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Let’s talk about foundations. The base for all makeup.

What is the perfect base? What is the perfect foundation? Is it cheap, is it expensive or is it easily available? Is it about the longevity, the pigment or the finish? Is it about skincare and what it does to your pores?

It’s tricky if you really think about it. I have some amazing foundations that are not-so-amazing skincare-wise. Some foundations tend to break me out and cause pimples. That is so not the direction I want to go with my skin. So most days I wear a foundation that cares for my skin while looking amazing.

‘Cause the perfect foundation really does it all: it looks amazing, it lasts all day long, it’s reasonably priced and it doesn’t contain any chemicals that irritate the skin or clog pores. Makeup is worn all day every day so of course it’s gonna have an impact on your skin condition.

I’m talking – of course – about mineral makeup.

Mineral makeup is purely that: minerals, that  are naturally preserved and free of irritants. Minerals form a filter that protect your skin while letting it ‘breathe’ and function normally. Mineral makeup lasts longer than traditional cosmetics and since it doesn’t contain water is hygienic and cannot support bacteria. That’s why mineral makeup is also beneficial for acne-prone skin as well as any skin type. Minerals are naturally anti-inflammatory so they help soothe irritated skin.

Now let me tell you this one thing before I continue – there are difference in different brands and their mineral makeup. I’ve tried many brands and can honestly tell you this: Pandhy’s mineral makeup is so far the best brand I’ve tried. Here is why: it lasts longer on my skin. It stays more matte. I only need a little product for my whole face. I doesn’t contain silicones or anything ‘extra’ that’s only gonna do my skin harm.

Lately I’ve been using Pandhy’s loose mineral foundation, Illuminizer and an organic liner. The foundation and the Illuminizer both come in a loose powdery form and they can be used in three different ways. They’re basically just pure pigment so you can use them dry, mixed with lotion or mixed with liquid such as water or a toner.

I’m in love with this foundation – my skin looks radiant and beautiful yet it looks natural just like my own skin. And that’s the beauty of mineral makeup – it looks like your skin but better.

Here is a before-after photo of the loose mineral foundation applied with a kabuki.

.. And full face using the liner on my eyes, brows and lips. Illuminizer on the cheeks & lids. (+Mascara & lashes).

Here is a swatch of the Illuminizer mixed with lipbalm and water. Then there’s the foundation mixed with water and a lotion.

In this photo I’m wearing the loose mineral foundation mixed with water.


DIY-lipgloss (Radiant + lipbalm) and an easy soft smokey eye (Liner 2684+Radiant on top).

I use the loose mineral foundation dry. It’s the quickest and the easiest way to do it. I take some product on the lid, swirl my kabuki in it and then (and this is important!) I tap the bottom of my kabuki with the brush head facing upwards so that the minerals settle into the brush evenly. You only need very little product for your whole face so you want to be careful when first applying it.

The same goes to the Illuminizer – a little goes a long way!  You want to do the brush-tap with this too.
I love to mix the illuminizer with my lipbalm to give my lips a DIY lipgloss. My shade is Radiant 403 which is perfect for giving my cheeks some healthy color and glow but I also love it as an eyeshadow.

The organic liner shade is 2684 and it’s really a multipurpose liner. It’s good for brows and eyes and even lips. For brows I applied it with a brush to get a soft definition. It’s great for a suble smokey eye too – just apply it all over the lid and smoke it out. On the photo I also applied some Illuminizer on top of it to get a bit dimension on my eyes.

Are there any other mineral makeup fans out there? What do you think of these three-product looks that I created?


Alima Pure review

charlotta eve

*The products were sent to me by Jolie.fi for a review

A while back Inka texted me (or whatsapped – who even texts anymore?) and asked if I’d like to be her model in this nice coffee shop where she was supposed to take photos for a magazine. I said yes of course and did my makeup and outfit to suit the photoshoot. I was inspired by some new makeup items from Alima Pure and decided to create a look around this beautiful blush and a new eye pencil. I really love that intense pink ruby color! I used the blush on my eyes too and matched my lips with them. I wanted to keep this look warm so I paired the pink color with warm browns and orange colors. Full product list is in the end.

Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Blush in Garnet

This is a loose powder mineral blush with an amazing pigment. Alima Pure has two types of blushes: matte and shimmer. I usually like my blush to have some shimmer in it so this product was perfect for me. I feel like the shimmer is quite fine so it doesn’t look like giant clumps of glitter on your cheeks. It actually brightens your cheeks and therefore your whole face – whilst giving them some shimmer. Since this is a loose powder it’s a bit tricky to get just the right amount of product but anyone who’s used to mineral makeup probably does it better than I do.
This is great blush with great color and it goes on smoothly since it’s mineral based.

Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil in Ink

This is a really black eye pencil that almost looks wet when applied. The word Ink actually describes it pretty well. It has jojoba oil, natural wax and chamomile in it’s ingredients so it should work for sensitive eyes too. It lasts long and is a good natural choice for a regular eye kohl.

alima pure review


Clarins Everlasting Foundation in Nude
Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Blush in Garnet

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Vice 4
Alima Pure Natural Definition Eye Pencil in Ink
Eylure lashes

Clarins Rouge in Candy Pink

photos of me Inka Lähteenaro

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