I’ve tried Zuii’s Volume mascara before, but it’s consistency and big brush weren’t my friends. It was okay, but this other mascara worked better for me.

Zuii Organic Vegan Mascara (shade Emerald) review

This classic mascara made a good impression on me. It gives length and it separates my lashes nicely. It gives beautiful, natural looking finish. The green color adds a fun detail to my lashes, though you can’t really tell the mascara is green.

It is buildable, but I couldn’t build it, or at least I felt like if I applied too much of it, my lashes became clumpy. So I think it’s best for a natural look.

Yeah, and the best thing about this is obviously that it’s a bit safer for eyes. It contains nourishing plant oils and extracts. Feels nice knowing that, since I always end up getting mascara in my eyes.

You can buy Zuii Organic products here*.

Zuii ORganic Emerald mascara review

This whole makeup is done with Zuii products: Zuii base, Peach blush, Taupe brow pen, Sheer Peach Lipstick and Starr eye shadow palette. And obviously the Emerald mascara.