How to grow out your natural hair colour

how to grow your natural hair colour my tips

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how to grow out my hair and maintain a beautiful colour

If I could go back in time, there would be one thing, I would do differently. And that is, not dyeing or bleaching my hair. Ever. My hair color experiments started very young – I have tried red, peach, black and different shades of blonde. It is just so easy to want something, that you don’t have and hate everything, that you do have. I used to hate my hair colour, my hair type (curly) and so on.

Only now that I’ve gotten older, I’ve actually come to realize, that my natural hair colour is pretty bomb. The perfect colour, really. It’s light and ashy and it has natural highlights from the sun. And after so many experiments, I’ve firmly decided, to grow it out.

I said this to my hairdresser. I said, that I want my natural colour no matter what – even if my hair looked yellow compared to my natural colour. I was done with hair dyes and especially with bleaches. With everything that has happened in my life, I’ve kinda taken a kinder approach to my looks, trying not to judge everything and accept myself as I am, imperfect.

But on my last visit to the salon,  my hairdresser had the perfect solution to my so called problem. She said we could tone the hair with a lightweight dye, that doesn’t change the colour too much or damage the hair. So we did just that, plus we cut the dry ends. Cutting your hair while growing it is pretty important too. That way it looks healthier – and better.

how to grow your natural hair colour


My tips for growing out your natural hair colour

  • Cut it regularly. That way it looks healthier and stronger.
  • Get it toned/dyed with a gentle dye by your hairdresser. That helps to smooth the line between your roots and your lengths.
  • Use conditioners or toners to maintain the hair colour. My natural hair colour is ashy blonde, but my lengths are yellow, so I use silver products to make the hair look more or less the same colour.

And if you want your hair to grow faster, you can

  • Eat biotin. It really helps hair growth, while also strengthening your nails and lashes.
  • Try serums, that help your hair growth. I’ve been trying out this Hair tonic from O’Right, which contains caffeine and it promises to grow your hair 7cm in just two months.

Using these simple three steps, the process of growing out my natural hair colour is effortless and my hair still looks beautiful.

Thank you Susanna Pomèll/ Healthyhair for my beautiful hair. You can find her work and booking details on her site. 

Anyone else growing out their natural colour? 

Confession: I’m afraid of going to a hairdresser

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blonde healthy hair

In collaboration with Susanna Pomèll from

My hair and me.

We’ve had some battles. We’ve gone black, orange, dark brown, pink and green. Some of these colors were my own mistakes, but there are also some bad hairdresser experiences.

So naturally when it comes to my hair I’m a bit overprotective. And when it comes to hairdressers I’m quite scared. The fear is definitely not as bad as the fear of dentists, but it’s still there and on a night before my hair appointment, I’m sleeping restlessly. Luckily I’ve found some great hairdressers now and I’m slowly overcoming my fear of stepping into salons.

You can read my recent post about hair stuff in the post Hairdresser’s worst nightmare AKA me as a client.

Before & After

The recent hair salon I stepped into was Flow 21 and my hairdresser was Susanna Pomell. I had seen her work before, so I knew she was the hairdresser I wanted to collaborate with. Coming in and sitting in Susanna’s chair, I felt like I could relax. What I wanted for my hair was a cut, that would enhance my curls and make it look healthy. I’m trying to grow out my hair so I didn’t want to cut it too much – but I let Susanna decide how much was wise to cut. Because let’s face it: the broken ends don’t look good on anybody.

Susanna was a professional and even though she only washed, cut and styled my hair – I felt like I got a makeover to my hair with those three (probably ’cause my hair was super dirty haha). I was happy with the results. Just look at how healthy and shiny it looks.

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healthy blonde hair

I know my natural color is quite ashy, while the rest of my hair is almost golden. But since I’m trying to grow my hair, I’ll just wait for the golden color to grow out. I am using silver shampoo which helps a bit too to remove the brassiness.

I’ve known Susanna for a few years now through another friend and as an entrepreneur her work is inspiring to me. She works really hard not only at the salon, but also on her blog and she updates regularly her social media channels.

If you’re looking for a hairdresser to make your hair look healthy and fabulous and want your hairdresser to be down-to-earth and easy to communicate with – I warmly recommend Susanna. Especially to those, who are scared of hairdressers. I feel you and I think in Susanna’s chair it is way less scary than usual.

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