Bronzy & glowy summer makeup (video tutorial!)

glowy bronzy summer makeup



I’ll admit most of the time my summer look consists of just simply waking up and brushing my teeth.  But when I do feel like it, I love a glowy bronzy look! For any summer activities or parties, this look is my go to. I love to do lightweight base with lots of glow, add warm colors on the eyes and just brighten up the look with a fresh coral lipstick.

If you want to see how I created this look, check out my video tutorial!

glowy bronzy summer makeup


Bronzy glowy summer makeup tutorial


Can I just say that I’m quite proud of myself for this video? Videos have been the hardest thing for me, since I get stage fright. But now that I’m more used to filming myself and taking videos, it doesn’t feel so bad. This is the reason I started doing makeup videos on my Instagram stories in the first place – to practice. One of the best decisions of my life.

If you like seeing more makeup tutorials from me in a video form, come follow me on Instagram. I make full face tutorials every singe Friday and share my makeup looks during the week also!

summer makeup tutorial

Products used:

Madara Skin Equal Soft Glow Foundation, 50
*Madara City CC SPF 15 (US, CA) *Madara City CC SPF 15(UK)

NARS Soft Matte Concealer, Custard
Madara Concealer, Vanilla
Laura Mercier Transluscent Powder

Boho Bronzer, Sunkissed Glow
Kjaer Weis Cream Blush, Above and Beyond

Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden
*Illamasqua Unveiled Nude Artistry Palette (US,CA) *Illamasqua Unveiled Artistry Palette (UK)
*Zoeva rose gold brush set

*Jane Iredale Triple Luxe Lipstick, Ellen

glowy bronzy summer makeup

What do you think of this look?

Mojito – easy recipe for my favorite cocktail

You know it’s summer, when you take out your mojito ingredients and become a homemade bartender. Or if it’s not summer, it sure does taste like it.


I like to make this cocktail myself from scratch. The recipe for a classic Mojito is very easy. I guarantee my recipe is delicious and probably the best!

the best mojito recipe

The best mojito recipe

mojito cocktail ingredients

You need:

A tall glass
Spirit measure cup (one unit in this recipe is the bigger side of that cup seen in the photo. Just so you know if you don’t own a cup)
A straw or something to mix the drink with

Mint leaves (I recommend strong mint)
White rum
Sugar syrup
Sparkling water
Ice cubes


  1. Take a generous amount of mint leaves and add them to your glass.
  2. Squeeze lime juice (maybe a little more than half a lime) on top of the leaves and gently press them to get the aroma of the mint going. Don’t break the leaves.
  3. Add one unit of rum and one unit of sugar syrup to the glass.
  4. Fill the glass with ice cubes.
  5. Fill the glass with sparkling water and mix. Add some lime slices in. Enjoy!

easy mojito recipe


When it comes to lime, rum and sugar, it’s totally up to you to change the amounts a bit. You can change the sweetness by applying less or more sugar syrup. You can make the drink stronger by applying more rum. You can also use more lime if you feel like it.

About sugar syrup – since the sugar is in a liquid form, it’s easy to mix in and it tastes delicious throughout the drink. Sugar syrup is very easy to make yourself.

Sugar syrup recipe: Just heat up some water, pour your sugar in and let it melt into a syrup. Add a touch of rum as a preservative. You can make your syrup as sugary as you like.

Cheers! Let me know if you end up trying this!

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