10 000 visitors & my life lately

There are titles like ”life and death” on my blog drafts, so you know it’s a slight struggle for me to write about the ordinary life and what I did on the weekend and so on. But I have heard, that I’m a quick learner, so I’m not that easily defeated. Or actually – I am pretty easily defeated, especially if it’s a children’s game and I’m on my third glass of wine. In that case though, I’m also pretty hilarious company.

After the past week and weekend I feel pretty defeated as well – in a way you feel after a good, positive game, might I add.

clarion hotel suite

I got to celebrate a friend’s bachelorette party, and it was super fun. The party lasted for 22 hours for me, so when I finally got home I fell asleep instantly. We went to Tallinn, we went shooting (I was super bad), to Tallink Spa to relax a little and after that we cruised back to Helsinki and to Clarion hotel. We had a suite where we got ready for the evening and I almost feel emotional when I think about the view we got from up there. It was pretty amazing to just stare at your own city from that high up, enjoy some great white wine and talk about whatever with a friend. And what’s obviously the most important thing, is that the bride-to-be was happy and everything went well.

helsinki clarion hotel view

The next day I went to my sister’s and spent the night. I forgot how nice it is to stay in your big sister’s care for a day – and wake up the next day to even more sisters around. We had a nice brunch and after that we headed to our place.

May Day was calm, but fun. I applied glitter for everyone and we drank sparkling wine and danced. I love dancing with my sisters – we always come up with ridiculous new moves and if an outsider looked at us, it would probably look like we all just had a stroke. That day as well, I fell asleep pretty quickly.

glitter makeup
Glitter, glitter and more glitter.

The next day was special and not only because of the traditional First of May brunch. Well, obviously I love brunches and it was nice to have almost the whole family around the table, but there was one other thing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know: my blog hit it’s first ever 10 000 unique visitors per month! That is crazy. So, I don’t know. I guess I’ve thought about it this whole week and I am lost with words. It’s probably getting old, but I am so thankful for each and every one of you. This blog is my biggest passion and I hope it shows to you. And as I said on Instagram, I couldn’t have done it without Risto. He’s to thank for the fact, that this blog is up and running. Ever since I first said it out loud, that I would like to blog seriously, he never laughed. He’s always been there for me. Just like you have, for clicking to this site.

Two great ways to hide the fact, that you’re tired.

So, it’s been a crazy few days. Both emotionally and physically, since my body is still requiring more sleep. I’ve heard that the older you get, the less sleep you need. So I guess I’m still fresh and young in that department, since I can easily dream ten hours straight.

By the way – I chose (I mean, random number generator did) the winner for the giveaway, that closed on Monday. I have contacted the winner personally. And hey – there is a new giveaway coming soon, so if you missed that one, don’t worry.

Okay, so that’s what’s up. Except, one last thing: Why do passport photos always suck? In my last photo I looked hangover (probably cause I was), and this time wasn’t that much better, except that I had eyebrows on – on my last photo I used zero makeup on my brows, how is that even possible? But hey, it’s just one bad photo. Who cares.

I wish you a great weekend! Mine is hopefully gonna be quite chill, except the concert I’m going on Saturday. VIP-tickets, here I come!

charlotta eve blog

And hey, how are you?

My life lately

lifestyle blog

A quick life update/casual blog post.

My life lately has been pretty good. Come to think of it, it’s been pretty amazing. When is your life at it’s best anyway? Perhaps it’s now, I don’t know. All I know is that even though at the start of this week I didn’t feel so good and had some allergy symptoms and I felt tired and uninspired, it all somehow turned around. And I surprised myself yesterday with a huge inspiration, that turned to fruit.

Even though my body was sore and my brain was still asleep, I woke up and exercised every single morning this week. And secretly, I loved it (even though I might have acted up to Risto – how does he keep up with me, anyway? ) And when I felt annoyed and tired, I lit up some candles and allowed myself to relax. Even the fact that I’ve been a lazy cook somehow turned into victory: since on Monday we just simply had takeout. Though to be honest, it wasn’t as glamorous as one would think – it was the most spicy food I have ever eaten and it literally hurt me to eat it.

lifestyle my week

This week has been pretty exciting too. I’ve been happy with work. I’ve gotten a lot done. There are some exciting things coming my way – and to your way obviously too – and I can reveal that one of those things is a big collaboration with a dentist firm. It feels both scary (because who isn’t a bit scared of dentists, right?) and exciting, because my teeth have been bothering me for quite some time now. I know, you might wonder why, but I’ll tell you later.

charlotta eve lifestyle beauty
KICKS Lip Cream shades Friday (on my lips) & Thursday.

I visited a pr company this week and got lots of new things to try out. I’ve already found two new gorgeous nude lip colors and new promising skincare products. I also started to eat sugarbearhair vitamins! I heard they were good, but I was still surprised at just how delicious they were. Hopefully I’ll get even longer and healthier hair, stronger nails and lashes – by eating candy.

See those beautiful lashes on the photo? I had an appointment with Anu again and the love affair with volume lashes continues. If you’re in need of a good lash tech in Helsinki, I warmly recommend Anu.

my week in photos
My shopping haul – the best makeup sponge there is – my fake tanned stomach – Aco’s self tanning lotion.

I welcomed summer to my skin! Meaning, I tried new self tanner and I think I love it. And I think I like me better tanned.

I also did some makeup shopping this week. I bought just the essentials – powder papers, concealers, makeup sponges and a foundation. I’m excited to try that foundation – my first impressions on it from today are good anyway.

pink nails pink fur ball

The best moments are always the simplest ones.

Like painting my nails pink with my sister and making my nails match to my sister’s hair.

Or cleaning up my makeup table – once again (only to get it twice as dirty the next day).

Or not wearing any foundation and realizing, that my skin is doing very, very good.

And causing some amusement in the bus, while having a huge pink fur ball attached to my bag (hot or not?).

I’m also having lots of moments staring at our new family member – meaning a new plant (that both Risto and me picked up at the shop without knowing we chose the same one). Luckily I am not responsible for it, so I think it might even live.


I usually share my daily life snaps on my Instagram stories (since most of you follow me there), but I also still update my snapchat and maybe have an even more relaxed approach to that. Feel free to follow me there or on any other of my social medias – the links are on my sidebar, but you can basically find me with name charlottaeve everywhere.

What was the highlight of your week?