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When it comes to shopping, I try to shop wisely.

For me, it means I don’t buy impulsively. Instead I  try to think, if I really need the item or if it really makes me happy. If either is true, it’s worth the purchase (because #konmari). I also want to buy things that last long and feel comfortable.

For the last year or so I’ve tried to buy more pre-used clothes and shoes. I’ve never been good with second hand stores, but I’ve had great success with the Zadaa app. I’ve found so many awesome things from the app that it’s become one of my favorite shopping places. I love the idea that you’re able to find new use for things that someone else is about to abandon. And on the other hand the clothes I’m looking to get rid off can still find new life with someone else.

Nowadays, whenever I’m in need of some new clothing, the first place I go looking for it is Zadaa. I recently needed a raincoat, so I searched for jackets on Zadaa. It took a few tries, but eventually I found my raincoat from the app. And it only cost me 11,50€.

wise shopping zadaa

If this is the first time you hear about Zadaa, here’s what it’s all about.

Zadaa is a marketplace, where you can buy and sell clothes, accessories, cosmetics and now even cameras (lucky for me, since I need to sell my older camera). Funnily enough, I was first introduced to Zadaa by Risto. When I opened the app for the very first time, I was a bit overwhelmed. It was a totally new way to think about second hand shopping (which, as I stated earlier, I wasn’t that keen on). But after I got used to the app, I realized it’s pretty awesome.

What makes it awesome is that it connects you with your “fashion twins.” That made it possible to immediately find clothes actually in my size! In addition to that, the app learns your personal style and helps you connect with people who share your taste. Another cool thing about it is, that usually the clothes are photographed on the people who are selling those clothes. So in addition to finding the right size faster, I now also see how it might actually fit me as well.

Shipping is also very easy, since Zadaa takes care of that. I just take my package to my nearest post office and show the shipping code to the cashier. I used to never sell any of my old clothes, so I’m happy that I’ve found an app that works for me.

And recently, the app got even better.

zadaa translation tool

A while back, it became available in Germany. So now you can shop in Finland, Denmark and Germany. Honestly – I can’t wait for it to expand to the whole world! Shopping from different countries has been made easy on the app.

There is a new translation tool, so I don’t need to learn German to buy a shirt from someone in Berlin (or if you’re German, you don’t have to learn Finnish to buy a shirt from Helsinki, which I imagine might be even harder.) You simply press ‘translate’ and it’s translated to your language. That really helps the communication between the seller and the buyer. And it will become handy once Zadaa expands to even more countries. The translator works in the description boxes and in the comments. That is great, because although the pictures tell a lot of the item, sometimes there are some details about the item explained on the description box.

Besides the new translation tool, there’s also a new payment option – Paypal. The categories also got improved and now there are for example sub categories for shoes. You can categorize things by brand and color, and you can choose what countries you want to shop in.

A quick tip on finding some new clothes

If you already know some brands or styles that suit you – try searching for the brand on Zadaa. You might find, for example, your jeans in different colors and styles. I’ve bought most of my jeans this way. All from the same brand and in the same style – Gina tricot Kristen jeans. Buying jeans is hard, so once I find a model that works for me – well, I might end up buying four pairs of it.

I’ve also used the brand searching tip for shoe shopping. I love Vagabond shoes, so I searched for Vagabond in the shoe category and ended up buying a beautiful pair of boots.

easy second hand shopping

One of my latest findings from Zadaa is the beautiful skirt seen on these photos. It’s from River Island, one of my favorite brands. And yes, I found it by using the search tool. This skirt was actually unused – or just tried on once – so buying second hand doesn’t always mean buying something very used.

At the moment my clothing situation is pretty good. The only thing that’s on my not-in-a-hurry-buying-list is a good quality leather jacket. That’s why right now I’m focusing on selling the clothes I no longer use. This means you can find my shop in the Zadaa Showroom this week! It’s open right now and I’m selling some pretty cool things, like that unique handbag next to me on the photo above. There’s also my old camera on sale, and it’s a pretty good deal. The showroom can be found on the app from the eye icon. 

You can download Zadaa here: or on App Store or Google Play. For those, who already have the app: remember to update it to get the new features!

wise shopping zadaa

Do you shop second hand? Have you tried Zadaa?

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  1. Marika

    Mulla on ollut jo pitkään tapana ennen nukkumaan menoa selata Zadaasta kaikki uudet lisäykset 😀 Paljon sieltä onkin tullut tehtyä hyviä löytöjä ja melkeinpä mieluiten ostankin vaatteet ja asusteet käytettynä.

    1. Charlotta Takkula

      Haha, joo itekin tulee selailtua sovellusta ainakin viikottain. 🙂 Niin loistava keksintö.

  2. Nyt on kyllä oikeesti PAKKO liittyä tonne, vihdoin ja viimein! Mulla on nykyään aika samanlainen ajatusmaailma uusien vaatteiden hankkimisen suhteen kuin sullakin, eli mietin tarvitsenko OIKEASTI ja kuinka moneen muuhun vaatekappaleeseen pystyisin kyseistä vaatetta yhdistämään. Joskus näkee netissä jotain, jonka luulee oikeasti tarvitsevansa ja haluavansa, mutta viikon päästä koko vaate onkin jo unohtunut mielestä 😀 Mä monesti shoppailen netissä ostoskorin täyteen ja jätän sen sinne tarkoituksella “hautumaan” viikoksi. Usein moni vaate tuntuukin viikon päästä vähemmän tärkeältä mitä sinä päivänä kun ne sinne lastasin 😀

    1. Charlotta Takkula

      Toi on ihan hyvä taktiikka! Joskus itekin teen vähän jotain tollasta ikkunashoppailun tyyppistä. Joskus on vaan kiva katella vaatteita. 😀

  3. Linda

    Latasin sovelluksen ja vaikutti todella hyödylliseltä! Miinuksena kuitenkin asiakaspalvelun hitaus/olemattomuus eli yritykseen ei saa ongelmatilanteissa lainkaan yhteyttä, lukuunottamatta automaattiviestejä.

    1. Charlotta Takkula

      Kiva kuulla! Laita ihmeessä palautetta tosta. Itellä vaan kerran ollut ongelmatilanne, joka ratkesi kuitenkin aika nopeesti asiakaspalvelun kautta. Vai meniköhän siinä pari päivää? No, joka tapauksessa, oon selvinny aika lailla ongelmitta.


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