Sustainable swimwear brands from Europe & Halla Halla review

There’s surprisingly many sustainable swimwear brands. For this post I chose the most interesting eco swimwear brands from Europe (though they ship worldwide).

I try to shop second hand most of the time, but when it comes to swimwear, I want to buy new. Luckily there is the option of shopping ecological and ethical brands. My new bikinis I bought from Halla Halla, which is a sustainable swimwear brand from Finland. The bikinis feel amazingly soft (even though they are made from a recycled fabric made from ocean waste!) and they feel more comfortable than my old ones.

So even if you are shopping sustainable – you don’t have to give up on the quality or experience.

sustainable swimwear brands europe

Sustainable swimwear brands from Europe

I listed the best sustainable European swimwear brands. (Mostly because I live in Finland and ordering elsewhere doesn’t make sense. But as I mentioned, they ship worldwide.)

The brands that I chose for this list are sustainable in a way that they:

  • use recycled fabrics (most common are Econyl & Repreve – made from plastic waste collected from the oceans)
  • are ethically made, meaning fair working conditions for workers
  • use eco-friendly packaging, either biodegradable or recycled materials

Information sources: the brands’ sites &  Good On You app

Let’s get to the brands – of course I have to start with the Finnish companies I love.

HallaxHalla   + mini review

Colorful pieces with a lot of options. There’s different kinds of tops, bottoms and one pieces. Most of the pieces are reversible so you get 2 in 1!

The swimwear I bought (what you see in the photos) is made with Econyl, a fabric that is made from the plastics gathered from the oceans. Now that I’ve been wearing these and know how absolutely fantastic the fabric feels, I chose other brands that use Econyl on this list as well.

You can choose your booty coverage in the bottoms. My other bottom is in full-coverage and the other cheeky. I was nervous that the cheeky bottom would be too revealing, but it actually looks and feels awesome.  The tops are so comfortable, I’ve been wearing them as bras.

When it comes to Halla Halla sizing, these run quite small/tight. I’m usually a size S. I’m fine with size S in tops (the other I got in S and other in M), but I chose M in bottoms.

I’ve been eyeing this brand for a few years and I really like how they go on about their business. They have a unique style that separates them from other brands. I love that they use different sized models. Halla Halla has also done some really interesting blogger collaborations (and I dream of working with them as well).

Finnish company, products made in Bali.

Shop HallaxHalla

Lilja The Label

Cute pieces that are a bit more casual when it comes to colors. Earthy vibes. Their swimwear is made with recycled fabrics such as Econyl and RPET.

Finnish company. Products made in Bali.

Shop Lilja The Label



Luxurious, quite minimalistic and sexy. I find most of the pieces small, meaning little coverage. Then again there are also the swimsuits and some pieces with a bit more coverage.

Finnish company. Made in Bali.

Shop Asuyama

all Sisters

One word to describe this brand: stylish. At first glance their swimwear looks simple, but they do have some details like a fun cut or a nice color. If you’re looking for something basic, yet very stylish, check them out. They use recycled fabrics.

Rated on the Good On You app: Good

Made in Spain.

Shop allSisters



Earthy tones and pretty prints. Makes me think of a jungle! Fabrics made with Econyl.

Swiss brand, made in Portugal.

Shop Julienne


Colorful and stylish. Some pieces have a vintage style to them. All pieces are made from Econyl.

Shipped from Netherlands, made in Italy & Portugal.

Shop Bower Swimwear


Reset Priority

From classic pieces to different colors and designs. Big selection. Reset Priority uses responsible, recycled and durable fabrics such as Econyl and X-tra Life Lycra.

Manufactured in Italy and Spain.

Shop Reset Priority

sustainable swimwear brands from europe / halla halla review

Save The Wave

Classic and stylish pieces. Different colors available, but no prints. Made from Econyl.

Netherland based, made in Bali.

Shop Save The Wave

Ohoy Swimwear

Scandinavian brand. Earthy tones and simple styles. I really like their bikini top, that is a longer style. They have quite a small collection, but there’s also some pretty ones in sale.

Made in Portugal and Sri Lanka. Shipped from a European warehouse.

Shop Ohoy Swim



Hopefully this post can help you choose sustainable brand when shopping for swimwear! Let me know if I missed a brand, or if you would like to see more posts like this in the future.


Jewelry with meaning – Rellery

beautiful gold jewelry rellery

pretty jewelry charlotta

Ad: Rellery


Jewelry has always meant more to me than just beautiful things to wear. Most of my necklaces and earrings have a story. They’re personal and remind me of the important people around me, about certain happy memories and they represent my personality.

Also I want my jewelry to be pretty and high-quality, which is why I’m over the moon about this collaboration.

Rellery has beautiful, unique jewelry, which you can personalize to make one-of-a-kind. You’re special, so why not choose special jewelry as well?

bead chain bracelet personalized rellery

Meaningful, high quality & pretty jewelry by Rellery

First of all, jewelry material matters. *Rellery uses ethically sourced sterling silver, 14K solid gold or gold plated over sterling silver. Their jewelry looks and feels durable. I’m allergic to nickel, which is why I stopped using anything other than silver or gold a long time ago.

Every piece comes with a tarnish guarantee: if your jewelry gets tarnished, you can send it back to be cleaned or replaced.

Personalized jewelry – making the pieces even more meaningful

Rellery offers *necklaces, bracelets and rings, that you can personalize. Just choose your own engraving and the font style. Even the *engraved pieces have fair prices and they don’t cost extra, unless you choose some extra charm, for example. Everything comes in pretty gift packaging, which you can use to store your treasures. The Rellery pouch and polishing cloth are also handy and pretty.

Let me tell you about my favorite pieces, which I have absolutely fallen in love with! I chose the gold plated ones, as I feel like gold is the best color on me.

charlotta eve necklace rellery

Zodiac necklaces – Leo pendant

“Everyday reminder of your star power”, says the site. I love that, because surely most of us relate to their horoscopes and the characteristics of their star sign. Horoscopes are interesting and fun – and often weirdly quite on point. Lion is definitely my power animal. I’m strong, fierce and confident when need to be. I’m also warm-hearted and very loyal.

*Zodiac necklaces

gold jewelery worn on backside

Cuban Link Bar Necklace – with personalized engraving

“Charlotta Eve” text in my bar necklace represents my brand and blog. It reminds me of how far I’ve already come, even with this collaboration (it feels like a dream come through to be working with Rellery).

Too often as a blogger I belittle myself. It’s okay to be proud of yourself! Being able to express myself on my own platform is really important to me. All in all, this piece feels very personal.

*Cuban Link Bar Necklace

*Bar necklace

rellery bracelet personalized

Bead chain – double mini disks

When I turned 25, Risto gave me a gold necklace. You can only see the text, when you look at the piece closely, but it says: “you & me.”  The style of the necklace happened to be perfectly to my liking, but the meaning behind that text is even more important. I like to think that my relationship is the best team I’ve ever been a part of. As a team, we always have each others back. We make sure to talk, hug and say “I love you” every day. That’s the secret to our happiness, as we celebrate our eight year together.

When I noticed this bead chain bracelet, I knew I wanted to personalize it with our letters. There’s the option for heart disks, but I liked that these round disks were a bit more inconspicuous (just like the necklace from him is).

*Bead chain with double mini disks


Pearl earrings & pearl choker

I wanted to get a few different pieces, that would look nice together, but also work on their own. The pearl choker and pearl earrings made a nice set.


The pearl choker has an adjustable chain, so you can wear it as a choker or a bit more loosely. I love that, because even though I like how chokers look, I always feel like suffocating when wearing one. This is the perfect size. It’s a bit shorter so it looks nice with other necklaces, but not too short to feel tight around my neck.

*Pearl choker

gold pearl earring and necklace rellery charlotta

The pearl threader earrings are gorgeous. They are exactly what I have been looking for all these years. I don’t like heavy earrings or anything that looks too much. These earrings are genius. They are feather light and graceful, yet they act as statement earrings in my books.

*Pearl threader earrings


I love my gold pieces. Wearing beautiful things makes me feel elevated. I’m letting myself shine – even on yet another Monday in this worldwide pandemic.


Check out the full selection of *Rellery and find your unique pieces!

Does your jewelry have meaning to you?


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