Zuii Organic Emerald mascara review

I haven’t tried many natural mascaras, so I’m no expert, but I still wanted to share my experience with Zuiis mascara. I’ve heard, that mascaras are the hardest product to make naturally – and that they just aren’t as good as synthetic ones – and I must admit I agree.

I’ve tried Zuii’s Volume mascara before, but it’s consistency and big brush weren’t my friends. It was okay, but not worth a blog post, haha.

This mascara however – made a good impression on me. It gives length and it separates my lashes nicely. It gives beautiful, natural looking finish. The green colour adds a fun detail to my lashes, though you can’t really tell the mascara is green.

It is buildable, but I couldn’t build it, or at least I felt like if I applied too much of it, my lashes became clumpy. So I think it’s best for a natural look.


Yeah, and the best thing about this is obviously that it’s a bit safer for eyes. It contains nourishing plant oils and extracts. Feels nice knowing that, since I always end up getting mascara in my eyes.

Review (1-5):¬†♥♥


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