Blush techniques and tips

blush techniques and tips



Blush techniques & tips for different face shapes and styles

Blush is probably the most important makeup product in my bag (right with a concealer). I think each and every one should wear blush. It’s the “does-it-all” type of product. It makes you look awake, fresh, glowy and lovely. It contours and lifts. Not to mention it comes in beautiful colors and packaging.

There are certain guidelines for different face shapes, but especially nowadays, I feel like it’s a free world. If you ask me, the most important thing is to wear it. Don’t worry too much about the placement. Blush applied somewhat-right looks better anyway, than no blush at all. Have fun with it! You can also think of like this: when you exercise (or run to a bus on a hurried morning), where does your face get red? Kind of on the cheeks, but also all over. So blush applied on the face? Probably looks okay and natural.

That said, here are three different techniques to applying blush. I use all of them, depending on the day!

Blush technique 1: At the center of your cheeks to round up your face

blush techniques for square face shapes - before after
Before & after – blush applied right in the center of the cheeks.

quick makeup tutorial

Blush applied on the center of the cheeks softens and rounds up square or strong features. According to face shape, this is the so called correct way to apply blush on my face. You know, since my face is square.

However, I feel like this technique also makes you look kind of cute and innocent. It’s a nice look for other face shapes as well! It also looks quite natural, since this area can get red anyway.


Blush technique 2: High on your cheeks to lift & elongate

blush technique high on the cheeks before after

Probably the most popular way to wear blush is to apply it high on the cheeks, blending towards the temples. This technique lifts your cheeks and elongates your face. I feel like this is a look that suits all face shapes, but it looks especially good on round or oval face shapes.

Blushes with some shimmer or glow look best applied like this.

Blush technique 3: All over your cheeks, nose & under eyes for a sunkissed look

blush trend 2023 before after

I could also call this “The 2023 way” or the “TikTok Blush Trend”, because even though I like the look, it can easily look a bit much. Though you can modify this – if you only apply it on the cheeks and just a touch on the nose, it looks more natural. I wear my blush often like this!

One good side to this style is that the blush can also help to hide your dark circles. You know, since peachy and salmon pink colors help to color-correct blueish colors (your dark circles can lean more to purple or green – check the color wheel to make sense of it).


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color wheel dark circles opposite colors


Blush can also be your whole look! Here I wore it as an eyeshadow and also brought it quite high to my temples.

blushed makeup look charlotta eve

Which blush shade to choose?

When it comes to blush shades, a cool-toned pink suits cool undertones. So if you know you look great in cool colors, that’s your pick. Likewise, if you have warm tones, a more peachy blush looks beautiful on you. Coral can also work for both, since it’s kind of a mix of pink and peach.

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warm olive undertone pinja
An example of warm undertones. I applied peach blush on Pinja.
cool undertone
An example of cool undertones. I applied pink blush on Linda.



Here are some of my favorite blushes listed:

*Rare Beauty Liquid Blush
Blends on the skin like a dream, great pigment (I’m wearing the shade Joy)

*Ilia Multi-Stick Cream Blush
Very beginner-friendly, creamy texture that gives you time to work it on the skin & layer it

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush
One of the best cream blushes, organic + refillable

Milani Baked Blush
Very affordable and simply great

blush tricks

How do you wear your blush?


blushed makeup look


Blushed makeup look for all of us blush-lovers.

Have I ever told you I love blush? Just kidding, I know I have.

Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought this blushed makeup look would is not only perfect for the occasion. This look is more on the natural side (I even skipped mascara) with a radiant base, fluffy brows and blushed eyes, cheeks and lips.

Wearing blush on your eyes might sound intimidating, but just look how nice it looks! And it’s so easy to achieve. Keep on reading for step by step photos and instructions.

natural blush makeup

Blushed makeup look tutorial

glowy base - vita liberata beauty blur mixed with foundation

Starting with the base.
For this look I wanted my base to be very radiant and light. I mixed *Vita Liberata’s beauty blur with my foundation, to sheer it out and get an overall glow to my skin. Beauty blur is an awesome product for that.

Similar glow product on Sephora:
*Charlotte Tillbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter

After that I neutralized my dark circles with *NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Custard.
To brighten the under eye area, I added a dab of *BeautyAct Concealer, shade 01C, on top of that.

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brow lift makeup fresh skin

Fluffy, lifted brows go perfectly with this look. Fresh and nice! I used a strong hold hair gel and brushed them upwards. If you’re looking for a brow gel that holds the brow hairs up, *Benefit’s Brow Setter is the best. Finally I filled my brows in with a blonde brow powder (Clarins Brow Duo in Tawny Blonde).


Blush from cheeks to lids

bushed eyes and cheeks makeup tutorial

Then I added blush. It’s easiest to use a cream blush, which you can just blend with your fingers.
I applied blush on top of my cheeks and all the way to my lids. My absolute favorite cream blush is Kjaer Weis Above and Beyond. Now this is optional, but I applied *Vita Liberata’s highlighter in Rose under that blush, to get a bit more pink pearly sheen to it. It wouldn’t have been quite that glowy without the highlighter under it, though the cream blush itself has some sheen to it.

Similar blush on Sephora:
*Rare beauty Stay Vulnerable Cream Blush (Nearly Rose)

fresh blushed makeup
How to pick the right blush color to make this look work for you?
I used a slightly warm, coral blush shade to go with my neutral yellow undertone. If you have pinkish cool undertones, I would recommend choosing a cool shade.

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blushed lips gosh romance lipstick

Finally, I added GOSH Romance lipstick to finish off the look. I also smudged the edges of the lipstick a bit with my finger to get a softer look. I’ve been doing this a lot lately, smokey and blended are not just for the eyes.

Similar lipstick:
*YSL Satin Lipstick, Nu Fatal

Sometimes as a beauty blogger I get this pressure of coming up with all these complex looks. But in reality, simplicity is beautiful. And wearable. I actually felt very beautiful in this look and couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. Needless to say, I will wear this more often from now on. It even works nicely with a face mask, bringing the attention to the eyes.

Would you try this look?


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