Concealing dark circles is difficult – here’s my tips



I’m gonna be honest with you: concealing dark circles is tricky business. On paper it seems simple. It’s all about neutralizing unwanted colors with the opposite colors from the color wheel. You know, color theory and all that.

But in reality there are so many colors under the eyes it’s difficult to see what to put there. And in the morning you just want to get the job over with. So you probably use too much product (the more is more logic seems to work with coffee right?) and it probably isn’t doing the job as well as you’d like (and maybe what used to work for you five years ago doesn’t anymore).

So let me share what works for me and how I conceal my dark circles nowadays, because I have some big revelations.

How to conceal dark circles

When it comes to concealing dark circles – to make it easier – you need to have the right products (for you) and the right technique. I’ve found that the less is more approach, as well as being precise with my application helps most.

Here are my main tips for determining how to hide the dark circles.

color wheel dark circles opposite colors

3 tips to concealing dark circles


  1. Determine the colors of your dark circles and compare the colors to a color wheel.
    Try and make sense of the color mix you have going on. Be open to the idea that there’s probably more than one color. Is it clearly blue or is it purple? What’s the dominating color? Or maybe you’re like me – and the blue leans to a greenish hue?
  2. Be precise with your application.
    Apply the concealer where you need it, not around it. Forget about blending the concealer on your cheeks. Keep it in place. Tapping motion usually works great and helps to keep the product in place. This way you also need less product. The skin around the eyes is thin and the more product you put there, the more likely it creases and looks cakey.
  3. Embrace your skin – dark circles and eyebags and all.
    You wouldn’t be in my blog, if I didn’t say it. We’re concealing the dark circles, but we’re not painting the under eye area to something unnatural. It’s okay to look human. The result doesn’t have to be perfect. I like my skin to look like skin. I’m not about that full coverage thing with my foundation, so if my under eyes looked like a painting it wouldn’t match. Overall, my skin can shine through my makeup a bit. I try to remind myself of this when I’m rocking eyebags. Because those you can’t hide (except maybe with glitter, but it’s not an everyday look for me).


Explaining and teaching this is easiest with an example. So here we go.


I keep my concealer application precise, above the white dots. The second photo shows the colors I have on my dark circles.

How I conceal my dark circles

The big revelation for me was finding the green hue. No one ever talked about green eye bags! But it does make sense, since my undertone is a warm yellow. It’s no wonder the yellowy concealers didn’t work for me that well. Because of the greenish blue, I need a salmony (pinkish) color under the eyes. And the product that I found (Smashbox x Becca) actually both neutralizes the unwanted color and brightens at the same time!

There’s also purplish blue under my eyes. And for that I need something more orange, more my skin color. So I still use two products, but I think of it like this:

Before & After

First I just do a thin layer of concealer that somewhat matches my skin. It’s like a foundation to my under eyes. This already gets rid of some of the unwanted color, at least most of the purplish blue.
When I say thin layer, I really mean it. Again, not trying to look like a painting. Just human.

After that, I finish the job with a neutralizing brightening concealer. And here I use the new color: a concealer that leans slightly to pink, rather than yellow or orange. The concealer I have is quite creamy, so using two products works and isn’t drying or too much. This product I use even less than the first one, focusing it where I need it.

1. Before makeup 2. Tarte shape tape concealer 3. Becca x Smashbox Corrector 4. Finished result
1. Before 2. After Tarte shape concealer 3. After Tarte concealer  + Becca x Smashbox Corrector 4. After

So in a nutshell, the colors that I need are a bit of orange and a bit of pink. Who would have thought.
Also, I have to note. Wearing eye makeup is a good distraction from the dark circles.


Awesome concealers I swear by and buy again and again

*Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector, Fair/Light
*Tarte shape tape Ultra Creamy, 22N
*NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

*Smashbox x Becca Brightening Corrector in Fair/Light – it’s amazing. The consistency feels hydrating and lightweight. It doesn’t emphasize fine lines and it reflects light beautifully. I also love the beautiful jar it comes in, even though it’s not the most hygienic thing (remember to use clean brushes or fingers).

*Tarte shape tape ultra creamy concealer – similar consistency to MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. Lightweight and easy to blend, doesn’t get into the fine lines. I have the shade 22N, which could be my foundation.

*NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
is more of a thicker consistency, but as the name suggests, it’s very creamy. My go-to shades are Custard (close to my skin tone, but slightly darker) or Vanilla (lighter and cooler than my skin).

becca under eye brightening corrector fair light , shape tape ultra creamy 22n swatches

I hope this post was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions!
I want to also remind you, that I’m available for (€) online makeup consultation, if you want more personal advice.




Here are the best beauty advent calendars of 2023! Listing them has become a tradition that not-so-secretly starts my Christmas season every year. I always look forward to searching the most interesting, lovely and fun beauty calendars from different categories. Though I have to admit – the best ones are hard to beat and usually stay great year after year (Rituals I’m looking at you).

Whether it’s affordable or luxury you’re after, I got you, so let’s see what goodies we got!

And yes I know I know, it’s September when I’m posting this – but beauty calendars tend to go fast.
And on the other hand, as I mentioned, I kind of start my season early. If you like that vibe, come follow me on my Christmas Instagram account.


This list updates as new calendars come on sale.

Direct links to the best offers:
*Beauty advent calendars at Lyko
*Beauty advent calendars at Kicks

Benefit All I Want Beauty Advent Calendar 2023

This year Benefit’s calendar has 24 products and it’s really impressive. You’ll find all the best-selling products like the Hoola bronzer, Porefessional (it really does smooth your pores like no other), Roller Lash mascara and not to forget all those great brow products. For true makeup lovers – this calendar is for you!

Benefit All I Want Beauty Advent Calendar

KICKS Beauty Advent Calendar The Expert 2023

Last year I had this calendar and I loved it. There’s a really nice selection of different items from makeup to skincare to hair. You’ll find lots of products from KICKS’ own line Beautyact – which is a good thing, because having tried the brand’s makeup, it’s great. Price is also fair!

*KICKS The Expert Calendar (99€, Kicks)

the body shop advent calendars 2023

The Body Shop
Advent of Change – Big Advent of Change & The Ultimate Advent of Change

The Body Shop tends to offer multiple calendars and so is the case this year as well. The Advent of Change calendar is 79€, Big Advent of Change 109€ and The Ultimate Advent of Change 149€. All of the calendars contain great value with trusted lovely TBS products for bath, body  & hair (no makeup products). The two bigger calendars have 25 boxes, whereas the cheapest one 24.

79 – 149€
*The Body Shop Advent Calendars

Rituals Premium, Deluxe & Classic Advent Calendars 2023

Rituals has three calendars. The biggest difference is that two of those calendars are in a village form, where you get led lights as well. I’ve had that version once, and it looks super cute with the lighted houses. But I have to say, the Classic calendar also looks super cute! When it comes to contents, all of them contain lovely pampering products for body, face and hair. Both the Classic and Premium contain one of my favorite serums for the face: namaste anti-ageing serum.

Rituals Advent Calendars (70,90€, 99,90€, 169,90€
*Rituals Classic Advent Calendar (89,90€ Kicks)

lumene advent calendar 2023

Lumene Nordic Beauty Secrets Advent Calendar 2023

Lumene’s calendars tend to look like beautiful artwork. Not to forget the contents that your skin loves (and needs, in the winter). This year’s calendar offers products from all the different product lines, including the most loved Nordic C and Nordic Hydra. Some makeup there too – good choice if you want a bit of everything and love trying new products.

*Lumene Advent Calendar Nordic Beauty Secrets 2023 (75,92€ Lyko)


Lookfantastic Advent Calendar 2023

This year Lookfantastic’s calendar is quite fantastic. There are some products you tend to see every year, but this year offers more surprises. I like seeing MAC, Medik 8, Rituals and NARS represented, to name a few brands. 27 products, 12 of them full-sized. A nice deal!

*Lookfantastic Advent Calendar 2023 115€




charlotte tillbury beauty advent calendar 23

Charlotte Tillbury ‘Charlotte’s Lucky Chest of Beauty secrets’ Beauty Advent Calendar 2023

This celebrity makeup artist’s calendar tempts me every year and I’m on the waitlist. This wonderful beauty chest contains 12 products, which gives a great chance to try some of the best-selling products like the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand highlighter. But scrolling through the products, I would honestly be happy to try any of those gorgeous products.

Charlotte Tillbury Beauty Advent Calendar 2023

Cult beauty Advent Calendar 2023

Cult beauty’s calendar, as the name suggests, contains some very nice cult classic products. It’s a great pick for someone who wants a big range of makeup, skincare and hair products from bigger, known brands. It contains 39 products, 20 of them full sized! You’ll get your money’s worth at least with Olaplex nro 3 hair perfector (travel size), a Jo Loves ‘Roasted Chestnuts’ small candle, Sunday Riley’s Sunday Genes full sized product (£70) and a really pretty Roen eyeshadow palette (£43).

Cult Beauty Advent Calendar 2023



Neal's Yard's Remedies Beauty Advent Calendar

Neal’s Yard’s Remedies Beauty Advent Calendar 2023


NYR offers you skincare pampering with their dreamy blue calendar. It contains only 12 products, but I’ll let it slide, since I love their products. This calendar is a great chance to try out a natural brand – and get the most basic skincare stuff on the shelf (a hydrating serum, a nourishing face cream, an eye cream and an oil – plus more). £95, worth over £180

Neal’s Yard’s Remedies Beauty Advent Calendar 2023

♡ Affordable beauty advent calendars ♡

makeup revolution beauty advent calendar

Makeup Revolution ’25 days of glam’ Beauty Advent Calendar 2023

When it comes to eyeshadows, lipsticks and pencils, you can get good ones on a budget. This pink calendar puts a smile on my face with the happy (yet wearable!) colors and sparkly textures. A good choice for a makeup lover. 55,95€ worth over £96

Makeup Revolution 25 Days of Glam
*Makeup Revolution 25 Days of Glam (55,95€ Lookfantastic)


essence Advent Calendars Merry Everything & Happy Always & X-Mas Mail DIY

As usual, essence has two calendars. One ready to go and other DIY one, where you wrap the presents yourself. Merry Everything & Happy Always contains a great brow gel and nail polishes. There’s also eyeliner stencils, which sounds interesting! The DIY calendar is also tempting, since it contains two mascaras (the best product you can get from essence, in my opinion), lots of nail polishes and other fun stuff.

*essence Advent Calendar Merry Everything & Happy Always (35€ Lyko)
*essence X-Mas Mail DIY Calendar (30€ Lyko)




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