Just cut it!

short long hair wavy curly

Just cut it.

Sounds simple, but sometimes it’s so hard to get rid of something that is so attached to you. Such as, your hair.

I don’t know why I’ve always felt like I need to have long hair. Like, I’ve actually felt ugly and insecure if it was short. Maybe it has something to do with the two times I’ve cut my hair super short and immediately regretted it. Like, I’ve done it without giving it much of a thought. Which, though, sounds like a typical Charlotta.

But a while back I got to the conclusion that my hair was just not doing me any favors. Cutting my hair much shorter was something I actually had thought about for a longer time – even though the decision happened quickly (like, do you know the feeling when you just need something to happen NOW?). You know I’m all about those natural curls, but my hair was so long and the ends were so damaged, they hardly managed to curl at all.

So I guess I did it for the curls. 

big chop before after
Before and after!

And I have no regrets! I love my shorter hair. Which is still long. It’s like short long hair. Or long short hair. Or a long bob? Be it whatever – it curls so much better now and actually that’s what’s making it appear shorter than it is. My hair can now lift itself up.

And I feel quite lifted as well. Making a change to your hair is quite a powerful thing to do, as superficial as it sounds. I am so happy I made the big cut. I feel quite relieved. I don’t need my hair to be long – I just want it to appear healthy and nice.

long bob curly wavy hair

In these photos you see my hair in it’s natural state – there are no curl creams whatsoever used. Susanna just washed my hair and used some moisturizing curl cream and a light oil. Then she diffused my hair and let it live it’s best life. She even used a sulfate-free shampoo, because she knows how I am. So if you have naturally curly hair and are thinking of going to a hairdresser – I can warmly recommend Susanna.

Thank you Susanna for once again taking care of my hair!

Hair artist | SUSANNA POMÉLL | Healthyhair.fi
Flow 21
Lapinlahdenkatu 21,
00180 Helsinki
+358 45 176 9707 | tmisusannapomell@gmail.com | online booking

*I got a small blogger-discount from Susanna for this hair cut. 

Look with Naked 3 palette


look with naked 3 palette

naked 3 palette

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my Naked 3 palette. Leaning more to hate. I was actually gonna sell it, but somehow as soon as I made that decision, I took the palette and I did my makeup with it.

And then I did my makeup again with it…

… and suddenly it was the only palette I used.

The problem with the palette before was that the shimmery colors lacked pigment. Solution: using them wet or on top of a glitter primer. I can’t believe I didn’t realize this before! In this makeup look I simply just wet my brush before going in with the shimmery colors. Now it works fine! The matte shades in the palette are great and pigmented, so now I don’t really have any complaints about it. I like the cool shades in the palette and it compliments my eyes beautifully.

And we’re very much in love now.

naked 3 palette look

About this makeup look:

This week we had another photoshoot with Susanna and I did my makeup as I’ve done it a lot lately: using this eyeshadow trick I contoured my eyes first, and then I applied a shimmery shade on the lid with a wet brush. I wanted my base to look flawless but glowy, so I first went in with a primer, that gives a beautiful glow. Then I used my Double Wear, which is amazing for photoshoots or special occassions, because it’s full-coverage and super long lasting. I contoured my face using my favorite contour kit and on my cheekbones I used the Zuii highlighter (which is bomb!).  On my lips I’m wearing one of the nude shades from IsaDora. Full product list is below and there are links to the blog posts, if you want to know more about the products.

naked 3 makeup

Photos & hair –  Susanna Pomèll / Healthyhair 

Missha BB Boomer (blog post!)
Estee Lauder Double Wear, Ecru (blog post!)
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Custard & Vanilla (blog post!)
Everyday Minerals Concealer, Multitasking
Rimmel Loose Powder, Translucent
Jane Iredale GreatShape Contour Kit, Cool (blogpost!)
Zuii Organic Shimmering Powder, Berry

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked3
mad4eyebrow brow filler (blog post!)

IsaDora Twist-Up Gloss Stick, Boho Beige ( blog post!)

What do you think of this look?

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