This week I…

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… cried a little, when my head felt like it was gonna explode and altogether I just felt awful – thanks to the flu

… smiled when I saw Risto looking at all the different kinds of flowers in the grocery store and trying to decide which one to get me (he chose red roses)

… ate a lot of candy and chocolate, whils at the same time, decided to be in the best shape I’ve ever been this summer

… was disappointed, when my valentines’ day plans were ruined by the flu and I welcomed Risto home in my pyjamas crying (makes me laugh now though)lifestyle

… read a book from my childhood about Pippi Longstocking and loved it as much as I did as a child

… tried new hair products specifically made for naturally curly hair and succeeded in making my curls look very nice (and yes, I am working on the post about curly hair, it’s just super complicated and I want the post to be simple and easily understandable)

naturally curly hair

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… bought new shoes and a new dress from Zadaa – I just couldn’t help myself, when I found the perfect things

… cleaned up the house a bit, which I shouldn’t do, since I’m sick, but it just goes to tell I’m really not good at relaxing when it comes to certain thingspopsocket phone

… got addicted to my popsocket, which is more like a fun stress relief than an actual necessity for holding your phone

… was delighted when I heard that one of my best friends is coming to Finland next week from Australia (I’m probably gonna cry at the airport, it’s been a year since we last saw each other after all)

… made plans for today and can’t wait to spend some time with Risto’s goddaughter, who is awesome and always makes us smile.

red rose

What were you up to this week? 

I cracked the eyeshadow code – The ultimate makeup trick

how to apply eye shadow for eyes with little visible lid space

Guys, I have breaking news.

It’s about eyeshadow application. I finally learned the trick, on how to apply eyeshadow to my deep set/hooded eyes. My eyes have a very little of visible lid space. Just a small gap. So applying the dark eyeshadows on the ‘crease’, as typical, has never worked for me. Actually, the typical rules in general haven’t really worked for me.

And even though I’m a professional, I’ve struggled with my own eye shape. Getting it sometimes right, but most of the time just kind of shooting in the dark, not understanding the logic behind my actions. Okay, I made it sound super serious. But it is! It’s life and death here – eyeshadow, life and death.

So let’s get to the visual part of it. I’m gonna teach you exactly how to apply eyeshadow for hooded eyes, deep set eyes, monolids or just for eyes, that have a little of visible lid space. This trick is also a bit universal, so it works for anyone, who wants to make her/his eyes appear bigger.

And might I just add, humbly of course, that this is the best eye shadow trick I have shared on my blog so far.

eyeshadow trick best

eyeshadow crease

Forget about the crease

As you can see with my eye shape, my crease is super low. I’ve parted ways with it a long time ago – deepening my actual crease just makes my eyes look smaller and even though my eyes are just the right size, I don’t want them to be any smaller. So, forget about the crease.

eyeshadow trick for hooded deep set eyes eyeshadow trick for hooded deep set eyes

Follow your natural bone structure

How to apply eyeshadow for any eye shape? Follow your natural bone structure – just like you do with contour and highlight. It’s no different from that really! It’s all about playing with the natural contours of your eye and putting the shadow where it naturally occurs. Which, in this case, forms right below your brow bone.

find your brow bone

Find your natural shadow – it’s right below your brow bone

To get this absolutely right, you need to find the exact spot. You can find it with your finger – you can feel where the bone ends and the eye sinks a little. Or you can go to a room, where the lighting is a bit dim and see, where that shadow forms on your eye. You can see it super clearly that way, as you can see from these pictures. Lately I’ve actually taken my makeup brush, walked to our hallway (where it’s that dim lighting) and drew on that eyeshadow exactly where that shadow hits me. Then I’ve just gotten back to my makeup table – it makes the eyeshadow application so much easier, once I have those ‘boundaries’ on.

The reason this makes any eyeshadow look better, is because it looks more natural. Since we’ve been following our natural bone structure, the makeup kind of looks as if it belongs there. Right? Even the blending looks softer this way – almost as if the bone structure would give it an extra boost (spoiler alert: it does).

contour for eyes
My eyeshadow has never looked this good.

Now here is a very simple eye shadow tutorial using this trick. I used just three shades: light brown, pink and light pink glittery inner corner highlight.

the ultimate eye shadow tutorial

  1. Contour the eye by following your natural bone structure. Use a matte shade. Create the ‘crease’ where a natural shadow occurs. That is where your color should be the darkest. Fill in the color in the outer corner and blend well, so that the contour looks soft and nice. Apply some color to your lower lashline as well, but it keep it subtle (unless you like the drama).
  2. Apply the lid color all over the lid all the way to the fake crease. Blend the edges carefully, so that, again, it looks soft and nice. But don’t let the shimmery color (if used) get to your crease area, because that color should be matte.
  3. Apply the inner corner highlight, liner if you want and a mascara and or fake lashes. Again, hallelujah for my lash extensions, thanks to @kosmetologianu.

eyeshadow tutorial for hooded eyes
Congratulations, it’s two for one today! So… Okay, I made two pictorials. But I kind of like this version, where you can see both eyes. And this shows the colors better. What do you think? Skip the extra pictures? Too picture heavy? No? Yes?

makeup blog tutorial

I hope this post was as helpful to you, as it was for me to figure out this thing. Let me know in the comments! 

By the way, I’m wearing my go-to foundation in this look, which I talked about on this post and I also wore my new favorite brow product, which I wrote about on this post. The eyeshadows used for this look were all from my Too Faced x NikkieTutorials The Power of Makeup palette. I’ve been using it a ton lately.

And hey – happy Valentines’s day! I’m gonna do a little date night thing with Risto, eating dinner at home in a candle light. So cheesy, but so lovely.