Surprise weekend at a cottage


cottage weekend

cottage weekend

I feel both very relaxed and very tired after the weekend. I spent it at a cottage on the countryside with a small group. It was also one of my sister’s surprise birthday party. Who knew keeping a secret from your sister was that stressful? It was all worth it though. The look on her face, when I took a snapchat video and told her where we were going, was so pure and joyous.

A weekend in the middle of the nature was also something, I very much looked forward to.

I feel very relaxed, because for two days, I didn’t browse my phone or watch TV. For two days I basically had no electricity, no running water or the sound of speeding cars in my ears. I feel peaceful, because I got to lay on the grass, swing in the hammock and float around a pond on a floating device. I also got to see a rare butterfly, carry my own water from the well and dance through the night.

But I’m also very tired. I’m tired, because mosquitos liked to not only eat me alive, but also keep me awake with their annoying buzz. I’m tired, because I hunted for two days. I hunted for horseflies. But only when they came at me which was only constantly. I’m not sure if the word ‘horsefly slayer’ suits me, but that’s what I like to call myself. And I guess I’ll admit it – I’m also tired from dancing through the night.

Ah – the pros and cons of spending some time on a summer cottage. The count for mosquito bites is uncountable, but you just can’t beat a weekend in the middle of the nature. The feeling of waking up, opening the door, and being basically in the middle of the forest is just beautiful.

And coming home, taking a shower, scrubbing all the dirt from your feet and watching your favorite tv-show is also quite awesome.

photo: Inka Lähteenaro

Call me crazy

call me crazy lipstick

call me crazy lipstick

red body zara

outfit photos

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summer clothes

Who would have thought that warm reds look good on me? Well, probably anyone but me, since it’s not the first time that color gets thrown at me. But I guess I agree now – I love that new red body from Zara.  And I’m super happy I had the perfect lipstick shade to go with it – a red that is a little orange (having white teeth makes wearing any lipstick color easy). It somehow also seems suitable, that the name of that color is Call Me Crazy.

Call me crazy, but it feels as though there is magic in the air. Just a little bit. Like someone is whispering to my ear: anything’s possible.

It could be just the sudden summer that is already here, but I’ll take it. I’ll take the light feeling, the relaxation of not having to wear a jacket outside. The promise of a holiday, the warmth, sand between my toes…

… Or just Helsinki bathing in light and me being all excited about that thing in the sky.
And me being all excited about summer style and being able to wear ballerinas outside. I’m feeling the wind in my hair and it’s almost warm. 

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call me crazy

pants vero moda

Also: I could wear this outfit everyday.

Body – Zara
Pants – Vero Moda
Ballerinas – Wonders
Lipstick  – Rimmel The Only 1, Call Me Crazy*

summer style

Photos – Emma