at all, thanks to winter?

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