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innisfree no sebum the best powder

September has been nice and when it comes to cosmetics, it’s been all about switching up the summery products to ones suitable for colder and darker weather. But without further ado, here are my favorite products from September. There are some newbies as well as some old favorites.

Most of these products are are pr-samples.

christina aquilera signature

Christina Aquilera Signature Eau De Parfum
There’s an embarrasing story behind this scent. I remember first seeing and smelling it and wanting it for myself – but I didn’t have money at the time. Then I saw it at my best friend’s house and I was super jealous – maybe a bit angry too. (Totally immature and my fault, sorry friend, love you!). After that I kinda let it go and tried to forget the scent. But how could I? Well, I couldn’t. It was always on my want-list. Finally ten years later I bought it. I figured, that I can have the same scent as somebody else, ’cause it’s anyway different on my skin. And also – it felt super good to be able to buy it with my own money. The scent itself is as described:  “A bouquet of peonies and jasmine flowers enriched with creamy vanilla”. I love everything vanilla. I will definitely repurchase before I run out. Maybe I’ll buy this as a Christmas present for myself again.

all good things lush

LUSH all good things solid perfume

I just had to pick another perfume here – this one is just so autumny.  This smells like cotton candy and black pepper amongst other things. It’s super hard to describe – it’s rich and very unique. It’s a solid perfume with glitter on it, so it melts in your hands and lefts some sparkles on the skin. Need I say more?  All good things here.

oright caffeine shampoo

O’Right Caffeine Shampoo

This month I got to participate in the launh of O’Right hair products in Finland. The event was super interesting and I got to hear the CEO’s story behind this green and ecological hair line. The brand is Taiwanese and what’s cool about the products is that the packaging are biodegradable. You can also see a small print on the shampoo bottle that says “tree in a bottle” – that literally means that on the bottom of the shampoo bottles are seeds, that can be grown into trees. The shampoo itself is gentle, moisturizing and it smells amazing – it has a slight coffee aroma in it, but more than that it just smells clean. This has actually left me wondering of changing up my all-time-favorite shampoo mentioned here.

oright caffeine hair oil
O’Right Recoffee Hair Oil
You had me at coffee. This smells straight up delicious. Like coffee beans. That, plus the fact that it smooths my frizzy hair makes me pretty happy. My hair requires a lot of moisture and I’m always using oils.

warpaint teeth whitener review

Warpaint Natural Teeth Whitener

I have actually written about this product before, so for the full review click your way into this post. I’ve been using this for about two weeks now about every other day and the results can be seen on the photo below. It really does brighten up my smile.

warpaint results

Wearing Missha Perfect cover BB in 21 & 27, powdered with Innisfree no-sebum mineral powder.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

I have wrote about this product before as well, but I just had to pick it for this post, because I have been using it so much lately. It’s great for my skin at the moment – it feels smooth and nourishing – while actually covering everything and staying in place. At least when I pair it with this powder:

missha perfect cover combination skin

Innisfree no-sebum mineral powder

Can I declare this the best powder in the world? Right now in my makeup collection it is just that, the best I own. It’s super fine and lightweight, which makes it look very smooth on the skin. I’m amazed how well it keeps my face matte. This has a mint scent to it, which is nice. The packaging I don’t love, but it’s not something I keep on the table.

dermosil carrot oil

Dermosil Carrot Oil

Body oils are awesome for keeping your body smooth and young. Especially, when they come with a spray bottle. I feel like I can just quickly spray it everywhere and lazily blend it on. Or – I can pamper myself with a nice massage and take my time with it. Moisturizing your body is a way of meditating: thanking your body for the hard work and loving it just the way it is. This smells sweet while taking care of my skin – which makes it my favorite at the moment. I actually like the simple packaging – it works with the color of the oil nicely.

september beauty favorites

I realized I chose products, that are kinda hard to find online, but most of these you can find on amazon:  Shop on amazon

How has your September been? What is your favorite product this month?

I have to say – my September has been pretty awesome work-wise. Lots of new opportunities coming up my way. My personal life has also been good and I’ve been feeling the good things coming. Hope you have a great weekend!

Oh – and if you were wondering – the lipstick I’m wearing in the photo is Zuii’s Sugar Plum.

April favorites | Unisex skincare

madara products dermosil products

Here are my favorite products of this month, this time featuring my skincare products from MÀDARA and DERMOSIL. These products are special, because even my man likes some of them. Actually one of these is solely in his use! So these products are definitely unisex and suitable for men too.

I got so many new products this month, that deciding my favorites was kinda hard – I think I’ll have to do more reviews on all the goodies I got. Most of these products I got from the organic cosmetics exhibition, so they are gifted (I’ve marked them with a *).

dermosil skincare products

Can I start small by saying, that this is probably the best mechanical exfoliator I’ve ever tried? I had zero expectations since this brand was new to me, but this is honestly so great. It’s a creamy exfoliator with super fine grains. It feels super smooth on the skin, but still so effective. Also this is pretty cheap and a small amount goes a long way! I love this and use it weekly.

I’m kinda hooked on my current lip balms and never use anything else, but lately I’ve tried a new product and it’s this. This lip balm contains natural oils and beeswax so it’s very nourishing. It’s clear and a bit glossy so I like to use this during to day to give my lips some moisture as well as some volume. This has a raspberry scent, which I like. This reminds me of my childhood lip balms – in a good way.

The first cosmetic product I’ve gotten my man to use! I mean he uses a shampoo, a shower gel and a cleanser for his face, but that’s it. A friend of ours (a man) recommended an eye cream for him and after that he’s been more open to it. I’ve been on a lookout for a unisex cream for him and this one caught my eye. It’s important, that the cream isn’t too thick, sticky or noticeable. This one is very lightweight and scentless so it’s perfect for him as well as anyone looking for an easy and affordable option.

madara smart fluid madara balancing toner

As you can see, I’ve almost used this bottle. I already have a new one though, because this toner has earned it’s place in my skincare regime. This toner is suitable for normal and combination skin. I chose this, because I needed a toner that is indeed good for my impurities and oiliness, but doesn’t dry out the skin. This suits my skin perfectly: it leaves the skin refreshed and clean, so in one word: balanced. This has a light rosy scent to it, but it evaporates quickly. I use this in the morning and in the evening.

madara smart fluid day

I tried this lotion and immediately loved it. It’s great for normal or combination skin and for men too. It’s super lightweight since it’s a fluid and it absorbs quickly leaving the face almost matte. It has a lovely woody scent to it, which I love. The packaging is modern and cool, which is nice. Altogether a great product also as my first anti-aging lotion (I think this is meant for 30-year-olds, but I would recommend it for 20-30 year-olds).

madara and dermosil skincare products

Did any of these products caught your eye?

Here is also a list of this month’s posts. Your favorite posts were (judging on the comments) my hair post, Champagne on a thursday post and the skincare diet post. I love that you take the time to comment, it always makes my day.

What would you like to see next? Let me know, I would love to fulfill your post wishes.

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