This year is almost over and it’s time to choose the winners – the best beauty products of the year. I use a lot of different products so choosing the ultimate products wasn’t easy. There are so many amazing products that I love and use constantly but I didn’t want to choose 100 products..

Instead I picked you 10 products that I used during this year and that I absolutely love and recommend to you. (I wanted to type on every single one of these products: this is the best!!!! but I chose to express myself differently.)

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
There is magic in this world and it goes by the name NARS RCC. This is a lifesaver. I’m never giving up on this one (or looking tired again)! My shade is Vanilla.

This can be found on almost every makeup look I do.

MAC Satin Lipstick in FAUX
I feel like I hopped on to the MAC-train a little late but I’m glad I did. Their lipsticks are good! I love this beautiful nude shade (muted mauve-pink). This leaves a semi matte finish.

Here is an earlier review and a photo of me wearing this lipstick.

Urban Decay Vice 4
This is seriously the best palette I own. It has some nude and brown shades and then it has all the colors I could wish for. It’s the perfect size too and I love the big mirror – I often take this with me when I’m travelling.

See makeup looks made with this palette under the Vice4 Tag.

Philosophy purity made simple
Oh, purity. You make my life a lot easier. Taking off makeup can sometimes be exhausting, but with this it’s quick. I remove all my makeup (face, lips, eyes) with this and continue with my life. Purity made simple literally.

Madara SOS Hydra Repair Intensive Serum
A moisturising serum for all skin types that actually works for my mixed and sometimes really oily skin. Lightweight, soft and lovely. Works as a serum or as a moisturizer in Summer.

Earlier post about new Madara favorites here.

PATYKA Almond Blossom Moisturising Body Milk

Body lotion that made it to this list – let’s give applause! Ever since I got this lotion I’ve had a feeling I don’t want to let go of it. This is my second product already. This smells like heaven, is lightweight and nourishes my body really well.

Earlier post about new green beauty favorites here.

RITUALS The Ritual of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel
Shower gels matter. I’ve understand it’s an easy way of bringing luxury into your every day life. I love these foaming shower gels from Rituals and I have them in different scents. This scent is really clean and pure and quite unisex.

 UNIQUE Hair Care Moisturizing Shampoo

The best thing for my difficult, dry and sometimes oily scalp: 100% organic shampoo. This feels like a regular shampoo, it foams and it cleanses well – all without the usual chemicals that’s in shampoos. This is a keeper.

Wella Professionals Eimi Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion
The best BB-cream of the year is for hair. This product is lightweight yet it makes my hair soft and easy to work with. And it’s really long lasting.

My earlier review about this product here.

HURRAW! moon balm lip balm
The holy grail of my existence. This is the lipbalm. This is the most hydrating and the best lip balm there is – again – without any harmful chemicals. It’s organic, vegan and made with raw ingredients. We all know it: we eat a lot of the products we put on our lips.. so this is the perfect (and safe) choice for your lips.

Now. Tell me: What are your top beauty products for this year? 

Also, I think in year 2017 I will be start doing Monthly Favorites – what do you think about that?

The Beauty Secret Advent Calendar – Week 1


Finally I got to open my Advent Calendar from lookfantastic! I’ve already opened 4 boxes so let’s see what I got.

I’ve already tried all these products so these mini reviews are also my first-impressions on these goodies.
I also picked my favorite and least favorite surprise of this week.

Box 1 – Pixi Glow Tonic

I was so happy when I opened the first box and found the Glow Tonic from Pixi. I’ve read about it a lot and I was gonna test it anyway at some point. Now I got this small size so I get to try it, yay! The Glow tonic works by exfoliating your skin with glycolic acid which it contains 5 %. It’s definitely good for any skin types but especially for my oily skin and large pores! I’ve been using acid in my toners for a while now and I will definitely continue in doing so. This toner seems really good – it has a nice subtle scent, it’s not drying and it’s affordable.

Box 2 – Rituals The Rituals of Sakura magic touch body cream  ♥

Again I was so happy to find this in the second box! I’ve been using Rituals’ shower gels/foams for about two years now. I use them weekly if not daily. I actually have this Sakura one in shower gel too. It has a lovely clean yet sweet scent. It doesn’t contain mineral oil or parabens which are something I try to avoid. It’s really nourishing and definitely a bit creamier than what I normally use but it absorbs quite nicely into the skin. Love this! I will buy this in the future. This was my favorite product of this week.

Box 3  –  Inika Loose Mineral Blush – Blooming Nude

Box 3 contained this beautiful loose mineral blush from Inika. I love mineral makeup so this was a nice surprise. It’s also vegan and organic. The color is this beautiful peachy nude shade that suits many skin tones. I love the packaging – I think it’s very pretty and I like that it’s smaller than some of my mineral blushes. I tried it on my face too and it blended nicely on the skin.

Swatch of Inika Loose Mineral Powder in Blooming Nude. Matte, peachy, nude beautiful color.

Box 4 –  sleep plus+ pillow spray

Okay the first impression was: what the f? But actually I’ve been having trouble falling asleep and this could work. There’s no harm in trying it, right? This smells like lavender which is known to be calming. I have a night oil which smells like lavender and I like to use it so I think I will like this too. You’re supposed to spray this into your bed linen and your natural movement releases the scent when you sleep = you’re relaxed and you sleep well. Still definitely the most disappointing product of this week.

My post about lavender oil, aromatherapy and it’s benefits in skincare & well-being can be found here.

The next week’s boxes will be posted on the next Sunday. I open the boxes everyday on my snapchat – charkkueve.