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    My sister took these photos while we went on a little walk. I love nature and always will. I live in the “big” city but there will always be a part of me that is from a small town higher up on the map. That girl wants to go to the forest and not wear any makeup or fancy clothes. Being outdoor and just walking and breathing the fresh air is the best form of therapy for both mind and soul.


      I feel like nowadays it’s a trend to not wear a bra. Some think it will strengthen the boob muscles and help to boost them. I think that’s nonsense. Gravity will make sure your boobs will eventually loosen up anyways. A good bra gives you support and a beautiful figure while covering and protecting your ladies from the cold. Also I wouldn’t like to show my nipples to the world through all my shirts, even if it’s considered sexy! I value a good bra and my favourite brand is Missya at the moment.  Do you wear a bra? What do you think?