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Sometimes the most simple things seem to be the most problematic. Such as, foundation. The key to beautiful makeup, the product that makes the base for anything. For beginners it can be overwhelming. How to apply foundation? How do you blend foundation evenly? 

I decided to share my tips on how to apply foundation and how to get a beautiful, natural-looking base. Maybe there’s something new for you to learn! I will also tell you, what makeup mistakes to avoid when applying foundation – and how to get it just right.

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How to apply your foundation just right

1: Use a beautyblender.
It really makes a difference. A moist makeup sponge makes the application a lot more easier. It blends the foundation onto the skin beautifully so you don’t get streaks. The water in the sponge blends and thins out the foundation so you get a natural sheer finish. If you have normal or dry skin you can use a really wet sponge and if you’re oily you can just spray the sponge lightly with water.

2: Apply thin layers.
Start small. Take a little bit of foundation and blend it to the skin little by little rather than applying just one thick layer. You can always apply more but it’s not as easy to take off excess foundation afterwards. Thin layers don’t necessarily offer as much coverage as you’d like – but that’s what concealer is for! Concealers are usually very pigmented so they are perfect for any redness, spots or dark circles. You don’t need to have that full coverage effect all over your face – just on those areas, that really need it.

3: Show some skin.
As I said – don’t cover up everything. Your real skin can and should shine a bit through. It makes the foundation look natural. Like your skin, but better. This way your foundation looks natural even when it’s wearing off. You can start the application on the center of your face: on the forehead, on the nose, on the cheeks and a bit on the chin. Start there and blend with circular motions. This way you get the most coverage on the center of your face – which is what people see first when they look at you – and just a light light layer on the sides of your face.

4: Try mineral makeup.
Mineral makeup offers an easy solution to all of these problems. It’s easy to apply with a brush and it gives you a nice coverage – you don’t even necessarily need a concealer. Mineral makeup reacts with your skin temperature and “melts” to your skin so it looks extremely natural and it also gives you a nice glow. Mineral makeup (depending on the brand) is also good for problematic skin. It lets your skin breathe and it doesn’t clog pores – actually it moisturizes, balances and protects it.

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What mistakes to avoid with foundation & how to achieve a beautiful finish

In the photo above you can see the ‘Wrong’ and ‘Right’. In the first picture you can also see, that the foundation shade is a bit too light and red for me – in the other picture I’m wearing a darker yellow-based shade, which is a perfect match for me.

In the ‘Wrong’ picture I made the mistake of applying the product too heavily. A lighter layer would have looked better and it’s easier to pull off. I also applied the foundation heavily all over my face, when I should have started on the center of my face and blended it towards the edges. In the wrong picture it looks like a mask, whereas on the right picture, you don’t really see or think about the foundation.

In the ‘Right’ picture, I applied the foundation in light layers. You can see a bit of my skin showing through, and that was actually the goal here – that is what makes it look natural and flawless. I applied a super light layer here, just to prove my point: you don’t need much, to make your skin look even. I focused the foundation on the center of my face and blended it towards the edges, so that there is actually almost zero foundation, where my hair starts or on my jaw line. You can see some pimples on my jaw – which I left there on purpose. Because that is where I use my concealer.

When you’re someone just starting with makeup, it’s easier to get it right with foundation, when you go for the more natural-look, as I did here.

Foundation & undertones – are you cool, warm or neutral?

Another key thing in making your foundation go smoothly on your skin is undertone. That’s a whole another topic, so to find out your undertone, read my post on makeup & undertones.

undertones cool warm neutral

Some of my favorite foundations & product recommendations


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*Madara City-CC Cream SPF 15
Not a foundation per se, but I also love Madara’s sunscreens as foundations during summer! – Blogpost



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