Sustainable swimwear brands from Europe & Halla Halla review

There’s surprisingly many sustainable swimwear brands. For this post I chose the most interesting eco swimwear brands from Europe (though they ship worldwide).

I try to shop second hand most of the time, but when it comes to swimwear, I want to buy new. Luckily there is the option of shopping ecological and ethical brands. My new bikinis I bought from Halla Halla, which is a sustainable swimwear brand from Finland. The bikinis feel amazingly soft (even though they are made from a recycled fabric made from ocean waste!) and they feel more comfortable than my old ones.

So even if you are shopping sustainable – you don’t have to give up on the quality or experience.

sustainable swimwear brands europe

Sustainable swimwear brands from Europe

I listed the best sustainable European swimwear brands. (Mostly because I live in Finland and ordering elsewhere doesn’t make sense. But as I mentioned, they ship worldwide.)

The brands that I chose for this list are sustainable in a way that they:

  • use recycled fabrics (most common are Econyl & Repreve – made from plastic waste collected from the oceans)
  • are ethically made, meaning fair working conditions for workers
  • use eco-friendly packaging, either biodegradable or recycled materials

Information sources: the brands’ sites &  Good On You app

Let’s get to the brands – of course I have to start with the Finnish companies I love.

HallaxHalla   + mini review

Colorful pieces with a lot of options. There’s different kinds of tops, bottoms and one pieces. Most of the pieces are reversible so you get 2 in 1!

The swimwear I bought (what you see in the photos) is made with Econyl, a fabric that is made from the plastics gathered from the oceans. Now that I’ve been wearing these and know how absolutely fantastic the fabric feels, I chose other brands that use Econyl on this list as well.

You can choose your booty coverage in the bottoms. My other bottom is in full-coverage and the other cheeky. I was nervous that the cheeky bottom would be too revealing, but it actually looks and feels awesome.  The tops are so comfortable, I’ve been wearing them as bras.

When it comes to Halla Halla sizing, these run quite small/tight. I’m usually a size S. I’m fine with size S in tops (the other I got in S and other in M), but I chose M in bottoms.

I’ve been eyeing this brand for a few years and I really like how they go on about their business. They have a unique style that separates them from other brands. I love that they use different sized models. Halla Halla has also done some really interesting blogger collaborations (and I dream of working with them as well).

Finnish company, products made in Bali.

Shop HallaxHalla

Lilja The Label

Cute pieces that are a bit more casual when it comes to colors. Earthy vibes. Their swimwear is made with recycled fabrics such as Econyl and RPET.

Finnish company. Products made in Bali, Portugal and China.

Shop Lilja The Label



Luxurious, quite minimalistic and sexy. I find most of the pieces small, meaning little coverage. Then again there are also the swimsuits and some pieces with a bit more coverage.

Finnish company. Made in Bali.

Shop Asuyama

all Sisters

One word to describe this brand: stylish. At first glance their swimwear looks simple, but they do have some details like a fun cut or a nice color. If you’re looking for something basic, yet very stylish, check them out. They use recycled fabrics.

Rated on the Good On You app: Good

Made in Spain.

Shop allSisters



Earthy tones and pretty prints. Makes me think of a jungle! Fabrics made with Econyl.

Swiss brand, made in Portugal.

Shop Julienne


Colorful and stylish. Some pieces have a vintage style to them. All pieces are made from Econyl.

Shipped from Netherlands, made in Italy & Portugal.

Shop Bower Swimwear


Reset Priority

From classic pieces to different colors and designs. Big selection. Reset Priority uses responsible, recycled and durable fabrics such as Econyl and X-tra Life Lycra.

Manufactured in Italy and Spain.

Shop Reset Priority

sustainable swimwear brands from europe / halla halla review

Save The Wave

Classic and stylish pieces. Different colors available, but no prints. Made from Econyl.

Netherland based, made in Bali.

Shop Save The Wave

Ohoy Swimwear

Scandinavian brand. Earthy tones and simple styles. I really like their bikini top, that is a longer style. They have quite a small collection, but there’s also some pretty ones in sale.

Made in Portugal and Sri Lanka. Shipped from a European warehouse.

Shop Ohoy Swim



Hopefully this post can help you choose sustainable brand when shopping for swimwear! Let me know if I missed a brand, or if you would like to see more posts like this in the future.





I waited for you on my birthday. Even if the house was already full of people, people who were there on other days as well. You had promised to come. Finally you did – leaving my present in our mailbox. Not even bothering to drop it at our door. The present was a pink digital watch. You didn’t know I couldn’t yet read digital numbers.

I have a hard time understanding you did your best, that you simply couldn’t bear come inside.

But I couldn’t bear losing you and I think that should have mattered more.

I have grown into a strong, amazing woman. But not the easy way. I know that at the end of the day it’s for the best, that I have become who I am because of everything. But boy, would I have preferred the easy way.

I know things would have been different, if I had just one healthy, balanced parent. You knew I didn’t, yet you left anyway.

I always had a hard time believing you still cared and loved, that you simply couldn’t bear to show it in any shape or form.

Now I know you don’t.

You laughed and suggested turning to alcohol, when you heard I was in the hospital. It would have been funny, if I wasn’t healing from my attempt at a suicide.

You couldn’t care less of the letter from child welfare.

You moved. You had an extra room. Not for your old kids, no – but for the new ones, ones who weren’t even related to you.

You didn’t buy a car big enough for us, but you used your pick-up truck as we were old tools you could just throw at the trunk.

I wasn’t invited to your wedding. I learned you had chosen a new family by the portrait on your shelf.

I found out I have a little brother by seeing a picture of a baby on your computer.

You turned your back, countless times when I needed you. It would have been all the same, if you weren’t my last resort. Asking you for anything was always humiliating, you made it so.

It’s hard to have respect for a man who didn’t put their children first. I don’t have to wonder whether you tell other people about us. I saw the surprised looks on the faces of your friends, when they saw us – all five of us. In your life we don’t exist.

I know you went through difficult times that shook you to your core. You never deserved to experience that kind of pain at such a young age. I’m truly sorry for that. But you can blame your past only so long. When you decided to create life in this life – that should have been more sacred. That was your cue to be a better man.

I know. Because you always have a choice, to choose differently.

It’s easier to get depressed. It’s easier to be cold. It would be so easy to be angry and tired all the time. To fill my empty existence with money. To base my life’s purposes on numbers and a big house, on bragging about a big salary and a huge boat.

But that’s not the kind of life I want to live. That’s not me. I know that there is a burning sun inside of me. I know I have so much love to give, even if I didn’t get much to begin with. And give it I will.

It would be fine to tell you that I have always been my own biggest support. That I have made it all by myself. That I’m a strong independent woman all by my own doing. But I can’t take credit for that. I have had people around me that have done their best to lift me up, to encourage, to shake when needed.

And I’m still sensitive and shy at times. Most of the time I’m convinced I’m broken in some way. I’m still healing and it’s frustrating to ache.

I always wondered, do other people feel things as strongly all the time as I do? Do they think a million things all at the same time like I do? Do they see the colors of the sky, even if it was raining? Do they sense the feelings of other people like I do? Do they ever dwell on the past?


I used to wait for a message from you. So many times in my dreams you held me in your arms, remorse in your eyes, saying you’re sorry. So many times in my dreams did you say you were proud of me. So many times I shouted at you, told you all of this, only to wake up with tears in my eyes.

Finding it so hard to forgive you.

But I want to.

It’s too tiring to hold on to hope, when you’re the only one holding on.

I guess you were never meant to be in my life. And I will never be in yours. I have survived 26 years without your encouragement, without your smile, without your signature on a student loan. I will do fine with another 26, or a hundred.

I’m starting to understand you just don’t belong in my story. I was strong enough without you.

I don’t even have to be the strongest and greatest of them all. That’s your style.

I’m fine with being good enough for myself. I’m fine now. And I think I’m finally ready to let go.

So I’m letting go of the anger, the pain, the sadness and hope. I’m giving away my wishes and dreams of you, I’m throwing away the power of them.

But my love for you I will never let go, for it lies so deep in me, I’m sure it was written in me before my existence.


Maybe I’m not yet perfectly fine, fatherless.
But I know I will be.


Most of the photos taken by Inka Lahteenaro.
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