Lipstick that lasts with a face mask – Rimmel Provocalips

lipstick that lasts with a face mask



You can totally wear bright lipstick under your mask and not worry about smudging. There are lipsticks that literally do not move, even with the face mask. In this post I’m sharing an affordable option from Rimmel. Every time I wear this lipstick and step out of the bus and remove my mask – knowing my bright lip is still looking 100% fabulous – I feel like a superhero.

And I know, I know. We’re all tired of the face masks. And the corona virus. And how it affects our every day lives.  But at this point we all know no thing is too small to be celebrated. And an empowering, long lasting red lip is definitely on my list of things that cheer me up.

Rimmel Provocalips Kiss Me You Fool

Best affordable smudge-free lipstick that lasts with a face mask

Looking for an affordable smudge-free lipstick? Rimmel’s Provocalips lipsticks are a great choice, even if you don’t enjoy matte lipsticks, because they come with a gloss.

These liquid lipsticks are something that I’ve used for years. I remember when they first came out and I was super impressed. They might have been the first liquid lipsticks, that I tried, that truly lasted the whole day.

There are several liquid lipsticks on the market, but the thing that sets these apart is the gloss. The moisturizing, color-locking gloss that makes all the difference to someone, who doesn’t really like matte lipsticks. Because I don’t. The gloss is what makes these work for me. It gives me that feeling of hydration and I love that I can just apply that on top of the lipstick even without a mirror. You know, because the lipstick does not move once it’s on.

The gloss lasts pretty well with the mask, but not totally. But that’s not a problem, because the actual lipstick does not smudge and you can always reapply the gloss once you’ve taken your mask off. Or not. These lipsticks work without the gloss too, if you’re more into that matte look.

And okay, now that we have this pandemic and we have to use masks – I’ve started to look at matte lipsticks a bit differently. Smudge-free intense color on the lips is suddenly my top priority.

rimmel provocalips lipstick that lasts with a face mask

Rimmel Provocalips review & shade swatches

The liquid lipsticks from Rimmel have an amazing pigment and beautiful color options. I currently only have two red colors. I used to own more shades, so I have swatches and photos of some of the other Provocalips colors as well.

Rimmel Kiss Me You Fool
Rimmel Provocalips Kiss Me You Fool – red with a hint of orange – this is my favorite shade!
Rimmel Provocalips Play With Fire – a deep cool red


rimmel provocalips skinny dipping
Rimmel Provocalips Skinny Dipping – light beige nude
rimmel provocalips i'll call you
Rimmel Provocalips I’ll Call You – raspberry pink
rimmel provocalips dare to pink
Rimmel Provocalips Dare To Pink – a very light pink

rimmel provocalips liquid lipstick shades swatches

When it comes to longevity – these are the best I’ve tried. They last drinking and eating as well, but sometimes, it does wear off just on the inner part of my bottom lip. It kind of depends on the food and how carefully I’m eating. So then I might just add a touch of lipstick on the inner part of my lip. Still – it doesn’t smudge on the edges.

This lipstick doesn’t smudge on my face mask either. There is nothing on the inside of my face mask when I remove it. The gloss on top might get worn off a bit (and the color is clear), but even that lasts surprisingly well, because it’s quite thick in consistency.

Now when it comes to removal – you need a makeup remover for waterproof makeup. Trust me, I’ve tried all the other ways, it doesn’t move, not even with an oil.

All in all these are a great option especially for these mask-times. The price doesn’t break the bank and the color options are nice (there are also new colors that I don’t have swatches of).


*Rimmel Provocalips Lipstick (amazon $6,29)
*Rimmel Provocalips Lipstick (lookfantastic UK  10,95€)

P.S. This makeup was one of the #Fullfacefriday tutorials I did on my Instagram stories. It’s saved on my highlights, if you want to see how I created it!

Halloween makeup idea: ICE QUEEN

ice queen halloween makeup


I created this ice queen Halloween look for my friend back in 2017. It’s one of my favorite creative looks, but I haven’t shared it here ever. It’s time to fix that mistake! You can recreate this look to suit your makeup skill level – so even if you were a beginner, I think you can totally pull it off. The important things are to use cool blue tones throughout the makeup, add some glitter and add your extra accessories such as blue contact lenses or false lashes.

I swear – it’s one of those makeup looks, that looks a bit more complex than it is. But that still doesn’t mean it doesn’t take time to do it. Adding details such as rhinestones, hand drawn snowflakes or false lashes is fine work that takes a bit of patience.


Ice queen Halloween makeup

Ice queen makeup how to

What you need for this look:


ice queen makeup



First step is to add foundation to get a nice even base. I recommend using something that has a lot of coverage. For example *Estee Lauder’s Double Wear would be perfect. After that, contour and sculpt your face using a blue color. Add blue also on your neck. Then add icy highlight.


Draw on some snowflakes around the face and on the cheeks. Snowflakes are basically just straight lines that cross each other (google snowflake and learn from example). Don’t forget the neck!

Add a touch of fine glitter on the highest points of the face as a highlight – and on the brows. I used fine, almost white glitter.

Do your eyebrows with blue eyeshadow or pencil.
As for the eyeshadow – the important thing is to use blue cool colors. If eyeshadow is not your strong suit, one color all over the lid will do. But you can also learn! I have lots of eyeshadow tutorials on my blog – you can check them out and just switch out the colors. I contoured the eyes with darker blues and left the lid quite light.
To finish off the eye look, add customized false lashes and glue on rhinestones with lash glue.

Finally, add blue lipstick. If that is too much, you could also try to use a cool nude shade. That’s it!

ice queen makeup halloween makeup idea

What do you think of this look? Anyone fancy going (online) as an ice queen this Halloween?


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