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Jane Iredale contour kit cool

jane iredale greatshape contour kit

Sometimes you think you’re over something, but then you realize – when the right thing comes your way – that you’re actually as excited about it as you were when you first found out about it.

I’m talking about contour palettes. Am I over them?

Apparently not. And I might have found the best so far for a natural contour and highlight.

natural contour

Jane Iredale GreatShape Contour Kit review

Jane Iredale recently came up with the GreatShape contour kits and I was lucky enough to be at the launch. I got my own palette and I’ve been using it ever since. What I like about this palette is that it offers a very natural contour with just enough pigment and a very smooth consistency.

Since Jane Iredale is a mineral makeup line, these powders are mineral-based too. That makes them soft and easy to apply. You can get a very light color – or you can build it up for a heavier contour. I prefer a natural contour, the kind that just enhances my features rather than changes them radically. A nice natural contour looks like the light is just hitting your face from the best possible angle. Right?

The palette comes in two colours – Warm and Cool. I chose the cool one, just ‘cause it happens to be my mojo. I’m cool in that way. The kit has three colours – contour colour, highlight colour and a blush colour. I like that it has a blush in it. I’m all about blushes and for my face shape blush is what makes the biggest difference. Blush actually shapes the face.

All the colors are matte – including the highlight – which makes them suitable for all skin types. I’ve talked about this before (click!), but shimmery colors tend to highlight skin texture. This highlighter brightens and illuminates the skin by reflecting light.

I couldn’t talk about Jane Iredale’s product without mentioning their packaging: This palette comes in a beautiful rose gold packaging with a mirror inside and it’s just simply beautiful. I’m not big on gold jewellery or anything like that, but with makeup products I love gold details and packaging. Another thing about the packaging is, that it’s very graceful. I feel like most contour palettes are huge and as much as I love palettes, I really appreciate a product, that doesn’t take a lot of space in my makeup collection.

Jane Iredale contour kit cool

But here’s a question to you: Do you use contour palettes in your every day makeup? Do you prefer a natural contour or do you carve up your cheekbones like a pro?

I would love to hear your thought! Personally I do contour my face most of the time. It’s not the most important thing in my makeup routine, but I like the difference it makes. But one of the products I never skip, is blush, and if I had to choose between contouring/highlighting and a blush, I would definitely go for blush.

natural contour makeup

P.S. I’m wearing on my brows the new brow product I talked about here!


12 Replies to “Natural contour and highlight”

  1. Usein käytän pientä korostusta arkimeikissä mutta nykyään saa olla isompi meno että käyttäisin varjostusta. Poskipuna on minunkin mielestäni tärkein. Tuntuu siltä että voimakkaat varjostukset on vähän mennyttä trendiä.

    1. Kiva kun kommentoit! <3 Niin, tai ehkä ainakin rinnalle on tullut luonnollinen look myös . Musta tuntuu, että todella voimakkaat varjostukset ja korostukset vaatii jo sen verran osaamistakin, että ei ehkä ihan sellaisen 'perusmeikkaajan' rutiiniin välttämättä kuulu. Mutta esimerkiksi just tällä paletilla onnistuis varmasti aloittelijakin 🙂

  2. Jane Iredalen pakkaustyyli on kyllä todella kaunis ja tyylikäs:) Siihen on kunnolla panostettu.
    Käytän itse contouria joka päivä ihan arkenakin siis. Minusta meikkaaminen on mukavaa, ja mielelläni meikkaan pitkän kaavan mukaan aina, kun meikkaan. Highlighter kuuluu myös asiaan, tiätty:)
    Jane Iredalen contourpaletti luo todella luonnollisen näköisen lopputuloksen:)

    1. Niimpä! Mäkin kyllä nautin meikkaamisesta ja just pohjan meikkaaminenkin on kivaa ja tälläisten palettien kanssa leikkiminen 🙂

  3. I agree with the blush, if I had to choose one product, it would be the blush, I cannot skip it, I even wear it in days when I am not wearing any foundation, just to give life to my face. And how gorgeous is the packaging of this palette, so pretty!!


    1. Yes girl – me too! 😀 Blush all day every day.

  4. I’ve never heard of this brand, but just found out they also sell in HK so will be checking them out. Love your makeup and indeed the packaging looks stunning!

    1. Do try! They have some nice products 🙂 One of my favorite lip glosses is also from Jane Iredale. Thank you!

  5. This is lovely and creates a nice natural look. I find myself reaching for my more natural ones day to day, so would get on well with this.

    Amy –

    1. Yup, thanks Amy for commenting. 🙂

  6. Hih, just tänään illala naputtelin blogiin huomiseksi tekstiksi aihetta liippaavan kirjoituksen 😀 Mutta luonnollisuus on mullekin tärkeä, mitä tulee varjostamiseen 🙂 En vaan jaksa innostua sellaisesta liian vahvasta lookista!

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