Makeup from flower petals?

zuii lip cheek creme diamond

zuii organic makeup review

When it comes to natural organic products and makeup, Zuii Organic is my absolute number one choice. It doesn’t really get any better than that – and let me tell you why.

What’s impressive about the brand to me is how it combines ecological values, pure and unique ingredients and great quality products. But that doesn’t necessarily convince you. I hear you – and I’ve gathered some proof.

zuii organic makeup powder

Here is an example. This is Zuii’s makeup powder – an awesome makeup base, that I’ve been using for years now. It’s core base is made from flower petals. And no – I’m not kidding you. Here is the ingredient list:


As you can see, the first three ingredients on the list truly are flowers:


The whole ingredient list is pretty readable too (and awesome), but let’s not get into that too much. Because I know there are people, that don’t necessarily care about the ingredients as much as the actual results.

The flower base makes all Zuii’s powder products extremely smooth and easy to work with. It’s different to other powder products I’ve tried and the only reason I can come up with is the special flower recipe. The makeup powder isn’t totally matte – it leaves a natural glow to the skin unless you powder it. If I compare it to mineral makeup, I think it’s a bit softer and leaves almost like a blurred finish.

But let’s get to the results: Here is how the makeup powder looks on the face:

zuii organic makeup review

organic makeup

The natural ingredients make the products very nourishing – but they can be used on oily skin too. Actually, there are some ingredients in the products, that balance oil production and reduce inflammation. The makeup powder is best on my face during the colder months, when my skin is not as oily as in the Summer, but I still use it through the whole year. It stays better of course with a primer and a powder so you can combine it with whatever products you have. These are not one of those products, that only work together – they can be combined with other (say, synthetic) products as well.

zuii organic lip cheek cremezuii lip cheek creme janus

I have small collection of Zuii products and the newest addition is the new Lip & Cheek Creme, which I received as pr. As you can probably tell, it is a cream blush and lipstick in a beautiful diamond packaging. The shade I received is Janus, which is a neutral red. At first I though it was too warm for me, but it actually looks great on my complexion.

You can swipe the product on gently with your fingers to get the no-makeup-makeup look, but if you apply it with a brush, the color gets more intense. As usual – there is a lot of pigment in this amazing product. Lately I’ve been into cream products more – they are perfect for glowy looks or if your skin is at all dry.

Definitely a new diamond in my makeup bag (ha ha).


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zuii organic lipsticks

Have you tried Zuii Organic products? Do you use organic makeup products or are you interested in what your products contain?

New in: Green beauty goodies

*In collaboration with These products were sent to me.

I got this lovely package from Jolie containing green beauty goodies. Jolie is a finnish natural beauty concept with webshop and they sell amazing organic brands from different price ranges focusing still more in luxury brands. This time I will be reviewing products from Patyka, Iroisie, Little Butterfly London and absolution.

I also have a discount code for all my finnish readers which you can check on the bottom!

PATYKA – Marine Crystals Revitalising Body Scrub & Almond Blossom Moisturising Body Milk

I’ve actually tried Patyka before. One of my favorite product ever is their precious woods body oil so I was happy to get to try more body products from the brand.

The body scrub is really quite a regular body scrub and I don’t mean that in a bad way.  It has big grains so it’s easy and quick to use on the body. It’s effective and leaves my skin smooth. It has a fresh marine scent which is quite typical in body scrubs I think. I like that the product comes in a tube rather than in a jar.

The body milk is amazing. I fell in love with it. It’s thin and milky-like and absorbs quickly. It smells like Almond blossom which is apparently a heaven on earth. I was disappointed the scrub didn’t smell like this! I’m definitely gonna buy this in the future. It doesn’t even cost that much considering it’s a luxury brand. It’s about 26€.


little Butterfly LONDON bubbles in the breeze top to toe wash

This product is beautiful – I absolutely love the pacakging! Little Butterfly London products are made for mothers, kids and babies. They suit sensitive even eczema prone skin.  The gel works for both body and hair and it also works in bath. Oh how I wish I had a bath tub and could try this in there – maybe in the next home. This product felt really gentle yet it did make me clean. It’s scented lightly with orange and mandarin essential oils – just enought that you can smell it but not as much as the usual shower gels. I would definitely recommend this to – well mothers, babies and children of course – but also for sensitive or dry skin.
My man’s goddaughter also tried this (8-year-old) she said that “it was great”. So there you have it.

Iroisie The Ultimate Serum

Isn’t this the most beautiful serum you have ever seen? So pretty with those golden details! As you may guess this is quite pricey but it also promises to do all sorts of things: brighten, soften, moisturize and balance skin. It contains a lot of antioxidants which brighten and repair skin. Sea weed and natural oils nourish and protect and Ylang ylang balances skin. I love the scent which is mainly from the Ylang Ylang. The serum comes out in a milky lotion but it melts quickly into oil. It’s quite rich and one drop is enough for the whole face.  I would recommend this to mature, dry or normal skin. This product is also suitable for vegans.

absolution Le Soin Purifiant Deep Cleansing mask 

I had high expectations towards this product since I had heard good things about it. Also I had run out of my purifying mask so this came in just at the right time. The packaging and the top is quite unusual:  you twist the top and the product comes out of this small hole. At first it was a bit of a puzzle to figure out but the system is actually quite handy. You get just the right amount of product and the tube stays surprisingly clean.
This mask is deep cleansing and brightening mask that balances the sebum production and tightens pores. It contains white clay, cooling peppermint and willow extract that has naturally salisylic acid in it. White clay is suitable for sensitive skin so even though this is purifying it’s definitely also moisturizing and suits all skin types.
The mask is creamy rather than thick and when it dries it doesn’t tighten skin unpleasantly. I love this mask! It’s a great choice for dry yet oily skin especially for Autumn and Winter. The price is about 30€ which is an okay sum to use for an effective product. It’s also vegan.

 Iroisie serum & Patyka mask.

The discount code for is “charlottaeve” and you get -15% from your order (excluding May Lindstrom Skin, Pai Skincare, Kjaer Wais, gift cards, Jolie boxes). It’s valid until 23.9.16.