The best mascara for small lashes

best mascara for short lashes

You don’t see mascara reviews often on my blog. That’s mainly, because my lashes are quite shy and very natural-looking. You know,  invisible. They are short and small – every woman’s dream. So, when I stumble onto something, that actually makes a difference in my lashes and is  great (and innovative!), I have to share it with you.

What speaks to me in mascaras is nice packaging, but also the wand. And this mascara wand is something, I haven’t seen before. IsaDora’s Insane Volume Lash Styler mascara is definitely in my top 3 best mascaras and it’s great for humble lashes such as mine.

The mascara was received as a pr-sample.

best mascara for short lashes

My lashes are in there somewhere..

When I first opened this mascara, I was intrigued. The mascara wand is really unique! It’s 1/3 of a classic rubber wand, but then there’s this part, where it’s kinda like a comb. See?

best mascara for small lashes

best mascara for short lashes isadora

And let me tell you – that wand is an expert of giving volume to your lashes. The comb makes it easy to add volume and mass to the roots, while keeping the tips thin! And the normal side of the wand is really nice too – I prefer rubber bands like this, but it’s obviously just personal preference. I feel like it separates my lashes nicely and gives them volume, but doesn’t make them clumpy. It also stays well on my lashes, and doesn’t crumble on my under eye area.

Here is the mascara on my lashes. I’ve already used one tube entirely and I have a back up ready to go – that’s how convinced I’m about this one (though I have lash extensions at the moment, another great thing for small lashes).

before after isadora mascara

best mascara for short lashes

I spy with my little eye.. my lashes! They might be short, but they are determined to show.

You can find this mascara on feelunique here (adlink), and it costs 23,40€.

What is your favorite mascara and why? What kind of a finish does it offer?

And what do you guys think of this kind of mascara review, where the model’s lashes aren’t the best kind? Does the mascara seem any good in this light? Or maybe there are other small-lashed beauties out there?

Zuii Organic Emerald mascara review

I haven’t tried many natural mascaras, so I’m no expert, but I still wanted to share my experience with Zuiis mascara. I’ve heard, that mascaras are the hardest product to make naturally – and that they just aren’t as good as synthetic ones – and I must admit I agree.

I’ve tried Zuii’s Volume mascara before, but it’s consistency and big brush weren’t my friends. It was okay, but not worth a blog post, haha.

This mascara however – made a good impression on me. It gives length and it separates my lashes nicely. It gives beautiful, natural looking finish. The green colour adds a fun detail to my lashes, though you can’t really tell the mascara is green.

It is buildable, but I couldn’t build it, or at least I felt like if I applied too much of it, my lashes became clumpy. So I think it’s best for a natural look.


Yeah, and the best thing about this is obviously that it’s a bit safer for eyes. It contains nourishing plant oils and extracts. Feels nice knowing that, since I always end up getting mascara in my eyes.

Review (1-5): ♥♥