How to moisturize an oily skin?

how to moisturize oily skin

Here is a question I hear all the time (mostly from my so) and that is probably still a mystery to many:

Why does an oily skin need moisturizing? Usually followed by:
Isn’t it oily enough as it is? Why do you add oil to it?

It’s a good question and I can understand the logic in it. However, here’s the thing: moisture & oiliness isn’t the same thing. Even an oily skin can get dry and still be oily. In some cases, it’s actually oily because it’s dry. A good example of that was me, when I was on Acnatac. My skin was exremely dry, but at the same time I was drowning in my own oil.
It’s very common to have not only one problem with your skin. For example combination skin can be really oily at times, but some parts of the face are likely normal or dry. So you do need to moisturize the skin.

The most important thing about moisturizers is that they don’t just moisturize your skin. They balance it. They are the ‘treatment’ in your skincare. You wash your face and use other products that you rinse out, but the lotion is what you leave on to the skin, right? With oily skin, your moisturizer (being a suitable one) balances your oil-production and your skin. It doesn’t just remove the dryness. It balances the skin and protects it by creating a block between your bare skin and the outside world. For oily skin there are also these mattifying products, that balance the oil production evidently and you instantly see the results. There are several things that the lotion can do and it depends on the lotion, but you get the idea.

So, to answer the question one more time: oily skin needs moisturizing,

because it is dry – or you want to prevent it from getting dry
because the moisturizer balances the skin and can help with the oiliness and the impurities, redness etc.
because the moisturizer protects the skin
because the moisturizer makes the skin look and feel a bit better

why oily skin needs moisturizing

Photos of me: Inka Lähteenaro edit:me

But because oily skin can be tricky and a bad lotion can actually make it worse, the next question is:

How to moisturize an oily skin?

Moisturizing an oily skin is different from – let’s say dry skin. Choosing and finding the perfect products isn’t easy. The products need to be more lightweight, the ingredients suitable for the impurities and the user experience comfortable. As you learned, the idea isn’t to make you feel more oily.

Good products to moisturize are toners, face mists, serums, fluids, gels and other lightweight lotions and creams. It’s a good idea to use a heavier moisturizer in the evening and then a very light one in the morning. But it’s up to you and your skin. You should try different products to find the ones, that work for you.

Another thing, that can work for oily skin are oils. I know it sounds scary, but a lightweight oil can be amazing for your skin. Just try argan oil or jojoba oil (read more about them here). I personally prefer jojoba oil during Summer and argan oil in Winter.

With my skin (that is combination, which kinda means it oily with a hint of normal and dry), I’ve noticed that I need to use different products in Summer and in Winter. In Winter I can use heavier lotions and even creams, but in Summer I can get away with just a light serum or a face mist (+ a sunscreen). So there can be times, when you don’t need a lotion. Oily skin during summer can be that. But even then you use sunscreen and that is usually a lotion. And the sun can be drying, so you probably need a little something. Aloe vera soothes the skin and makes a great lightweight moisturizer.

What products are good to moisturize an oily skin?

kivvi moisturizer oily skin

Here are some product recommendations from me:


KIVVI 24H Intensive Moisturizing Gel
A lightweight gel that is perfect for summer since it contains so much aloe vera. Post here. It’s quite a small brand – I bought my product from Riga, Latvia.

MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream
A refreshing gel containing snail extract. Post here.

MADARA SOS Hydra-Repair Intensive Serum
This is the most amazing serum I’ve ever tried. For oily skin, it works as a moisturizer – especially in Summer. In winter it’s awesome under lotion. I have wrote about this before, here. It was also one of my top 10 products last year.

MÀDARA Smart Antioxidants Fine Line Minimizing Fluid Day
A lightweight fluid for the first signs of aging. Post here.

MADARA Moisturizing Mist Daily Defence Nokkonen by Noora
Product with the longest name – but the product itself is quite simple and super nice. It’s a moisturizing mist with aloe vera and nettle. This product is actually designed by a Finnish blogger, Noora, which is so cool (You go girl!). Edit: and apparently only sold in Finland?

GATINEAU Clear&Perfect Sebo-regulating Concentrate
This can work just by itself as a moisturizer during summer or together with the lotion mentioned below.

GATINEAU Clear&Perfect Purifying Powder Emulsion
Lotion, that leaves your skin matte. I loved this. I’ve tried the whole Clear&Perfect line, which I approve.

DECLÈOR Aroma Purete Mattifying Fluid 
A lovely fluid lotion, that is both moisturizing yet mattifying. I’ve tried all the products from the Aroma Purete – line and I loved it. I can recommend the Ylang Ylang oil together with this day cream. For night I used the night balm, which was amazing. Declèor uses essential oils in their products, so they are quite ‘heavily’ scented, but the scent does evaporate quite quickly. I love the scent however and find it soothing. Man, writing about these products makes me miss all the products I have used during the years! P.S. I noticed these products are now on sale.

THE BODY SHOP Seaweed Oil-Control Gel Cream
A product, that I’m completely addicted to and am using at the moment. I love gel creams – they are perfect for my skin. This is lightweight yet moisturizing and refreshing. I am also currently using the Seaweed toner, which I love.

THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist
Moisturizing and refreshing face mist. I like to give my face an extra boost of moisture before adding the lotion.

CLARINS Daily Energizer Cream-Gel
Another gel-cream, because they are amazing. Clarins’ Daily Energizer line is great for combination skin. I love the cleansing gel and the toner from the line.

There – hope this was helpful to you. Now tell me: what is your skin type and what is your favorite moisturizer? And also: Should I update the product recommendation list as I find new suitable products?

April favorites | Unisex skincare

april favorites skincare products

madara products dermosil products

Here are my favorite products of this month, this time featuring my skincare products from MÀDARA and DERMOSIL. These products are special, because even my man likes some of them. Actually one of these is solely in his use! So these products are definitely unisex and suitable for men too.

I got so many new products this month, that deciding my favorites was kinda hard – I think I’ll have to do more reviews on all the goodies I got. Most of these products I got from the organic cosmetics exhibition, so they are gifted (I’ve marked them with a *).

dermosil skincare products

Can I start small by saying, that this is probably the best mechanical exfoliator I’ve ever tried? I had zero expectations since this brand was new to me, but this is honestly so great. It’s a creamy exfoliator with super fine grains. It feels super smooth on the skin, but still so effective. Also this is pretty cheap and a small amount goes a long way! I love this and use it weekly.

I’m kinda hooked on my current lip balms and never use anything else, but lately I’ve tried a new product and it’s this. This lip balm contains natural oils and beeswax so it’s very nourishing. It’s clear and a bit glossy so I like to use this during to day to give my lips some moisture as well as some volume. This has a raspberry scent, which I like. This reminds me of my childhood lip balms – in a good way.

The first cosmetic product I’ve gotten my man to use! I mean he uses a shampoo, a shower gel and a cleanser for his face, but that’s it. A friend of ours (a man) recommended an eye cream for him and after that he’s been more open to it. I’ve been on a lookout for a unisex cream for him and this one caught my eye. It’s important, that the cream isn’t too thick, sticky or noticeable. This one is very lightweight and scentless so it’s perfect for him as well as anyone looking for an easy and affordable option.

madara smart fluid madara balancing toner

As you can see, I’ve almost used this bottle. I already have a new one though, because this toner has earned it’s place in my skincare regime. This toner is suitable for normal and combination skin. I chose this, because I needed a toner that is indeed good for my impurities and oiliness, but doesn’t dry out the skin. This suits my skin perfectly: it leaves the skin refreshed and clean, so in one word: balanced. This has a light rosy scent to it, but it evaporates quickly. I use this in the morning and in the evening.

madara smart fluid day

I tried this lotion and immediately loved it. It’s great for normal or combination skin and for men too. It’s super lightweight since it’s a fluid and it absorbs quickly leaving the face almost matte. It has a lovely woody scent to it, which I love. The packaging is modern and cool, which is nice. Altogether a great product also as my first anti-aging lotion (I think this is meant for 30-year-olds, but I would recommend it for 20-30 year-olds).

madara and dermosil skincare products

Did any of these products caught your eye?

Here is also a list of this month’s posts. Your favorite posts were (judging on the comments) my hair post, Champagne on a thursday post and the skincare diet post. I love that you take the time to comment, it always makes my day.

What would you like to see next? Let me know, I would love to fulfill your post wishes.

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