The best products from Madara


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The best products from Madara – one of my favorite natural beauty brands. In this post I have listed all the greatest products from Madara. These are something I use a lot, so you’ve probably seen me mention them here before. I kept this list short and added links to the reviews I’ve done before.

Madara is also having their crazy -40% sale day in Finland today, so if you’re shopping in Finland, now is an awesome time to check these out. 

The best products from Madara

You can shop the products at * (US), *Feelunique (UK), * (global shipping) and  * (FI).


Madara City CC-Cream
This CC-cream is bomb. If you read my Makeup Monday posts, you’ll notice that I used that product on every single person. That just goes to show how versatile the product is. It evens out the skin tone and gives a natural glow on itself, or it can be mixed with foundations to sheer them out or make them less matte. It’s also my go-to product as a sunscreen in Fall, Winter and Spring, besides the one below.

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Iida wearing Madara’s City CC Cream in the shade Light Beige.

Madara Soft Glow Foundation
I’ve named this the best natural foundation. It has great coverage, smooth consistency that’s easy to blend and and it lasts well. It looks beautiful as itself on the skin, but I also like to mix a bit of CC-cream with it to make it a bit more glowy.

Madara Luminous Perfecting Concealer
This concealer is awesome. The creamy texture is easy to blend evenly and it doesn’t emphasize the fine lines around the eyes. It has a lot of pigment. It also reflects light nicely.

I’ve also tried the lip gloss, brow pomade and the cream blush from Madara. These are all very nice and I show you all of them in the video review.

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madara soft glow foundation golden sand 50

Madara Face SPF 30
This is my favorite sunscreen for my face. I love how natural and glowy it looks – and since it’s a physical sunscreen, it lasts very well on my skin. It’s not white as most physical sunscreens, which makes it awesome. It has some color to it, which blends out perfectly on my skin. I also like to mix this with a matte foundation to make it more glowy and creamy.

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I also like Madara’s other *sun products. My favorite for body is the weightless milk SPF 20.

madara masks best

Madara’s Face Masks

Madara is one of my favorite brands also when it comes to face masks. My top three masks from them are Detox, Peel & Smart masks. The masks are quick to use (only 5 mins is enough!) and they are effective. There’s also a moisturizing SOS-mask, if you’re not into purifying masks (AKA your skin is dry).

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Madara SOS Hydra Repair Serum
I love this serum. It’s very lightweight and hydrating and it comes in a beautiful packaging. Perfect for those moments when your skin screams SOS. Moisturizing serums are crucial for your skin especially in the colder months. They give you the much needed hydration under your lotion.

Madara moisturizers
I’ve tried Madara’s creams from the Smart and SOS lines. Both were very good and my skin got well moisturized. I’m also gonna try the Deep Moisture line, which has a gel and two creams. The ingredient lists are impressive, so I’m pretty convinced they’re gonna be as good as the ones I’ve already tried.


Where to shop Madara:

* (US)
*Feelunique (UK)
* (global shipping)
* (FI)

What is your favorite product from Madara?



  1. Ella

    I came from your bodyshop drops of youth review. Noticed you had a lot of hyperpigmentation (can’t find anything where you don’t have makeup on to know for sure if it’s still a concern) and wanted to tell you to try clarins blue orchid oil! It’s amazing to even out your skintone. The dark patches will go away.

    1. Charlotta Takkula

      I have several makeup-free photos here. :> I don’t think that’s a concern for me, but thanks for the recommendation!


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