The best teeth whitening in Helsinki – my experience & results

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Collaboration: Ebeling hammaslääkärit

Professional teeth whitening is the best and safest way to whiten your teeth. I can highly recommend Ebeling dentists in Helsinki. You get an even finish and you’re taken care of if you experience any aching. (Bonus points for getting to lay in a chair for an hour, listening to nice music, but that might be a mom thing.) Personally, I don’t want to worry about ruining my enamel with wrong products or technique, so I’m trusting my dentist to also take care of the aesthetic side of things when it comes to my teeth.

Whitening your teeth is a luxury that is not as expensive or difficult of a process than one would think. It’s also not just for celebrities. It’s something that makes a big impact to your looks, smile and confidence. And I think you deserve it.

hampaiden valkaisu kokemuksia

The best teeth whitening at Ebeling dentists, Helsinki

I have gotten my teeth whitened at Ebeling dentists once before, so I knew to trust them. However, this time the process was a bit different.

Teeth whitening is done on clean teeth and any tartar needs to be removed first, if there’s any on your teeth. Healthy base is important – even when it comes to aesthetic procedures.

So my first appointment was tartar removal and soda cleansing. Soda cleansing is a personal favorite, because it’s really effective in removing stains. I always feel like I’ve come from a mini teeth whitening operation after doing it. Some even feel like they don’t need the whitening appointment after it.

before and after soda cleaning
Tartar removal and soda cleansing done at Ebeling hammaslääkärit.


Effective teeth whitening – how is it done?

After tartar removal, you start home whitening. Read my previous blog post about them here. I used the home whitening spoons for about a week to maximize the results. They’re super easy to use, since they’re made to fit just your mouth.

The home whitening already brightens teeth (here you can see my teeth after four days of use), but it also opens the microscopically small pores in the tooth, which makes the whitening done at reception have an even better effect. This gives you the best result.

After the whitening done at reception, you can continue home whitening for a week, if you want to enhance the result even further.

The home whitening spoons are a great investment, because a new tube costs you only about 2o euros! So those are an affordable way to maintain the results, for example every few months for a few days.

professional teeth whitening at home

On to to the teeth whitening appointment:

First my teeth were cleaned and my gums protected.

Then the whitening paste was applied on my teeth for 15 minutes at a time and it was mixed, while on my teeth, to boost the process. This was done three times. It’s good to do it this way so that the dentist can monitor the process. Also sometimes you need less and sometimes more time – it’s very personal.

I only experienced aching at the very end – literally right as she was taking off the third round of whitening paste. The aching immediately stopped when a gel that relieves aching was applied on my teeth. The gel I got to take home with me and I used it on my teeth in the evening and the next day. The aching really wasn’t bad – it was worst in the evening, but went away with the gel.

The results

before after teeth whitening ebelingMy teeth before any whitening – and my teeth right after whitening.

hampaiden valkaisu tulokset

I got great results! My teeth are naturally quite light, but now they are a lot brighter and whiter. The dental hygienist told me the results were pretty much as good as you can get, since the absolute whitest examples on the map are only achieved with dental laminates.

hampaiden valkaisu helsinki tulokset
The two colors on the right are what my teeth were before whitening (keep in mind I had used the home whitening spoons for a week!) – the left one is the result.

I got the home care instructions on paper and they’re pretty straightforward. No eating for two hours after the whitening and for 48 hours you should avoid things that could stain your teeth like coffee, beetroot or chocolate.

I’ll be honest though – I could not for the love of me avoid coffee for that long. So I drank coffee (with a lot of oat milk), but I used a straw.

ebeling hammaslääkärit valkaisu

If you have ever dreamed of a whiter set of teeth, I’m gently encouraging you to do it! I feel like any investment to your looks is money well spent, because you get to enjoy the results for a long time.

Besides, when you go to tartar removal before whitening, you’re also taking care of your health. You see, tartar can predispose to infections and periodontitis. It’s a win-win!

I have used Ebeling dentists’ services happily (also outside of collaborations) for years now and have trusted them for example in wisdom tooth removal and botox.


With code “Charlotta”  you get -30€ discount on your first appointment at Ebeling dentists from all treatment. Book an appointment here!

hampaiden valkaisu paras ebeling hammaslääkärit


Dermapen microneedling results – Before & after

Dermapen Results Skin

Treatment gifted
by Kosmetologi Noora Kangasmaa



Microneedling facials have made my skin texture smoother and my skintone more even. Even friends have noticed my skin looking great and, in their words, “glowy”. And for once I actually agree and love my skin. It doesn’t just look great compared to my acne days, but it just looks great.

Going into my series of Dermapen microneedling facials, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Even as someone who’s done facials on clients and knows that they’re usually recommended to take as series, I hadn’t experienced the results myself. But now as the facials are done I am amazed just how big of a difference they have made on my skin.

I’m not wearing any makeup in these photos (excluding lip gloss and clear brow gel). 

Microneedling skin results

Dermapen microneedling facials results – Before & after

If you’re not too familiar with the concept of microneedling, I recommend reading my previous post first. This post is dedicated to the results – and may I say – my beautiful skin.

Noora Kangasmaa did the Dermapen treatment four times on me, about every six weeks. I found the facial itself surprisingly enjoyable and felt safe in Noora’s capable hands.

Before and after four dermapen microneedling treatments

Before and after four Dermapen microneedling treatments

After just four treatments the difference on my skin feels massive. It’s never been this smooth, even or glowy. I have some deeper acne scars on both sides of my jaw and I have noticed those starting to diminish. Touching my jaw was quite surprising one day, when I could physically feel the scars not feeling that bumpy anymore. I also feel like my pores are not that outstanding.

Comparing the before and after photos side to side is not perfectly fair, because my freckles have made their appearance and I have gotten a bit of a tan. And even though I did my best, there’s always some lighting difference. However, I think you can still see the difference.

The photos of just my skin now say a lot. What do you think?

EkoPharma Herukka C Kasvonaamio

About skincare during the microneedling treatments

Now when it comes to the home care of my skin, I took very good care of my skin during this whole project. And I still do – skincare is sacred to me. After the treatments I used EkoPharma’s vitamin C mask, since vitamin C was recommended. Besides that, I used my trusted skincare warriors, most of which are mentioned in this post.

You can buy the EkoPharma mask from their resellers, one of which being Noora Kangasmaa.

Sun protection is extra important, as your skin peels and is trying to reinvent itself. As we know, sun kind of does the opposite of that and is the main cause of premature aging of the skin. I have been using sun protection every day, but as I noticed still getting a bit of a tan, I have tried to up the amount I’m using.

Microneedling skin results

I am very happy with the microneedling results and my skin.

You know I have always been honest about my skin and showed you the real deal here. Sharing the acne stories was huge and looking back I understand why I got those “you’re brave” comments. Now it feels even better to share my current skin situation.

acne hormonal acne my experience
My skin in 2017.
acne anti coverage makeup
My skin in 2017. I remember my skin being so sore, I couldn’t wear makeup on it.

As someone who’s had acne, it feels great to not have to worry about my skin at all. Obviously I still get the occasional pimple here and there. Hormones, the position of the moon and chocolate can do that. But that’s the short term “problem” that I don’t really anymore consider as a problem. The big picture, the overall condition of my skin has improved. And isn’t long term improvement kind of the point, when you put your hard earned money into something?

I think it is.

I’m giving a massive ‘Charlotta Eve approves’ stamp on this treatment.

A video of the microneedling treatment can be found here.

Using the code ‘Charlotta’, you’ll get your first microneedling treatment for 125€. Normal price is 150€, so quite a nice save. The discount is valid for the time being and I don’t benefit from it. Book your visit here. You’ll also find Noora on timma.

Dermapen Microneedling

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