Acne update – Progress after 3 months of Apocyclin

acne apocyclin

adult acne apocyclin

Talking about acne seems annoying to me right now. I feel like I’ve come to terms with it and it doesn’t bother me as much as before. But me being annoyed about writing this is actually a good thing. Acne doesn’t control my life anymore.

Most importantly: I feel beautiful. I feel more like myself – even with the spots. Looking at the pictures you may not see the progress as clearly as I feel it – I think I’ve finally understood something important about beauty and life. Or maybe I’ve always known – but never really embraced it? That I am beautiful. Not the outer layer of me, not my skin, my hair or my body. All of it and nothing of it – me, as I really am, perfect and imperfect.

It may sound like I’m gonna go hug trees now, but that’s the best I could do right now. Now let’s get to the actual results, that you can see with your eyes.

acne progress apocyclin

February – March – May

acne getting better apocyclin

My skin right now.

My skin is doing better. It’s more even and I don’t get those inflamed pimples anymore. As a side-effect my skin is a bit dry and when it gets dry it develops these small bumps, spots. I’m not concerned on them though as I can see the actual acne going away.
The red areas that you can see is mostly acne scarring. It’s not nice, but it’s easy to cover so I’m not that worried about it yet (if it doesn’t start to heal then I may get a little worried).

I’ve found new ways to apply foundation so that my acne is covered, but the skin still shows through. I’ve actually worn more makeup lately – and that is always a good sign. It’s easier to apply now that the skin is more even and I don’t have any painful active spots. It’s easier to hide acne scars than active spots. For someone who loves makeup, it’s an empowering feeling to be able to use your favorite products again.

Can’t believe it’s already been three months of heavy medication. I’m not sure if I’ll eat the last month or not – I have a doctor’s appointment soon so I’ll ask her opinion. Anyway, here I am. Happy and beautiful, despite the skin issues.

I’ve also started to adjust to my diet and life without gluten or dairy. I do sometimes eat dairy products, but most of the time I’m very strict about what I eat. Wheat is something my stomach can’t take at all right now, I hope it’s something that I can eat (in small doses) in the future.

Apocyclin acne

Anyone else battling acne? Are you feeling better? I hope so.

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12 Replies to “Acne update – Progress after 3 months of Apocyclin”

  1. It’s made a huge difference! I’m glad it’s working for you xx

    1. Charlotta Takkula says: Reply

      Thanks :>

  2. Your skin is looking waaaaaay better, happy this worked for you! And yes, beauty comes from within, it’s not how our skin looks really. I’ve seen happy women that are not perfect looking less beautiful than ones with good looks and all but unhappy or unfulfilled. Re my acne… I’m having sporadic spots here and there and breaking out madly right now. Haven’t broken out for a long time that bad and although I don’t mind having seven spots around my mouth, I’m annoyed at the marks they leave. Haven’t found anything effective for acne marks and discolouration left after the spots are gone, so will work on that after I treat these spots… needless to say I’m under medication and antibiotics right now, so let’s see xx

    1. Charlotta Takkula says: Reply

      Thank you Eleni! Let’s hope you get them under control soon too! <3 I recommend snail extract for the acne scarring.

  3. I can see a real difference in your photos! But I think it’s fantastic that you’re feeling great in yourself and keeping really positive. I hope this continues to work for you, you always look beautiful either way!

    Amy –

    1. Charlotta Takkula says: Reply

      Thank you Amy <3

  4. Wow, your skin is looking fantastic. You are stunning by the way and I am happy this product is working for you. It is so hard to find products that deliver results sometimes. Have a wonderful day and if you get the chance check out my blog sale linked below, thank you for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Blog Sale

    1. Charlotta Takkula says: Reply

      Thank you x

  5. Iho näyttää kyllä todella hyvälle! Itekin kamppailin aknen kanssa aikoinaan ja söin sekä tälläsen pienemmän kuurin, että roacuttanin. Tetracyclin ei pitänyt mulla aknea poissa kuin ehkä vuoden – puolitoista, mutta iho ei parantunutkaan kokonaan edes kuurin aikana vaan näppyjä oli silti, vaikka kipeimmät ihonalaiset olikin poissa. Roacuttan vei viimeisetkin, josta olen erittäin tyytyväinen! Arpien haalistamiseen itse käytin Bio-oilia iltaisin, myös kuorinnat ja raju kosteutus vei arpea pois 🙂


    1. Charlotta Takkula says: Reply

      Kiitos, toivotaan, että mulla vielä lähtee loputkin ja pysyis poissa. Ja kiitos vinkeistä! <3

  6. Cheer up! You’re so gorgeous that most people will actually notice how beautiful you are. I think you should keep with tretinoin as a part of your regular skincare routine. I don’t know if you can use it now that you’re taking drugs, but maybe when you stop. I had bad acne on my chest so I started using tretinoin for that a year ago, and I was 28 and I was starting to develop some fine lines on my face, so after a month of using it on my chest I asked my dermatologist if I could use it for that purpose on my face as well and she agreed. A year after my chest is completely cleared and my face is looking really smooth. Tretinoin has that dual purpose, it can treat acne as well as signs of aging and sun damage, that’s what makes it so good. It took me a while to see results anyway, about six months, and the first month of use on my chest it just got worse, and the first month of use on my face it got dry and thin-looking, but then began to slowly improve. So it also takes patience, lots of it. My dermatologist told me that with continued use the results just keep getting better, so if I wanted, I should incorporate it as part of my skincare routine, so I think it’s also a long-term commitment, but it’s really worth it, so far I’m loving it.

    1. Charlotta Takkula says: Reply

      Thank you <3 I will definitely keep that in mind. I'm happy that you've found something that works for you 🙂

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