My most popular posts in 2020

how to apply foundation correctly

Merry Christmas! I hope you’re spending it in a way that you like. I also hope you have enough chocolate.

I bet blogs are full of well wishes today, so I thought I could share some of the most popular posts here in 2020. If you’re new in my beauty blog, now is a great opportunity to take a little dive into the content I create!



My most popular posts in 2020


  1. The best beauty advent calendars 2020
    I love Christmas and I love doing this post every year, so I’m happy to start the list with this one.
  2. How to: makeup for round deep set eyes
    I did my friend’s makeup and created a tutorial for you. Actually two!dos and donts for deep set eyes makeup
  3. Do’s and Don’t for deep set eyes (and lightly hooded eyes)
    I didn’t realize how helpful it would be to show you what not to do. I’ll definitely keep this in mind in the future and try and come up with another do’s and and don’ts post.
  4. How to apply foundation for a natural flawless finish
    Everything you need to know to create a beautiful flawless base for your makeup.
  5. Brow lamination – the best beauty treatment for your brows
    The title says it all. I’m positively hooked on this treatment, I think I did it three times last year.
  6. Scalp problems , seborrheic dermatitis & the curly girl method
    Dandruff and dryness are real. Luckily I found a solution and now my scalp is doing much better.
  7. Curly girl method in a nutshell
    I feel like the whole curly girl routine can be quite overwhelming. In this post I just focused on the basics.
  8. Madara’s organic makeup – natural beauty products you need to try
    I made both a youtube video, where I show you the application and do a little review and a blog post with photos and everything. I’m actually pretty proud of that video, so I’m happy this did well.
  9. Everyday makeup from Clarins – Natural Lip Perfector & Joli blush review + swatches
    I shared some of my favorite products from Clarins, that I use in my every day makeup.
  10. YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint foundation review
    Foundations have a special place in my heart and I like reviewing them. YSL Touche Eclat is a good one.


Now – I would love to hear your feedback on this year’s content. What posts or post did you like this year?

Makeup Monday: Rosanna

Monday Makeup

This post contains *adlinks and pr-samples

As long as I’ve read beauty blogs, makeover posts have always been my favorite. There’s just something fascinating about seeing before and after photos – and what makeup can do.

I’ve shared makeup looks done by me before here, but I kind of wanted to bring it back. And what other day is better than Monday, right?

In my Monday Makeup series I have chosen some interesting people to sit in my makeup chair and fulfilled my vision for their makeup. Here is the first one: Gorgeous Rosanna.
Monday Makeup blog series

Makeup Monday: Rosanna

Rosanna is an influencer, a role model and a business owner. She does a bit of everything: podcast, blogging, videos, instagram and she even runs Miss Helsinki competition. I think what she does with her social media channels and businesses is so inspiring. I can’t help, but respect and look up to her. She is all about empowering women, staying positive and showing an example of what hard work can do.

Rosanna’s joy is so contagious you can’t help but smile meeting her. She was such a sweetheart and trusted me to do her makeup entirely.

bobbi brown lux eyeshadow heat ray high octane swatches
Bobbi Brown High Octane & Heat Ray eyeshadow swatches. Such a beautiful metallic shine!

For Rosanna’s makeup I had a clear vision: glowy sunkissed skin and eyes with a little blue twist. I think Rosanna’s beautiful freckles and warm skin made the blue really pop and it was just enough to make the makeup interesting, but still wearable. For her lips I chose a rosy nude pink instead of the usual nude lip. That lipstick shade is actually my long time favorite lipstick, and also something I’ve blogged about before. Yes, I still think it’s the best lipstick in the world.

Other stars in the show are the *Bobbi Brown Heat Ray Eyeshadow, which is just a gorgeous golden color, *Madara’s CC-Cream, that brings just enough tint and glow to the skin and obviously the highlighter – that is subtle, yet still very sparkly.

And hey – make sure to check out Rosanna’s Instagram!


the beautyblender Bounce Foundation 3.30 (just a drop to make the CC cream darker)
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette
*Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Eyeshadow, Heat Ray

Most of the products are gifted to me as pr-samples.

What do you think of this look? Are you excited for my new Makeup Monday series?
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