Lumene Natural Glow Foundation – honest review

lumene foundation review



Lumene’s Natural Glow Foundation is one of their most popular products and for a good reason: it’s an affordable foundation that evens out the complexion leaving – as promised – a beautiful glow on the face.

I love foundations, but I’m quite picky on them. Several boxes need to be checked for me for them to make it on my beauty blog. However, I have reached for Lumene’s foundation so many times now, I have to admit: I do love this foundation. I’m a busy bee nowadays and my makeup needs to happen fast. This I can just apply with my fingers so it saves me time and effort.

lumene natural glow foundation beauty blog

Lumene Natural Glow Foundation review

Lumene is a Finnish brand that all Finns know. I would think most women at least have used a product from them. It’s funny, but I feel a sense of pride every time I see Lumene mentioned in a review or in a video abroad.

Three out of four makeup customers of mine bring a bottle of Lumene foundation with them. Several of my friends have said they wear this particular foundation. To be perfectly honest – for me it wasn’t love at first sight with this foundation. I’m pretty sure my skincare products at the time didn’t mix that well with some ingredients, because I couldn’t make it work. But then one day I tried it again and I was amazed.

And now I use it too.

Natural-looking foundation, that gives glow

What I like most about this foundation is the gorgeous packaging, easy-to-apply consistency and a natural look and feel on the skin. Most of the time I apply it with my fingers, but it also works with a beautyblender. Brush I rarely use, just out of habit.

The foundation evens out my complexion by hiding small imperfections or redness – yet it’s glowy and light enough so that my skin still looks like my skin. The texture is smooth, creamy and buildable. Though I don’t think you need that much product, because a little goes a long way with this one.

My shade is 1.5 fair, which I would describe as quite neutral. It has more red than most of my foundations, but not so much I can’t use it. Usually I prefer yellow-based shades, because those disappear into my skin best.

As to the longevity, I think this foundation performs just fine. It lasts a regular day with me. At the end of the day I might shine a little bit more, but there’s powder for that. Anyway, I’ve always thought that foundation can and should live a little on the skin. That’s also why I prefer natural-looking foundations – it looks great even if it wears out a bit. With a full coverage matte foundation however – you notice easier if it starts to wear off.

lumene natural glow foundation review

All in all, a lovely foundation

The only minor aspect I would change on the product is its scent. It’s not particularly strong, nor unpleasant, but it’s something I notice. I should mention, though, that I rarely use perfumes. Most of my skincare products are either unscented or have natural scents that evaporate quickly, so I’m more accustomed to those. Nevertheless, I continue to use this foundation because it’s great. Plus, its application is just as swift on my skin as tinted moisturizers, which I happen to adore as well.

But since I’m on the subject of perfumes and scents. In a perfect world, everything would just smell like vanilla. I love vanilla.

lumene natural glow foundation review

All in all, this is a lovely foundation and I understand why so many love it.

Have you tried this foundation? 

*Lumene Natural Glow foundation (
*Lumene Natural Glow foundation (


P.S. If you’re interested in the brand, I have also tried some of Lumene’s skincare products!


Skincare routine for dry skin & best dry skin products

my sister's skincare routine dry skin

If you have dry skin, you already know that a good skincare routine is crucial for you. That’s why I collected the best dry skin products in this post, with a little help from my sister.

What is dry skintype?

A normal skin produces both sebum and sweat, which together create an acid mantle. That is the skin’s barrier, which protects the skin from dryness, bacteria, air pollutants and other external threats. Dry skin type doesn’t produce enough sebum, which is why the skin appears dry and sensitive. Basically the acid mantle isn’t working properly. On dry skin the pores aren’t really visible or they’re small.

Dry skin demands oil and moisture. It can be more or less sensitive. It can’t take certain ingredients and it can react to things like weather quite dramatically, since the acid mantle isn’t fully there to take the hit.

dry skin skincare
Dry skin. Here is Annika and her beautiful skin. You can see she takes good care of it! Her beauty therapist-sister must be proud.

My sister Annika has a dry skin, which, you wouldn’t necessarily believe, if you didn’t know better. She takes such good care of her skin, it basically looks flawless.

Only fair to share her skincare secrets, right?

Besides sharing her current routine, Annika also shared all of her favorite products for dry skin.

skincare products for dry skin



1. Toner – *Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion
2. Serum – *Novexpert Booster Serum 
3. Oil – *Pura D’Or Organic Argan oil
4. Moisturizer – *Loccitane Aqua Reotier Ultra-Thirst Quenching Cream
5. Eye Cream – *Natura Siberica Siberian Ginseng Eye Cream




On mornings, Annika just wipes her face clean with a toner. Currently she is using Biotherm’s hydrating & softening lotion. Usually she can’t use products that contain alcohol, but this particular product is working fine. Long time favorite toner of hers is *Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion


Serum & Argan oil

Annika uses a moisturizing serum before applying the oil. Two of her favorite serums are *Novexpert Booster Serum with Hyaluronic acid and Estelle Thild BioHydrate Thirst Relief serum.

Argan oil is the most important thing in Annika’s routine. It’s actually an oil that I love to use on my skin as well. It’s safe to say that it’s an oil, that is suitable for all skin types and problems: dryness, wrinkles, blemishes, acne scars and even acne. My sister also sometimes uses argan oil in her makeup: she just mixes a few drops in her foundation.


Right now Annika uses *L’occitane AquaReotier Ultra-Thirst Quenching Cream, which I gave her to try. Other great moisturizers Annika likes to use are *Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Rich Cream and *Novexpert The Repulp Cream.

I like to think I taught my sisters the importance of an eye cream. An eye cream is a part of Annika’s routine and I’m proud. Taking care of that thin skin around our eyes is important. *Natura Siberica Siberian Ginseng Eye Cream is very moisturizing, but doesn’t feel heavy.

P.S. Check out my post on L’Occitane Aqua Reotier products!

dry skin skincare routine


1. Makeup remover – *Makeup eraser
2. Skin Cleanser – *Lumene Valo Balm Cleanser
3. Toner – *Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion
4. Serum – *Novexpert Booster Serum
5. Oil – *Pura D’Or Organic Argan oil
6. Moisturizer – *Loccitane Aqua Reotier Ultra-Thirst Quenching Cream
7. Eye Cream – *Natura Siberica Siberian Ginseng Eye Cream


Makeup eraser

Annika uses makeup eraser to remove all her makeup in the evening. The original makeup eraser is very soft and it’s indeed gentle enough even for a dry skin. She has used this for a few years now.

It’s seriously so effective, but soft as a feather. Or heaven. (I ended up buying it and I love it.)


Annika’s favorite skin cleanser is unfortunately discontinued (Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel). I would recommend Lumene Valo Balm Cleanser, which has that same balmy oily consistency.


After the double cleansing, it’s the same toner + oil + moisturizer + eye cream combo than it is on the mornings.




Weekly exfoliating and masking is crucial even for dry skin. Getting rid of those dead skin cells helps the toners and moisturizers to do their magic even better.

When you choose the right products, it’s not too drying, I promise. I gave Annika Lumene’s Nordic-C Glow Reveal Peeling Mask as I felt it was very gentle and could work for her. Happy I did, because it’s now dry-skin approved. I wrote a post about Lumene Valo products here.

Other masks that Annika likes to use are moisturizing *sheet masks (from korean brands mostly) and acid-containing exfoliants (like the Lumene one mentioned above).

And sometimes (not weekly, more like once or twice per month) she uses a more effective mud mask. But she never applies the mud mask on the most sensitive areas which are her cheeks and forehead. If she does a mud mask she only applies it on her nose and chin.

my sister's skincare routine

Thank you dear sister for helping me put this post together! Hopefully this helps all the dry-skinned beauties out there. Would you like to see more posts like this? I’m thinking of some makeup recommendations, dry skin approved?

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