Fall trends: Leather & fur

Fall style leather pants fake fur

fall style leather

fall style leather fur

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Besides the beauty trends, I’m super inspired by Fall fashion. There are a few trusted items, that have been waiting in my closet. Now that the leaves have started falling and my coffee has turned into chai latte, those items are out.This outfit features all my favorites this season – leather pants, fur and a comfy knit. And a pop of colour in my makeup, obviously.

Leather pants – VILA
Knit – Second hand
Fake fur – VERO MODA (from my jacket)
Shoes – Vagabond
Jacket – Soaked in Luxury

Here’s a fun fact: My first public blog was about clothes and my style. Believe it or not, I used to wear super colorful clothes and be super into style altogether. I wore 3 inch tall yellow heels to school with dungarees and I did not give a damn!

During the years my passion for fashion has changed to passion for beauty and makeup. I think it’s been like that, because I have been still searching for my style. Being the weird kid all my childhood and dressing up like a goth, rocker or a colorful kawaii girl – it took some time for me to actually find a style, that I feel comfortable in. For a few years, I was happy to be ‘blending in’.

It’s only now, being in my twenties, that I feel like I’ve found my style. Or going in the right direction, at least. I love a simple, classic look. I like clothes, that make me feel good. And clothes, that actually feel good too.

I love this outfit and I could wear it everyday. You would think that leather pants are uncomfortable, but these are actually super comfortable. I own two pairs, because once you find something that suits you 100% – you throw your money at it.

If you’re bumping into me on the streets of Helsinki, I’ll probably be wearing these bad boys.

What do you think of this outfit? Do Fall trends inspire you?

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fall style fur

fall style fur

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Happy toes (and me)

zuii organic makeup

orange dress riga

orange dress

zuii organic makeup


Ah, summer.

The time everyone seems to always be waiting for, that usually does reward pretty well. The sun shines from day to night and it makes you wake up with a smile on your face. There seems to be endless light and darkness is just a distant memory somewhere at the very back of your head. You don’t think about it, you throw sandals and swim rings at it, if anything. You open a wine bottle. Or you drink champagne, just because. Now is the time to play, to dance and to live.

The whole world looks new. Suddenly the park nearby looks magical with all the colorful flowers and the roads are lighter to walk on. You pack up your food and eat it on a bench or on a blanket – or anywhere really, except indoors.

You enjoy the warmth, and fret the rain.
You sweat and give up on finding a foundation that would last the whole day (just kidding, I’ve found the perfect combo).
Freckles and tangled hair is pretty much all you are now.

There’s still some summer left, right?
And if not, it left me feeling light and my toes very happy.

orange dress

Hair & photos – Susanna Pomell / Healthyhair (edit by me)
Dress – Orange
Makeup Zuii Organic (Blossom, Blackberry, Chestnut and Jade eye shadows & Begonia and Plum lipsticks)

zuii organic makeup

Here is a small throwback to Summer – let’s see how many I need to do to survive the next Winter. Just kidding, I’ll be fine – I’m actually excited for Fall and Winter (did someone say Christmas?).

On July I met up with a friend, Susanna Pomell from Healthyhair -blog and boy were my toes happy on that day! And not only, because I got to play a fairy in a beautiful wonderland without any shoes. Okay, maybe mainly because of that. I did Susanna’s makeup and she did my hair and we went to this rose park (Alppiruusupuisto) in Helsinki. Sadly we were a bit late to the rose party (the roses are at their best in Spring/early Summer), but it was nice nevertheless. If you are visiting Helsinki and want to see something else than the center, take a bus to Haaga and enjoy the Finnish nature. The garden isn’t big, but it is beautiful and you get to walk on these wooden planks – there’s just something about them that makes you feel like a kid again.

I’ll definitely visit it again next Spring. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the photos.