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beautiful but quiet

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Jacket –  Second hand | Scarf – Kappahl | Pants – Only | Bag – Björn Borg | Shoes – Vagabond | Earrings – Hopea-Puro

Facebook has started to remind ourselves of our memories, things shared in the past. I find them funny and lovely – usually the memories are something happy and positive – good moments, that we have wanted to share. But obviously, there are some other things too, things that other people have posted on your profile, posts about people that you have lost and etc.

Today, Facebook reminded me of a guy, that posted on my profile. It was some game, where you needed to post your first impressions of a person on his or her profile. The post said “Beautiful, but quiet”.

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As in, I am beautiful, but not good enough – not entertaining enough – certainly not the light of the party. On the comment section we changed a few words and the guy asked me why I was so quiet and I responded with something like ‘it’s always the quiet ones’. What I was trying to say with that, was that I had more on my mind, than what was seen on the outside. What I was desperately trying to signal, was that I was worth getting to know to, but I wasn’t one of those, who let people close easily.

Well – I hardly knew that guy and remembering that time, I was hanging out with friends, that I am no longer in contact with.

But I still sometimes hear that accusation. Being quiet – there must be something wrong with me? Am I not happy?

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And there lays the mistake – thinking, that only people, who are constantly talking, laughing and smiling are happy. People, who make friends easily and socialize around. People who let it be known, let it be heard.

To be honest, I’m not really sure why I started to write about this subject in the first place. I’m not sure, if I know what I really want to say with it. But what I do know, is that there is a certain peace in knowing yourself, knowing your worth and appreciating your life. That peace creates a happy feeling, that doesn’t only show on your lips, but feels all the way in your feet.

Sometimes all you need is to not to talk with people, but to simply know that they are there.

And if it looks like it’s beautiful, but quiet – so be it. I was never about much noise anyway.

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Photos & hair: Susanna Poméll/Healthyhair

Can I just take a moment?

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beauty lifestyle blog

Can I just take a moment to write about what’s going on right now with my life? Because my brain feels all smushy, but I still want to write to you (and take a nap).

I hate to complain or write about negative things, when I don’t feel like I’ve already overcome those things, but today I’ll have to. And anyway, that’s just life and it’s not that serious, not really.

Long story short: this Fall hasn’t been the greatest for me. I’ve had some problems with my health and I’ve been sick a lot. I feel like I’m good with the mental side of things – I find it easy to be happy and productive, when my physical self is doing at least okay. But when my body is forcing myself to bed, it’s extremely hard to stay positive. I’ve also discovered I’m a bit of a workaholic – and I hate that I haven’t been able to work as much as I’d like to.

Luckily it’s my favorite time of the year – the time, when I’m filled with childish joy and excitement. I’ve already put up a small Christmas tree, and there are lights on the balcony and a star by the window. I guess now if never is the time to take it easy, enjoy the calmness that those cold winter nights provide and be grateful for what you already have.

Hope you are all well,
x Charlotta

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Photos: Jasmin (and the jacket is hers)