I feel like nowadays it’s a trend to not wear a bra. Some think it will strengthen the boob muscles and help to boost them. I think that’s nonsense. Gravity will make sure your boobs will eventually loosen up anyways. A good bra gives you support and a beautiful figure while covering and protecting your ladies from the cold. Also I wouldn’t like to show my nipples to the world through all my shirts, even if it’s considered sexy! I value a good bra and my favourite brand is Missya at the moment.  Do you wear a bra? What do you think?

      About life, or something else

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      Do you ever wonder what’s life’s purpose? Or is there one? As a baby you were meant to eat, cry and poop and as a child play as many hours as you could in twentyfour hours. And if you didn’t have the time, you made up the time.

      Now as a grown-up it’s not that simple anymore. Days fill up with everyday tasks and stuff and responsibilities and work. Many has such a rush and speed that their dimples fade away slowly from their smile. Those hours that we made up as kids don’t work anymore.

      Others live for the weekend or holiday. Or their kids. Or for something else. What? For their own dreams?

      Am I wrong to say life’s purpose is to be happy?

      What if we’re meant to be enjoying this? Wake up to a new morning thankful for being here. Those who have lost somebody, or theirselves, know, that life itself is very valuable.

      I can’t wonder life enough. I may wonder it many times a day. I may wonder the sky, the clouds, life, the way the subway hurries and stops in front of me, my friends, sisters, myself and the way time passes us by.

      Time passes by. That’s why we have to make our present a priority. I read ten years old poems written by young me and I was amazed. I feel like it was yesterday when I wrote this:


      (a small piece of my poem translated in english)

      “and some say

      that all life dies tomorrow

      or at the latest on thursday

      and it never dies “

      Getting your exact thoughts on paper is an amazing feeling.

      That is all I want to say to you. Today.

      Because what ever happens in life, rain and clouds, people pulling you down, you slip, you fall..

      life never dies and you deserve to be happy.