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beautiful but quiet

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Jacket –  Second hand | Scarf – Kappahl | Pants – Only | Bag – Björn Borg | Shoes – Vagabond | Earrings – Hopea-Puro

Facebook has started to remind ourselves of our memories, things shared in the past. I find them funny and lovely – usually the memories are something happy and positive – good moments, that we have wanted to share. But obviously, there are some other things too, things that other people have posted on your profile, posts about people that you have lost and etc.

Today, Facebook reminded me of a guy, that posted on my profile. It was some game, where you needed to post your first impressions of a person on his or her profile. The post said “Beautiful, but quiet”.

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As in, I am beautiful, but not good enough – not entertaining enough – certainly not the light of the party. On the comment section we changed a few words and the guy asked me why I was so quiet and I responded with something like ‘it’s always the quiet ones’. What I was trying to say with that, was that I had more on my mind, than what was seen on the outside. What I was desperately trying to signal, was that I was worth getting to know to, but I wasn’t one of those, who let people close easily.

Well – I hardly knew that guy and remembering that time, I was hanging out with friends, that I am no longer in contact with.

But I still sometimes hear that accusation. Being quiet – there must be something wrong with me? Am I not happy?

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And there lays the mistake – thinking, that only people, who are constantly talking, laughing and smiling are happy. People, who make friends easily and socialize around. People who let it be known, let it be heard.

To be honest, I’m not really sure why I started to write about this subject in the first place. I’m not sure, if I know what I really want to say with it. But what I do know, is that there is a certain peace in knowing yourself, knowing your worth and appreciating your life. That peace creates a happy feeling, that doesn’t only show on your lips, but feels all the way in your feet.

Sometimes all you need is to not to talk with people, but to simply know that they are there.

And if it looks like it’s beautiful, but quiet – so be it. I was never about much noise anyway.

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Photos & hair: Susanna Poméll/Healthyhair


10 Replies to “Beautiful, but quiet”

  1. Hiljaisista usein ajatellaan, että he ovat jotenkin ylpeitä tai toiset jopa pelkäävät lähestyä. Itsehän olin lapsena koulussa niin hiljainen, että opettaja antoi sen vuoksi mulle käytöksestä 9. Sanoi, ettei voi antaa kymppiä, että mun pitäisi puhua enemmän. Todella reilua hei. 😀 Mä olen nykyään pienissä ryhmissä hyvinkin puhelias, mutta isossa ryhmässä edelleen takuulla se hiljaisin.

    1. Joo totta, ehkä sen takia mulle ei tuu ikinä tuntemattomat puhumaan. 😀 Aika reilua peliä opettajalta tosiaan. 😀 Mitä vanhemmaksi oon tullut, niin sitä puheliaammaksi oon muuttunut, mutta parhaimmillani oon kyllä pienessä porukassa minäkin. 🙂

  2. Voin samaistua niin hyvin!! En itsekään ole sitä tyyppiä, joka päästäisi uusia ihmisiä helposti lähelleen tai olisi joukossa se huomion keskipiste. Mutta onneksi tätä luonteenpiirrettä on oppinut arvostamaan vanhemmiten, sen mukana kun tulee liuta mitä upeimpia piirteitä.❤️

  3. Omg this was simply beautiful to read! There is a certain calmness and beauty that comes from knowvand accepting yourself and all your attributes! Just lovely

    xx Lena

  4. I totally relate to your article. So beautifully written also, Love it!

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