Brow Lamination / Brow Lift – the best beauty treatment for your brows

This treatment was gifted to me

Brow lamination is exactly the kind of beauty treatment I can get behind on. It’s all about making the best out of your natural features. You’re not actually adding anything – yet somehow you leave from your appointment as a total brow queen.

Beauty treatments that are semi permanent usually worry me a bit. I’m not that into microblading or eyelash extensions – or beauty treatments that change your appearance with a permanent-something. I have seen so many bad brows from either microblading or brow pigmentation, I’m just gonna steer clear from all that. Your face ages and moves and changes – that’s enough of a reason for me to not do anything too long-lasting.

But as soon as I heard about brow lamination or brow lift I was all on board. Mostly because I’m already a huge fan of Yumi Lash Lift and I knew the result would be somewhat natural, just more enhanced.

Brow Lamination – Yumi Brow Lift experience 

In brow lamination your brow hairs are brushed upwards and fixed so that they stay in the direction they’re put. Know those annoying brow hairs that always stick out? Brow lamination is perfect, because you can change the direction in which they grow. It’s the treatment for anyone with fluffy stubborn brows, but also for those with thin or sparse brows. I consider my brows quite thin, or normal, but this treatment gave me fluffy thick brows. The treatment also includes shaping and a tint.

The Yumi Brow Lift treatment steps:
1. LE LIFT, which changes the structure of the brow hairs, so that they can be shaped again.
2. LE FIX, which sets the brow hairs in the new direction in which they are put.
3. LE SERUM, which treats the brow hairs, so that they stay healthy.

I’m gonna be honest with you: I didn’t think the result would be as striking as it was. I thought my brows would probably look tidier and slightly enhanced after the lift, but I was quite shocked to see the result. I didn’t think my brows would look this good. Right after the appointment the effect is at its strongest, because the tint tends to stick to your skin as well. Don’t be alarmed if at first your brows look a bit crazy. You should avoid wetting your brush for 24-48 hours, after which you can wash them and apply makeup and see how they settle.

brow lamination treatment review

My brows before the brow lift and my brows a week after the treatment.
day after brow lamination
A day after brow lamination. Still had not washed the brows, only brushed through them a bit.

I waited about 30 hours before washing my brows and after that the result was even better. I learned that after you wash the brows, you can decide how strong you want the lifting effect. Meaning, you can kind of brush your brows upwards – or to the side. When your brows get wet they obviously don’t stay up, so you need to brush them after shower. But what’s magical is that once you brush them upwards (or whatever direction) they actually do stay like that. I have a video showing you that on my Instagram Highlights (Brow Lift). I will update my Insta Stories also on how this fades off.

The brow lift eventually fades off, as your brow hairs renew. The results are always personal, depending on how quickly your brow hairs grow, but all in all the brow lift lasts for about 4-6 weeks.

Before and after brow lamination / Yumi Brow Lift

When you look at my before photo, you can see some stubborn brow hairs sticking out and growing downwards. Annoying, I know. After this treatment they have received a lift and can be brushed upwards or to the side.

I’m already so hooked on this treatment! I haven’t been wearing much makeup on my brows, because I feel like they look good as they are. But applying makeup to them is also easy, since my brows have been shaped too. I can see myself going back to this treatment, definitely. It’s great for a holiday, for brides – or just to cheer you up on miserable in-between weather.

No brow makeup needed with brow lamination.
No brow makeup needed with brow lamination.

After treatment – Yumi Keratin Lash Lift Mascara

It’s important to take care of your brow hairs after the treatment, so that the result stays better. Perm obviously dries your hair a little, so a moisturising serum helps to keep your brows (and lashes) in good shape. This also helps the lift to stay longer in your brows and lashes. I actually went and got myself a lash lift as well, so I’ve been using this mascara in the evenings for my brows and lashes. My eyes are usually quite sensitive, but I haven’t got any reactions to this whatsoever. So I would say, good for sensitive eyes too.

Behind my brows and lashes is Anu in Kamppi Helsinki. I also go to her for sugaring. A warm recommendation.

Tmi Kosmetologi Anu / Hiushuone Neo
Kansakoulunkatu 5, 00100 Helsinki
phone 0456162998

Brow Lamination / Brow Lift takes about an hour and costs 65€.

Pink makeup for Valentine’s Day (tutorial)

pink valentine's day makeup


Last weekend I checked the date and realised we’re already on the second chapter of 2020. Just like that, we survived January. I mean, it was a good month, but oddly grey and rainy.

This year more than ever I want to do makeup tutorials for all the seasons and even though Valentine’s Day is not huge in my country, I wanted to take the time and celebrate it at least with makeup.

Using pink was expected, but necessary. Did you know pink eyeshadow actually looks beautiful on all eye colors? It’s especially flattering for blue and brown eyes. It also works great for green, but for green I would choose a deeper redder shade.

A fancy collage proving my point: pink eyeshadow works for all eye colors. Blue, green and brown. That last eye color is something in-between (I needed four photos here, okay?).

valentine's day makeup charlotta eve

Pink makeup tutorial for Valentine’s Day

This look is pretty easily achievable, because I used bronzer to shade, a blush all over the lid and a highlighter as a light shimmer. So chances are, you already have the products and you don’t have to go and buy pink eyeshadow. Also, when you a choose a lighter blush color, it’s not going to be as intense. That’s going to make it more wearable, if a super bright color is not your thing.  In that case, check out my last year’s Valentine’s Day look as well, which was a bronzed rose gold kind of look.

  1. Start shading the eye with a light brown color. Apply this shade to where you want the pink color to end, which is usually your crease or if you have deep set or hooded eyes, it’s the area where I have my brush in the photo, slightly below the brow bone. This helps to blend the pink to your skin tone better. I kept the color quite light. I used a big fluffy brush, Zoeva 221.
  2. Start packing the pink color all over the lid and to your lower lashline as well. I used elf 201 flat brush, which is actually pretty great (and super affordable). Blend using circular motions and a fluffy brush. I could have also used Zoeva 221, but I used a rounder fluffy brush from Ecotools, because it’s more concentrated.
  3. Apply some highlighter to the center of your lid and your inner corner. This brings some more definition to your eye and helps to brighten up the look. I used a new highlighter from NYX, which has a weird gel-like formula. It works great applied with a finger like this. It actually feels like a metallic eyeshadow.
  4. Tightline and line your eye using a black pencil. Add mascara and you’re done. Especially if you have a lash lift done to your eyelashes (it’s the best).

If you want to see this tutorial in a video format, head over to my Instagram Stories (I will save it for highlights too). @charlottaeve

pink eyeshadow on blue eyes makeup


*Benefit Hoola Bronzer
*Milani Baked Blush, Pink Delizioso
NYX High Glass Illuminating Powder, Moon Glow
Alima Pure Ink Pencil
*Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Mascara

*Zoeva brushes (Zoeva 221)
elf 221 brush
*Ecotools brush set

*MAC Amplified Lipstick Girl About Town

P.S. If you’re wondering why my brows look different and so good (no? just me?), it’s because I recently got a brow lamination/brow lift done. It’s a beauty treatment that I’m already obsessed with. I will be posting about that on Monday, so stay tuned!

valentine's day makeup pink

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