Natural boho bridal makeup

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If you want a more simple look for your big day, natural boho bridal style is for you. Think of earthy tones, natural glow and all in all a makeup, that brings out your best features and doesn’t steal all the attention.

I’ve written a quide for bridal makeup, where I go through, well, everything. I recommend reading that, because this post is shorter.

Here are the best tips and products for boho wedding makeup!

natural boho bridal makeup tips

Natural boho bridal makeup for Susanna

I was honored to do Susanna’s bridal makeup for her wedding. She wanted quite a natural look with bronze eyes to compliment the lilac flowers in her flower crown.

I love the bohemian vibes of Susanna’s bridal look. This makeup is close to something I would choose myself if I ever got married. It really suits everyone – the only thing that you might need to change are the tones (cool, warm or neutral, based on your colors).

madara soft glow foundation golden sand 50

Natural boho bridal makeup: base

I would argue that a sheer foundation works for most people. And you don’t have to have a perfect skin for that. You’ll be surprised how much just a light layer of product does. The whole idea is to even out the skin color and texture a bit, and leave the rest for the concealer. Instead of using a full-coverage foundation all over the face, use a concealer where it’s needed, such as dark circles, pimples or redness.

Madara’s natural foundations a great option for a wedding, because they really stick to the skin, making them last long while giving a beautiful glow. They also double as sun protection (perfect for a summer wedding). Creamy consistency works both on dry skin and on skin with impurities. You see, a matte foundation would enhance the texture, whereas this creamy foundation sits nicely on the skin.

Another perfect option for a natural base is mineral makeup! It really looks like your skin, but better. Loose mineral foundation is very easy to apply (and it also has SPF in it).

Natural foundations & mineral makeup:
*Madara Skin Equal foundation
*Madara City CC Cream
*Bareminerals Loose Powder Mineral Foundation

Concealer & powder:
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
*Madara The Concealer
*Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder


How to neutralize and brighten dark circles
Effortless makeup with Lily Lolo

Susanna has gorgeous skin that she takes really good care of with facials and good skincare. For her I mixed Madara’s foundation and CC-cream. The foundation has more pigment while the CC-cream is very sheer. So by mixing them I get the perfect medium sheer coverage, plus a close shade match. I also used the NARS and Madara concealers on her and some Laura Mercier powder.

natural bohemian bridal makeup
I did both the bride’s and the bridesmaids’ makeups.

The bridal glow

For any bridal makeup, I always make sure to add a lot of glow. This doesn’t mean a lot of shimmer or glitter on the face. You can also achieve a natural glow with bronzer or blush. Cream products also tend to give a nice sheen. For example Ilia’s multi-stick has a dreamy consistency that blends effortlessly on the cheek and has a natural shine.

When you’re bronzing your face, make sure to use a big fluffy brush, which distributes the product softly. This way you avoid any harsh lines. Add the bronzer to the highest points of your face: cheekbones, temples and the tip of the nose. If your neck is pale, you can also bronze that up.

Bridal glow products:

*Ilia Multi-Stick Cheek & Lip
*Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder
*Benefit Hoola Bronzer
*All in one: Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Palette

I used Zuii Organic’s  Sun bronzer, Kjaer Weis Above And Beyond cream blush and Zuii’s Diamond Sparkle Powder in Berry on Susanna.

natural boho wedding makeup

Boho bridal eye makeup

I don’t think you need to change yourself completely with makeup, even or especially for your wedding. If you normally don’t wear makeup, you can keep your makeup light. Or if you like a light brow –  do light brows on your big day as well. That said, if you want your makeup to show on photos, you’re gonna have to apply a bit more of it. Still I think the look can be natural!

False lashes are always a great idea for a big day, because they open up the eyes and elevate the look. Individual (duo & trio) false lashes are the best option for a wedding, because you can control the volume and length of the lashes. If you’re doing your makeup by yourself you’re probably happy to hear they’re also the easiest to apply.

warm reddish eye makeup for deep set eyes

My eyeshadow palette recommendations at Sephora *here.

Susanna’s eye makeup:

Mad4eyebrow Natural Brow Filler (a powder brow product with fibers)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Morphe 3502 Palette
Bobbi Brown Luxe Eyeshadow, Heat Ray
*Jane Iredale Gold Dust
Alima Pure Natural Eye Pencil, Ink (blog post: Brilliant black pencil for sensitive eyes)
*Eylure Individual Lash Duos & Trios

Mad4eyebrow natural brow filler
Benefit 24Hr Brow Setter Gel review (the best brow gel)
Brow tutorial using powder and pencil (how to get the right brow shape)
Brilliant black pencil for sensitive eyes

blushed lips gosh romance lipstick
Another idea for boho lip makeup: blend the edges to make your lips look blushed!

Boho bridal lip makeup

Even though matte lipstick would probably stay the whole day, it’s not the most comfortable. My recommendation for brides is nude sheer lipstick, that looks natural wearing off and is easy to reapply.

The best, most comfortable lipstick ever is Jane Iredale’s Triple Luxe Lipstick. I’ve recommended it before and used it on brides too. One of my all time favorite nude lip glosses is Clarins Natural Lip Perfector. I’s moisturizing, it has some color and a nice gloss to it. Plus it smells delicious.

Bridal lip products:

Clarins Natural Lip Perfector Gloss
*Charlotte Tillbury Lip Gloss
*Jane Iredale Triple Luxe Lipstick

The best lipstick – Jane Iredale Triple Luxe
Clarins Natural Lip Perfector shade swatches & review

Susanna purchased the Clarins gloss by my recommendation for her wedding day and I used that on her.

natural boho bridal makeup

I hope this post offers some tips and inspiration for your own natural boho wedding makeup. And hey –  if you have any questions regarding bridal makeup, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer.

Photos of Susanna: Polina Khanteeva


Eva Garden – high-quality Italian makeup

eva garden vihreä meikki

Ad: Neo hiushuone & Eva Garden makeup


I’m always excited when I find a professional brand that lives up to its expectations. Eva Garden is a makeup brand sold by professionals at salons worldwide. The products are packed with pigment, they’re easy to use (I really feel like they blend themselves) and they’re long lasting.

Here’s my thoughts on Eva Garden and three different makeup looks done with the products.

Eva Garden makeup – review

Sophisticated and easy to use. That’s how I would describe this Italian brand. The quality is what I would expect from a professional brand and so is the packaging. The products come in sleek black packaging with a logo on top. The bigger pans have a mirror inside, making them handy for travel.

The products are dermatologically tested (not on animals!) and are mostly unscented. The prices are very reasonable for such high-quality products.

eva garden

My favorite products from Eva Garden

The CC Primer in 104 Caramel is the perfect summer product for my skin. You see, this primer truly seems to do it all. It evens out my color, smooths out my skin and absorbs excess oil. I can use it alone or under foundation, but I love the thin cream just by itself. This is honestly all I need for a light base, because I use a concealer for my dark circles or any spots.

The CC/BB cream costs 43€.

The Perfector Concealer in 334 Warm Cookie surprised me with its creamy, mousse-like consistency and its magical ability to hide my dark circles. I guess I finally found a concealer shade that hides my dark circles, plus brightens. Usually I use two concealers, but this manages to neutralize the unwanted colors under my eyes really well!

The Perfector Concealer costs 32€.

eva garden cc primer and perfector concealer before after
Before & after Eva Garden CC Primer 104 and Perfector Concealer 334.

All the powder products within this brand really seem to have something in common and that is the dreamy consistency. What I mean by dreamy is that they are packed with pigment, yet effortless to blend. When I first swatched the products I smiled to myself: this is exactly what I want from my color products.

The Superpearly Bronzer Powder in 905 and blush in 348 Sugar Coral are great summer shades for me. The bronzer is quite dark on my skin however, so with that I need to be more careful. But as I said, these powders blend well, so even if I overdid my bronzing a little bit, I can blend that out. The coral blush was an easy choice for me: it really compliments my tan.

Eva Garden eyeshadows & eye looks

For eyeshadows, I chose three colors: a matte brown 120, a forest green 272 and a sparkly taupe 244. Besides these I got the All In One Twist Up Eyeshadow in Turquoise 361.

The shimmery and sparkly eyeshadows apply really nicely with a finger. When I did a green smokey eye look, I felt like I could have gotten away by just using my fingers and that one shadow.
However, I ended up blending the edges of that shadow a bit with the brown one. I saved a tutorial on my IG Highlights (Eva Garden Looks).

And yes, they also work with a brush. Used however way, I don’t need to worry about blotchy application or too much or too little pigment.


Here’s another smokey eye done with the glittery taupe color, which is so reflective and pretty.

Winged liner with the Eva Garden All In One Eyeshadow

siipirajaus eva garden

The Twist Up Eyeshadow is the perfect product for creating a cat eye or winged liner. I like the triangular tip of it, because I can use it to stamp on my wing. It’s especially handy for deep set eyes, which need a different technique in achieving the look. I also demonstrated this on my IG Stories and will save it on the Eva Garden highlights too.

You can also draw a more thin line with this pen – it’s so versatile.

The Twist Up Eyeshadow comes in different colors and costs 27€.

The final product I want to talk about is the Diamond Lip Gloss in 851 Innocente. The shade is a warm red with both warm and cool glitters.

I’ve always loved lip glosses. I mean, what’s not to like? They look multidimensional on the lips, really enhancing your natural beauty, whatever your lip size or shape. Eva Garden’s gloss is moisturizing and it doesn’t dry out my lips – even though it’s very glittery.


Shop Eva Garden products at Neo Hiushuone, Kamppi Helsinki

All in all I’m happy with the Eva Garden products and can warmly recommend them!

I also want to note, how nice (and important) it is to support entrepreneurs. I’ve visited Neo hiushuone monthly now for several years. It’s always nice to go there and see the smiling professionals greeting me.

If you happen to be shopping in Helsinki, make sure to visit Neo hiushuone, where you can explore the products and get help in choosing the right shades. Whether it’s a light base you’re looking for the summer (the CC-cream is match made in heaven!) or some high quality eyeshadows, or anything in-between, do check out Eva Garden.


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