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I recently ordered a few things from a sustainable clothing brand called nu-in. What piqued my interest was their style of doing things: clothes, marketing, the site and transparency. Overall the clothes are quite simple and minimalistic with nice details.

Their price point is really reasonable, which is a nice surprise from a sustainable brand. Here’s some thoughts on nu-in and a little review of my order.

nu-in says that their mission is to create beautiful clothing that doesn’t cost the earth.
The shop is rated “Good” on the good on you app.

Sustainable style from nu-in – My order & experience

Ordering from *nu-in in my experience is easy. Their site is easy to navigate and both refunds and returns work without problems.

One of the things I appreciate in nu-in is that they don’t do sales as their business model. That is awesome, because that helps to minimize unnecessary shopping. Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t mind to pay the normal price for something. Edit: right now they have sales, but they don’t profit from them and instead donate to Seaspiracy.

Another thing I really value is how easy it is to check the materials of the clothing. I feel like anything other than natural materials in shirts make me sweat like crazy. (I swear I’m not being picky, I actually notice the difference. I can’t be the only one?) So the t-shirts I bought are made from recycled cotton. The recycled material feels really nice: soft and durable.

I have so far done two orders on nu-in. At first the shorts I ordered didn’t fit. So I also know how their return works and that was also quick and easy.

It took a little over a week for my order to reach me (from Portugal to Finland).

nu-in sustainable fashion review my style

When it comes to nu-in’s sizing, it depends on the item. The cropped t-shirts are true to size (I chose XS), but the shorts were a bit tight. Actually, the size S was ridiculously tight in my thighs, so I now have the M size.

*Cropped short sleeve t-shirt (29,90€)
*High waist cycling shorts (59,90€)

Building my style with simple pieces

I’ve started to tone down my wardrobe and it’s been the best decision ever. My style now is casual yet stylish.

I love my high-waisted black pants: they go with everything. High-waisted has been my thing for longer now, so it only made sense to buy a few cropped tees. And I guess that these black biker shorts are my summer take on the black pants.

nu-in sustainable fashion - review & my style
Sustainable style from nu-in.

When it comes to fashion, I think it’s important to learn learn what feels and looks on you. I like comfortable clothes; I rarely wear anything too tight. Another important aspect is colors. Just like I do with my makeup, I think of what colors suit me. I’ve decided that at least white, orange red, electric blue and light colors compliment me.

The light blue t-shirt was a bit of a gamble, but I figured it would be a nice contrast on my warm tones; freckles, my hair and my (fake) tan. I was right and I love how fresh it looks!

black biker shorts outfit


Finally, I want to say that the most sustainable thing you can do is to wear and use what you have. Or look for a second hand alternative at first (my favorite store is Zadaa!). But if I’m gonna buy new, and the reality is that I do from time to time, I like that I have a better option.


Are you familiar with nu-in?


What KonMari taught me about style

denim dress outfit

denim dress style

denim dress style

I’m the one to always hate hyped-up things. I usually get so annoyed of the hype, I end up ignoring the subject and later I find out that I missed out – big time.

That was the case with the famous KonMari as well. Until this year, when I finally  did some research on the matter and actually decluttered the whole apartment with my boyfriend.

Before going into the title, I want to say something about this famous book and the KonMari method: KonMari isn’t about minimalism. I had this vision of an empty room with only a few things in it. That all of a sudden I have to throw everything away and that’s the thing here: throwing things away. It’s actually the other way around: you should keep the things you like, the things you love at your home. You should gather the things you enjoy and show some respect to them. Sure you have to throw away a bunch of stuff away as well, but only things, that you don’t need or want to keep.
And throwing away useless stuff really makes you think. It makes you think of your spending habits and it really shows you, what things you truly enjoy. One of the big areas that we went through were our wardrobes. That was a huge deal to me. I learned a lot about my style and the kind of clothes I like to wear. Here are my style tips.

What Marie Kondo taught me about style

  • Buying your own clothes is super important. Since I’m the youngest sister of four, I always got the old garments. I rarely shopped for clothes and I think that’s why it took me a long time to find my own taste. I threw away most of the ‘old clothes’.
  •  Life is too short for feeling nothing more than comfortable in your outfit! There were some uncomfortable clothing in my closet, that I never wore. Too tight, too small or just a cheap fabric. I threw away those bastards, that made me itch by just thinking of them.  Also: comfortable doesn’t mean dull or unfashionable.
  • You don’t need all the ‘Must have’ clothing items. You only need clothes, that you like and personally enjoy. Of course there are some of the classics you probably do really, really need, but it’s always up to you. You got this!
  • You should buy clothes, not color. I wear a lot of black and sometimes I feel bad about it and buy something colorful – only to never wear it. It’s better to buy clothes, that you’re gonna like to wear, even if it means it’s mostly black. You’re probably gonna find a way to bring some color to your outfit anyway – if you like. For me it’s usually a bright lipstick, colorful eye makeup or a scarf. On these photos I’m wearing light blue eye shadow (and that denim shirt is colorful for me).

After going through my clothes using the KonMari method I’ve actually bought some new things, that have instantly become one of my favorites. So I also ended up becoming a better shopper! Nowadays when I’m buying new clothes I always make sure the fabric is of good quality, that I actually love the item and I think of all the other clothes I could pair it with.

denim dress

On these photos I’m wearing two new things that made it through the sifter: an oversized denim shirt and simple black leggings from gina tricot. Apparently the store acts only in Europe, so I found similar shirts for you like this  and this  (boohoo*).

Have you read KonMari? What do you think of this outfit?

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