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milk1422 inspired makeup

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face chart inspired makeupmilk1422 makeup

I love face charts. They are inspirational and even though it’s a totally different story to do makeup on a real face, you can draw inspiration from them. I truly feel, that makeup has no rules and I love that about face charts: you can try different color placements and new tricks. Milk 1422 is definitely one of my favourite face chart artists, and this look was inspired by him and the face chart seen here.

This was also a collab between seven Finnish beauty bloggers. You can find face chart makeup on all of their blogs, linked here. Special thanks to Mari for coming up with this idea – it was fun to create something different for a change! And thanks to Hannamaria for choosing me the face chart.

The diary of a true shopaholic
Maria Glow
Mizz Annie
Miss Aria

face chart makeup

P.S. Those are my natural curls! I’ve been doing some research and learning to treat curly hair. I always knew I had curly hair, but I was still surprised to see it that curly.

P.P.S. I started to watch Game of Thrones from the start, so suddenly the world doesn’t seem that dark anymore, haha. Anyone else doing this? I mean – are there any other options, since it’s a year’s wait ’till new episodes?


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  1. Hei meillä oli sama face chart! Aika hauskaa ja kiva nähdä miten eri tavoin ollaan molemmat tuota tulkittu ^_^ Tosi upea toteutus sulla! <3

    1. Joo katoin samaa! Jännä tosiaan, miten oma kädenjälki ja tulkinta muuttaa sitä lookkia. Sunkin oli ihana <3

  2. Taru/MissAria says: Reply

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    Tää oliki kiva meikki 😀 Ja ihanan hehkeän meikin teit!!

  3. Kaunis toteutus ja hauska, et sulla ja Marialla oli sama, miten erilaiset, mutta niin hienot! 🙂

  4. Wow Charlotta you look absolutely amazing with these lovely curls and the result is so beautiful, you are so talented! I plan to re-watch the GoT episodes too, it will be so weird to watch the first episodes where everyone was alive haha! I read some theories the other day on who is the night king and I don’t want to know, didn’t like these theories at all!!! x


    1. Thank you <3 I already watched the season 1 and it's crazy how much happened already on those ten first episodes..

  5. Upean meikin olet tehnyt ja vitsi miten hauskan erikoinen tuo face chart on! 🙂 Kiitos kun lähdit mukaan, tää oli tosi hauskaa <3

    1. Kiitos sulle <3 joo toi face chart on ihana!

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    Milk1422 on ihana <3 Tykkään sun lopputuloksesta, vaaleanpunaista silmissä, poskilla ja huulilla näyttää tosi kivalta!

  7. So mch highlight! It looks stunning on you, but would be too much pink for my taste. I never thought about drawing inspiration from face charts, but I will take a closer look at them in the future.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpaging

    1. Thank you! I usually prefer a bit less, but wanted to add more for photos. 🙂

  8. I love this makeup look and how you interpreted it! Face charts are so inspirational I used to spend hours looking at the ones created by the MAC MUAs.

    Amy – https://amyevans.co.uk

    1. Right? Thank you. 🙂

  9. Mizz Annie says: Reply

    Tosi hieno toteutus! Erityisesti tykkään siitä miten oot saanut ton pinkin tuikahtelemaan tossa luomen keskellä. 🙂

    1. Kiitos! Siinä oli haasteensa, ihanaa että huomasit. <3

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