50’s makeup

50s makeup look

50s makeup

50’s makeup is probably the most iconic look there is and it’s very easy to create. A simple 50’s makeup consists of a flawless matte base, red lips, quite sharp and arched eyebrows, black eyeliner and big curly hair.

This look is still popular and – in my opinion – suits almost everyone. You just can’t go wrong with a classic look like this! These photos are from my school assignment, when I had to create a 50’s makeup look. My sister was my model and I think she looks gorgeous in this iconic look.

50s makeup

50’s makeup – Key things to remember

Red lips 

– Use a lip liner and make your lips clean and defined.

Black Eyeliner

– A cat eye is iconic and very popular in the 1950s


– Make them very defined and quite sharp.

Matte foundation

– A beautiful base is important in this look. Powder your face and keep it matte.


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