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sleek palette


In my lookfantastic calendar (which was awesome, by the way!) I got *Sleek’s A New Day palette. I already have two other Sleek eyeshadow palettes so I knew what to expect from their makeup. Basically Sleek’s palettes are very inexpensive and good. The price-ratio quality is on point. The palettes come with a mirror, but otherwise are pretty plain.

Sleek A New Day Palette

This palette is a nice every day palette with warm and cool neutral tones. It has a few interesting shades like a light shimmer color with a hint of lime green (the first color), a beautiful cool-toned rose gold color (the second color) and your basic gold shimmer (third on the bottom row).

sleek a new day palette makeup

I challenged myself to use the palette three days in a row and create different makeup looks with it. These looks ended up being quite my everyday looks. It’s no wonder, since the palette is perfect for simple looks.

Makeup 1: Soft & Shimmery

everyday makeup sleek palette

everyday makeup sleek palette

The first look: as simple as it gets! I contoured my eye according to my own tips about deep set/hooded eyes and brought lots of light to my lid with light shimmer colors. I also used the cool lime shimmer color, not sure if you can see it? It’s a very subtle green hue.

I used to never do eyeliner, but ever since I got the mellow cosmetics Precision Pen Eyeliner, I’ve been doing it more. I guess I just needed to find the perfect eyeliner first.

My skin base was done with Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation*, which I’ve been using non stop ever since I got in November. Mascara is *essence Lash Princess Mascara.

Makeup 2: Cool tones

My own sister didn’t recognize me at first with this look. I tried something new with my hair and I like it! A sleek low bun is a nice change to my usual curly crazy hair.

The eye look is basically this look, which I have a tutorial for. It’s all about definition and cool tones, though nowadays I prefer warmer colors.

On my lips I have *NYX Butter gloss in Crème Brulee. It smells delicious. The base is done with Lily Lolo foundation* and mascara is *essence Lash Princess Mascara.

Makeup 3: Warm copper

Warm copper really brings out the blue in my eyes! I love a messy look like this. The gold color is actually darker in real life and looked more like a smokey eye.

On my lips I have jane iredale Lip Fixation, Content. Base is Lily Lolo’s foundation and mascara is essence’s Princess Lash.

sleek a new day palette

Sleek A New Day Palette* 10,45€


What is your favorite look out of these three? Mine is possibly the third.

Tutorial: Multitasking with makeup

It may sound weird, but whenever I’m doing other people’s makeup – I usually am too busy to do my own face. I like to do my makeup in peace, but on work days I just feel like there’s not enough time – or maybe I just prefer using the time to enjoy my coffee. I still want to look professional so I do wear makeup (obviously if I’m doing your makeup, you’re gonna judge my makeup/my skills a bit). But for work occassions, I usually get ready pretty quickly.

Let’s take this makeup, for example. Here I’m wearing a good base, mascara and some color on my brows. Then I took three products and used them all over the face to make it look like I made more of an effort. I multitasked with three products to save time. And to make the makeup look more fun and to show my personality.

Scared to use colors in your makeup? Here are great tips to use color in your everyday makeup, subtly.

The three products that worked for the whole face are a blush, a lipstick and a highlighting palette.

Here is a quick tutorial on how multitask with those three products and get ready quickly!

Before After quick makeup

A blush
I used a peachy pink blush on my cheeks and as an eyeshadow. They match perfectly so it looks great – you don’t have to worry about your blush arguing with your lid color. You can apply it with a brush or with your fingers – I just used my fingers.quick makeup tutorial

  1. Apply the blush at the center of the cheeks and blend upwards. This works best for square-face shapes, but it can work for other face shapes as well. It gives you a young, fresh look.fresh makeup tutorial
  2. Apply the blush all over the lid and a bit above the crease – so that you can see the color a bit when eyes are open.

A lipstick
 I used a fresh pink lipstick on my lips and also as an eyeshadow. I have worn lipstick on my eyes before too (post!), but of course you need to be sure it’s safe for your eyes. Zuii’s lipstick is organic and made from natural oils, waxes etc. so it’s safe for my eyes too. Actually, if you look at their ingredient list they have pretty similar ingredients! I took a tiny bit of the lipstick on my little finger and used it on my outer corner to give my eyes a bit of an contour.multitasking makeup

3. Apply the lipstick to your lips as usual. If it tends to get to your fine lines, line your lips first.

lipstick as eyeshadow

4. Take a bit of the lipstick to your index finger and press it on the outer corners of your eyes. Blend it upwards and towards your lids, in a V-shape. It acts as a cream eye shadow, so it’s super easy to blend.

A highlighter
Highlighter, the perfect way to make your skin look glowy and fresh! Highlight also works great as an eyeshadow. I applied the highlight on my face and on my inner corners.


5. Highlight your face the way you want. The pink dots show you, where to highlight. (Of course, you apply it wherever you like. You choose your glow level.)

inner corner highlight
6. Apply the higlighter to your inner corners. Here I used a brush, just because my fingers are too clumsy for such small area.

When you’re using the same stuff all over your face – they are obviously gonna match perfectly.

multitask your makeup

What do you think of this look? Do you ever use products this way? 


Zuii Organic Melon Blush* (Post: NARS Orgasm VS. Zuii Organic Melon)
Zuii Organic Sheer Lipstick in Daisy* (Post: Spring colors)
Sleek Solstice Higlighting Palette,* ‘Hemisphere’ (Post: Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette)

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